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This table lists all 3.5e base classes on the wiki. You can also view this page in category format, if you wish.

Name Description Balance
Abstruse Cardshark A versatile caster with a casting system much like the Crusader's. This one uses actual suits. High
Adversary of Faith The un-cleric, they oppose the gods yet they themselves draw upon the "power of mortals" in opposition to the gods. Very High
Agent A versatile specialist dispatched to protect law and order on the behest of authority or government. High
Alchemist Tome of Element Alchemist, Alchemists use magic by mixing rare and magical components. They make potions, oils, grenades, and all manner of other items, providing invaluable services to other adventurers. When drawn to adventure, they apply their unique talents, a combination of esoteric knowledge of magical components and a strong throwing arm, to solve problems, whether with subtle poisons or with a loud bang. Very High
Alchemist, Variant This Alchemist wields the immense power of concept-combining magic (based heavily on) to achieve the world-transmuting powers you might know and love. High
Ambusher Combat Styles with Skirmish Bonuses. Made for Melee Hit and Run. Moderate
Andellion Warrior Melee warriors who share in the power of a goddess known as Eden. Very High
Animal Evolutionist You get two animal companions that evolve into some bad-ass monsters! Moderate
Animist Variant Very High
Apex An Apex is at the top of the food-chain. Able to shapechange into a wild beast and dominate the battlefield. An apex melds rage with a select few empowered beast forms. High
Apothecary The apothecary makes alchemical items, potions and poisons. This version for PCs has extra levels, better progressions and more abilities. Moderate
Arcane Monk Arcane monks study a strange form of martial arts that shapes their ki in mystical ways. In addition to this, they also gain a small pool of spells that they can cast spontaneously. High
Arcanist Glorious masters of the arcane energies, capable of warping reality with their very minds. Low
Armoured Pokemaniac The Knight (Races of War, not PHBII), but for Pokemon d20 High
Artificer Artificers use magic equipment they craft to perform tasks. Each is unique in their chosen magic items, so no two are alike. High
Ascendant Ascendants are those who are at one with the flow of existance and who are capable of seeing it fluctuate and warp in unimaginable ways. One of the trademarks of an ascendant is the fact that they are capable of splitting themselves, creating multiple versions of their physical body, and inhabit them all., A tall man stands there, his eyes closed as the wind whips around him, seemingly not even aware of the world before him. Very High
Ascendant - Project Atrea A priest-mage who forms connections to the constellations and warps time. Very High
Assassin, Tome  :The Assassin is not so much a hired killer as he is someone who studies how to kill. Large amounts of skills, poison use, medium spontaneous spellcasting, ability to hand out large amounts of damage (rather than the traditional Death Attacks) at intervals. High
Astromancer A wizard whose focuses on the power of the stars, wielding space, gravity, and solar magic. Very High
Autoplate Pilot Magical mecha pilots, they use animated suits of armor to give them the fighting ability they need. Moderate
Autoplate Pilot, Variant Master craftsman and tinkerers whose intelligence is turned to martial bent, in the form of a wondrous suit of mechanical armor. High
Avalanche Knight With a single swing, this warrior cleaves through scores of minions. High
Avatar of Aendar
Avenger A divine assassin trained in hidden temple-monasteries, they tend to focus on one target to the exclusion of all else, and then bring them down with highly damaging attacks, uses manuevers. High
Ba Summoner Monster summoners capable of manifesting the spirits of the dead. Unquantifiable
Barbarian, Sublime A barbarian using the Sublime Way. Very High
Barbarian, Tome Designed to let the Barbarian run into the middle of a horde of enemies and come out alive. Bonus damage dice and powerful abilities when raging. Very High
Bard, Tome A bard that kicks enough ass for a Tome game. Very High
Barrier Mage A spellcaster who specializes in shields, barriers, and obstructions. Very High
Battle Brewer Bottles are better than swords sometimes. High
Battle Chef A master of turning enemies into delicious food. Also, a master at eating delicious food in seconds. High
Battle Juggernaut In the midst of the fields of battle stands out one creature amongst the rest. A massive hulking figure who's blows knock his opponents to the waysides, and who charges across the battle field plowing and trampling over foes and then driving back yet another with ease. Every foe in range of this unnatural beast is unsettled by his mere presence. This monster is a Battle Juggernaut. High
Battle Scholar A learned individual, who studies the Sublime Way as an academic as much as a warrior. High
Battle Shinigami Hunters of ghosts and demons, they protect the living from things which lurk just beyond the edge of the world. These shinigami are focused on melee combat. Moderate
Battlebrute A sublime martial initiator who gets more extreme as time goes on. High
Battlecaster, Tome A caster with a small spell list (decided by spheres and domains) and spell slots that replenish by attacking. Very High
Battlemage One who wields the awesome destructive power of battle magic. Very High
Battlesmith Not all blacksmiths stay in the forge, some go into the world to gather rare supplies, craft new weapons and armor, and survive right besides adventurers on the go. Moderate
Beastblooded Play as a man-beast, essentially a lycan you can flavor easily. High
Beastheart A feral warrior who fights like an animal, alongside an animal., A wild elf raised by wolves, taught to fight like a fearsome beast., A large black wolf with electric-green eyes. Companion of Temoryn Nighthowl. High
Bee Dragon A class version of the Bee Dragon made by a Mr. Eiji-kun!
