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Name Cost Summary
Alchemical Arm 1000 gp × the "DC" squared This is a limb that resembles your real limb, although it's covered in tattoos and infused deeply with alchemical energy.
Arcana Fundamentum Variable Augment your breath weapon with a spell effect.
Arcane Buster 4,500 gp A arcane symbiote is fused into your arm, allowing you to shoot bolts of elemental energy.
Automail Graft 1000 gp Not everyone has access to regeneration. For those, automail is used for functional, yet cheap, prosthetic limbs.
Babau Skin 15,000gp The skin of a babau, which makes the recipient slick with acid and tough.
Balor Blood 3,000gp The blood of a balor, which sheds flames from its user and destroys their enemies.
Bar-lgura Arm 4,000gp A bar-lgura's arm, with all its strength.
Beholder Eyestalk Varies, 107,500 total. Give yourself the eyestalks of a beholder.
Biosynth Eyes 70,000 Eyes made from a mix of organic and synthetic component. This extremely technological graft allow the wearer to see under many different lights.
Black Box 4,000 gp A black box is used to raise constructs from a backup.
Chain Fist 2000 gp What's better than a metal fist? How about a metal fist which shoots out on a chain! ROCKET PUNCH!
Death Blood 5,000 gp Heal by negative energy and be harmed by positive energy. If you die, you become one of the undead...
Demon Heart 2,300gp The heart of a demon, which fills those that carry it with unending rage.
Energized Heart 20,000 gp This heart graft allows creatures to "overheal" or enter a state of invulnerable rage.
Etherweave Arms 8,000 gp Replace your arms with etherweave, granting you ghost touch and allowing you to pass your arms through thin barriers.
Etherweave Legs 12,000 gp Replace your legs with etherweave, allowing you to shift the bulk of your weight to another plane.
Etherweave Spine 4,500 gp Replace your spine with etherweave, enabling better flexibility and immunity to vorpal.
Etherweave Torso 50,000 gp Replace your torso with etherweave, replacing your body with construct-like traits and granting ghost touch armor.
Etherweave Wings 50,000 gp Replace or add wings made of etherweave, allowing you to fly and fold them away into extradimensional space
Ettercap Mandibles 3,000 Replace your jaw with that of a spidery ettercap.
Eye of the Obyrith 10,000gp The eye of an obyrith, giving its user powerful vision.
Eyes of Magical Sight 40,000gp By fusing a magical symbiote with your eyes, you gain superior, even magical, vision.
Face of the Obyrith 3,000gp The face of an ekolid, giving its user a form of madness.
Feet of the Nalfeshnee 1,800gp The feet of a nalfeshnee, giving the user a powerful stomp.
Gargoyle Hide 3,600 Your skin takes on the appearance of rock, and you are adept at holding your pose.
Humanoid Face Graft 80,000 gp Facial expressions and sensory organs allow the construct to interact better with the world.
Humanoid Heart Graft 10,000 gp Heart and blood increases the healing capabilities of constructs.
Humanoid Mind Graft 80,000 gp Organic brain tissue in conjunction with a construct's mind grants superior intelligence abilities.
Humanoid Skin Graft 80,000 gp Skin grown over a construct adds human tactile functions and greater senses.
Humanoid Tendon Graft 20,250 gp Organic tendons offer superior body control to the constructs who are fused with armor.
Jaw of the Abyss 6,500gp The mouth of a klurichir, mounted on the stomach.
Laser Eyes 36,000 gp Eyebeams pew pew pew! Few things are cooler than staring an enemy to death.
Lifeforge Heart 3,000 gp (normal) or 6,000 gp (extra strength) Constructs gain the ability to be healed by positive energy, though they also become able to be harmed by negative energy.
Lifting Frame 2,000 gp By improving the overall structure of the body, its muscles, bones, and tendons, you are able to carry objects more effectively with less effort.
Manticore Tail 1,000 Gain a spike covered tail like a manticore.
Maurezhi Tongue 2,300gp The tongue of a maurezhi, giving its user a powerful attack, and the ability to move fast and trip their foes.
Mini Wings 4000 gp These wings aren't very large and useless for extended flight, but they do well in a pinch and can keep you safe in a fall.
Molydeus Snake 8,000gp The snake of a molydeus, which watches over the recipient and strikes their enemies.
Mutant Dire Ape Arm 36,000 gp Replaces your arm with an oversized and disturbingly flexible dire ape arm.
Opposable Thumb 2,000 gp Not all creatures have working hands, but give them a thumbs up and they'll be able to pick up items like the rest of us.
Phantom Limb 40,000 gp A Phantom Limb is not really a graft at all, in that it is really the ghost of one of your own limbs.
Prehensile Tail 18,000 gp Gain a long flexible tail which can manipulate objects.
Psychic Buster 4,500 gp A psychokinetic symbiote is fused into your arm, allowing you to shoot bolts of kinetic energy.
Sacrificial Sac 500gp A large pouch from a mane, designed to explode upon death.
Steamcog Wings 8,000 gp Mechanical steampunk wings grant flight, but be wary of the icing problem.
Third Eye of Damnation 8,000gp A demonic eye which corrupts the minds of those that see it.
Trog Skin 2,200 Replace your skin with a stinking troglodtye. Why would you do this to yourself?
Unicorn Horn 6,200 Obtain a unicorn's horn. Did you steal that horn? YOU MONSTER!
Visage of Fear 1,500 Gain the ability to peal back the skin from your face by mixing in the genes of a krenshar.
Vocal Cords of the Vrock 6,000gp The voicebox of a vrock, which gives its recipient the ability to deliver horrid shrieks that stun their enemies.
Void Wings 36,000 gp (on wingless creatures) or 28,000 gp (on winged creatures) In the darkest regions of space and time strange creatures which fly through space on invisible currents. Now you can fly through the void as well.
Xorn Stomach 4,000 You are able to eat rocks thanks to your stomach harvested from a xorn!

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