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[Exalted] Feat Type[edit]

Exalted feats grant saint like benefits to good characters. Acquisition of an [Exalted] feat requires the character to be of good alignment, and also requires DM approval. A character who has at least one of these feats has a noticeable aura of good and responds to detect good as if they were a cleric or paladin. These feats were originally presented in the Book of Exalted Deeds.


Exalted Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
Angel's Blessing You obtain an archon's protective aura. Any good alignment, Knowledge The Planes 15 ranks Very High
Archons Blessing You obtain an archon's aura of menace. Any good alignment, Knowledge The Planes 8 ranks Very High
Aura of Life You are constantly consecrated, and other fun bonuses. Any good alignment, Knowledge (religion) 10 ranks High
Autolife You won't die, even if they kill you. Any good alignment, Craft Wondrous Item, must be able to cast resurrection Very High
Exalted Adaption You will be protected from the environment around you. Only direct harm threatens your being. Any good alignment, Endurance, Knowledge Nature or The Planes 14 ranks High
Exalted Assassin Make your opponents physically blind as they are spiritually blind. Any good alignment, Sneak attack +4d6 Very High
Exalted Bardsong The power of your music is spoken in the tongue of angels. Any good alignment, Inspire courage +1, must speak Celestial High
Exalted Combat Style Gain arrows of light, or protective two weapon fighting powers, based on your ranger's combat style. Any good alignment, Ranger's combat style High
Exalted Damage Reduction You gain or increase DR/evil. Any good alignment, Con 15 Moderate
Exalted Dragonblood The blood of metallic dragons flows within you. You gain various dragon themed powers. Any good alignment, Sorcerer level 1st Very High
Exalted Ki Aura Your unarmored body is protected by divine light, and allows you to soar the heavens. Any good alignment, Monk AC Bonus +1, Slow fall High
Exalted Magus Assign an item as a divine focus, turning all your spells into [Good] spells, and more. Any good alignment, Wizard level 1st Moderate
Exalted Rage Your holy wrath brings additional power against the forces of evil, and guarding your body against the power of fiends. Any good alignment, Rage 1/day Moderate
Exalted Spell Learning Learn a new [Good] spell. Must be able to cast spells Very High
Exalted Turning Redeem the dark minds of the undead, turning them to the force of good before setting them to rest. Any good alignment, Turn undead Moderate
Exalted Warrior Some paladins bring a lot of feats to the table. In truth, they are fighters whose souls are pure. Any good alignment, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization High
Exalted Wildshape Take the forms of the blessed animals in the Beastlands. Any good alignment, Wild shape High
Exalted Zeal You're EVIL! That means you have evil guts! CLEAVE AND SMITE YOUR EVIL GUTS! Any good alignment, Aura of Good, Smite Evil High
Extra Divine Blessing You gain an extra divine blessing from Variant Vow of Poverty list. Any good alignment, Variant Vow of Poverty, 2 HD Moderate
Guardian Angel You gain combat bonuses when reduced to less than 50% hp. Any good alignment, Either Favored of the CompanionsBoED or Knight of StarsBoED or Servant of the HeavensBoED, Fortitude +4 High
Heaven's Safeguard Protect creatures from the dangers of the environment with a touch. Mark of Perfection, Knowledge Geography 4 ranks, Knowledge The Planes 4 ranks High
Holy Bonekeeper You use the bone of a saint as some kind of mystical wand. Must be able to cast divine spell with a holy symbol. Very High
Improved Sanctify Martial Strike Hit the forces of evil even harder with your weapons! Sanctify Martial Strike, Weapon Focus High
Improved Sanctify Natural Attack Hit the forces of evil even harder with your fists! BAB +5, Sanctify Natural Attack High
Mark of Perfection Your body changes to resemble a celestial being, a sign of your connection to holy spirits and beings. None Low
Oath of Purity You took an Oath and can do magic. Good Alignment, must take an oath (see below) Very High
Perfect Form Become immune to petrification and polymorph. 6 HD, Any good alignment, Cha 13 Moderate
Perfection - Gallant Trade -2 Dex for +2 Con with your stately powerful presence. Mark of Perfection Moderate
Perfection - Gaze of God Your eyes allow you to see past illusions. Mark of Perfection Moderate
Perfection - Graceful Trade -2 Con for +2 Dex with your graceful beautiful body and poise. Mark of Perfection Moderate
Perfection - Hands of Mercy Your hands heal others, and are bane to the undead. Mark of Perfection High
Perfection - Visage of Serenity You can use your Diplomacy score against Intimidate checks and fear saves. Mark of Perfection Moderate
Sacred Water Thrower You know how to turn holy water into a deadly weapon against undead and evil outsiders. Knowledge (Religion) 4 ranks High
Tranquility Your calming aura is overwhelming when someone focuses on you. Vow of Peace Moderate
Variant Vow of Poverty Give up material wealth, and the divines shall bless you with the power to carry on. Sacred VowBoED High
Wings of Compassion You have been graced with the ability to fly. Vow of Nonviolence, Character level 5 Very High
Wings of Serenity Your wings become insubstantial, granting additional benefits. Wings of Compassion, Vow of Peace Very High

Epic Exalted Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
Epic Vow of Poverty You have renewed your vow to forswear material possessions. Sacred Vow, Vow of Poverty High

Scaling Exalted Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
Divine Defender Protect your allies from harm with your martial might. Any good alignment, Shield Proficiency High

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