Bender of Air A swift wielder of the element of Air, the Bender of Air is a master of movement and defense. High
Bender of Earth A manipulator of dirt and stone, Benders of Earth make excellent builders, demolishers, and tunnelers. High
Bender of Fire Benders of Fire conjure fire and electricity to slay their enemies, deflect blows, and sometimes even fly. High
Bender of Light A person born with the innate ability to manipulate light. High
Bender of Time A dangerous controller of the element of Time, Benders of Time can slow down enemies and speed theirselves up. Very High
Bender of Water A telekinetic wielder of dihydrogen monoxide with power and versatility. High
Berserker An adrenaline-filled junkie who cares only about the next foe before him. High
Bewitcher A classic nature witch class, A young beautiful Bewitcher who is the leader of her coven. Very High
Biomancer Masters of the world unseen, good Biomancers heal and improve the body, and evil ones are masters of disease, decay, and suffering. Very High
Biotechnician Master of biotechnology, you graft, augment, and change biology to work in your favor. Very High
Biotic Vanguard A energy throwing ranged strike unit with good mobility. Moderate
Bishop Bishops are the powerful holy servants of deities. Whether they be cool and calculating, lucid and wise, or feverent and passionate, is entirely dependant on the bishop in question., A man wearing a crisp, clean, white, robe, with a slightly forceful yet smooth aura about him. Very High
Blackguard, Project Heretica The Blackguard as a 20-level class, using the same chassis and design process as the Project Heretica Paladin High
Blood Magus Blood Magus use their own blood to power their spells and have access to powerful forbidden lore. Designed to work with the mana-based spellcasting variant rule. Very High
Bloodcloud Assailant The sprays of blood coming from your enemies are legendary. High
Bloodcloud Mage You leak like a sieve. This is somewhat worse for your enemies than for yourself. High
Blooded Warrior Blooded Warriors use their stamina to achieve tasks far beyond their normal abilities. The Blooded Warrior is meant to offer support to other classes and acts as a bardlike character. The fun comes in story explanation a character may come up with for HOW his stamina helps the barbarian balance on uneven ground. High
Bloodletter A rogue-type class with a focus on bleeding the enemies dry. High
Bloodline Warlock A warlock class tuned for very high level campaigns. Very High
Blue Mage Bestial mages from the east skilled in both swords and sorcery using the fiercest attacks of their fallen foes. High
Body Sprouter A character who attacks people with their limbs. Duplicates of them, that is. Very High
Bodyshifter A bodyshifter is essentially a cross between a monk and a druid, shifting her body to her advantage. Very High
Bombshell Have you ever desired to be something more than just a fighter? Want a little extra BANG in the campaign? You've come to the right place, Everything you love about a fighter, with a little on the side. Moderate
Boneblade Through inherent necromatic aberrations or bizaare magic, you are able to weaponize your own skeleton, and the bones of others. High
Bookcaster A wizard with some balancing factors, such as casting directly from their spellbook and using a focus to bring their spells up to snuff. Very High
Bounty Hunter In civilized lands, local lords call upon Bounty Hunters to capture criminals that live or have traveled beyond their reach or criminals that outclass the knights or soldiers in the lords employ. Closer to the frontier, the Bounty Hunter might be the only law capable of bringing dangerous criminals to justice. Those who hire Bounty Hunters both like them, and scorn them. High
Bounty Hunter, Tome Bounty Hunters are contract kidnappers, working for the highest bidder High
Brave Fighter A variant fighter, designed as a replacement for the fighter class. High
Butter Paladin What is more good than butter, the ingredient of the gods? Enraptured by its taste, the butter paladin defends culinary perfection with butter knife in hand. High
Cantripologist Some guy who casts level 0 spells a lot. High
Carcinomancer Master of disease magic Very High
Cas' Commando A battle rogue class made by Cas, loosely based on the dread commando PrC. High
Cat Burglar This is an alternative Rogue class, that focuses solely on thievery and uses all printed material, non-magical abilities to give the Cat Burglar the optimal chance of success when getting into a facility, and assist them in getting out again., A sly, charismatic con man who specializes in thievery and all things seedy. Low
Cavalier The masters of mounted combat, these knights fight as one with their mounts. Moderate
Chameleon Always sneaking and hiding, nobody ever finds a chameleon unless the chameleon wants to be found. They can easily hide their tracks and disguise themselves and always use this to their advantage. High
Channeler of Saidar Female channelers of the One Power. Very High
Channeler of Saidin Male channelers of the One Power. Very High
Channeler of the True Power Channelers of the True Power, granted by the Dark One. Very High
Charmed You are one of the luckiest people alive. High
Chemist Become the master of chemistry, alchemy, potions, explosives, and mutagens! Very High
Choco-Mage Magical chocobos wielding powerful arcane magic. Very High
Choco-Priest Divine servants of the great Wark, these chocobos use magic granted to them by the very essence of nature around them. Very High
Choco-Warrior The combat-oriented class exclusively for chocobos. Moderate
Chorister A divine singer who can turn the tide of battle with a word. High
Claymore Named after the Great swords they wield, they are half-human, half-monster hybrid warriors. High
Clergy Vigilant Cleric trading full casting for better combat ability and some utility. Moderate
Clockwork Knight Create a suit of power armor which augments your abilities with mechanical might. High
Codex Barbarian Barbarians get angry and break stuff. High
Codex Ranger A variant of the ranger class with a little more bite. High
Codex Roboticist A codex roboticist make constructs, fight construct and even become the construct. Very High
Codex Swordsage A altered version of the swordsage that not only fits better with other martial adepts, but can compete in higher-power games. Very High
Codex Witch A powerful caster with a mix of utility and hexing spells with a powerful familiar. Very High
Combatant Intended as a redone Fighter class, the combatant is a master of combat, not limited to simply "hit it again". High
Commander A cross of bard and fighter but neither, Commanders inspire their troops to acts of bravery, and fight on the front lines to lead by example. High
Communal Possession Anyone and everyone who's dead wants your body. High
Conduit of the Lower Planes A new class-based way to create fiends and characters from the lower planes., An example Conduit of the Lower Planes Very High
Constructor Master of the construct, create golems and form an army to fight in battle. Very High
Cosplayer A jack of all trades who changes roles and abilities at the drop of a hat. High
Crackerjack A PC version of the expert class. High
Crimson Heart An Incarnum-using, magic-infused juggernaut who focuses on healing and defending allies. Very High
Cryptic - Project Atrea A psychic Rogue who can hide from you by tricking your senses and injure your very mind. Very High
Dancer Dancers are the Bards of the Sublime Way. Mixing magical dance with martial maneuvers, Dancers provide considerable support for their allies and can themselves be deadly in combat. High
Daring Weaponeer An expert with a single type of light weapon who relies more on finesse than brute force. Moderate
Dark Blade Moderate
Dark Knight A self destructive warrior who uses negative energy to leap head first into battle Moderate
Deacon A non-spellcasting cleric using spell-like abilities. Very High
Death Hunter A cross-bow using dealer of death at close quarters and far. Moderate
Death Knight A knight dedicated to gods of death, either opposing... or supporting... the forces of undeath. High
Death Knight Variant
Death Magus Master of the save or die, they feed on death to fuel their abilities. Very High
Defender Specialist in melee defense and guarding his allies. High
Demonsouled A warlock of the Incarnum variety, the Demonsouled reshapes soulmelds to get some of the versatility that the normal Warlock sorely lacks. High
Deva Champion A martial artist who manifests their fighting spirit and maneuver mastery through the apparation of additional phantasmal arms. High
Divine Soul Favored Souls are blessed by their gods for their power to fight in their lord's name, but not all of them choose to take up the sword, others draw closer by advancing their spiritual powers. Very High
Divine Word A wordcaster powered by divine inspiration. High
Draconic Sage Very High
Dragon Very High
Dragon Marshal Through the power of dragonblood, the Dragon Marshal radiate powerful aura and inspire men and women to their best. They also gain multiple draconic ability, such as breathing fire. An hybrid class between the Dragon ShamanPHB2 and MarshalMH. High
Dragon Paladin A Dragon Paladin is a Paladin which serve dragons instead of Gods or Good. Very High
Dragon Shaman An actually playable Dragon Shaman. High
Dragonblooded Those with dragon blood awaken to their draconic natures. High
Dragonslayer A warrior who has trained since a young age to hunt dragons and their ilk. Also a minor fix/base class replacement for the Dragon Compendium's Dragonslayer and/or Dragonstalker prestige class. Very High
Dragoon The dragoon, a heavily armored knight who, in spite of its weight, can leap massive distances to the point where they may as well be flying like the dragons they embody. High
Drake A class for making physically powerful dragons that neglect their mental and magical development. Very High
Dread Knight There is evil and then there is Evil, there are Paladins of Evil and then there are the Dread Knights. Moderate
Dreamer The dreamer's powers draw from the Plane of Dreams and her own mind. Her imagination gives way to fantasy becoming reality. High
Dreg Knight A dreg knight is a creature whose body is nothing but rot and infection, and who have bonded themself to the putridness in this world, allowing it to spread into their own bodies, and then into the rest of the world., A figure with chiseled features and dark, smooth, gray skin that is pockmarked with red sores and green infections. High
Drifter A wanderer of the land and initiate of the sublime ways. High
Druid, Revised Slightly revised Druid to have features based on CR rather than HD. Not intended to be a nerf, just clean it up to work with modern homebrew and mechanics., You can wild shape into dragons, You can wild shape into magical beasts, You can wild shape into certain outsiders Very High
Duelist Swashbucklers and dashing swordsman, they use finesse, martial maneuvers, and well timed parries and tricks to carry them to victory. High
Dungeon Master The Dungeon Master loves to have complete mystical control of the outcome of his life, he can change the world around him to fit his need. Moderate
Electric Mage An Electric Mage someone born with the ability to create and control electricity, and uses this ability for all it is worth. High
Elemental Blade For some reason, you are connected strongly to the elemental planes. This helps you hit people. High
Elemental Brute A class for advancing Elementals as powerful close combatants with thematic abilities. Very High
Elemental Weird An Elemental who focuses on magic instead of physical power., {{{summary}}} Very High
Elementalist A spellcaster with a variety of readily-available elemental powers Very High
Elixir Mage Elixir Mages are addicts, needing a substance not just to cast spells, but to function period. Designed for use with mana-based spellcasting variant rule. Very High
Enigmatic Insectomancer Enigmatic Insectomancers are experts in utilizing and enhancing the amazing abilities of insects High
Evil Clown The object of the hatred of all children, and the scariest thing you'll ever see. What may look like a carnival trickster is far more dangerous – beware! High
Evolutionist These men and women have discerned a path towards a transcendence of what they were born as, no simple transmutation and no unnatural energy twisting their selves, but a true change on the very building blocks of the divine design of their lives. High
Exploit Fighter A version of the fighter using my exploits rule. Very High
Explorer Most encounters with aliens and future technology in lore, cinema and games involve the protagonists using the technology of the alien culture in a new way. This difference in application and lack of understanding (or rebellion) with the current powers, allows the protagoist to rise above the rest. However, an explorer has only an elementary understanding of the tools they possess. This is in essence the base class for xeno adventurers. Giving a balanced amount of features that aid in surviving an alien universe. Very High
Exposcient The Psionic Warlock, with a tiny but self-regenerating Power Point pool. The perfect candidate for Metamind. High
Fail Mage Cursed by the gods of luck, these mages tend to experience problems at the most inopportune times. Unquantifiable
Farmer Commoners of the world unite! Don't let the normal heroes have all the fun, someone's got to slay the dragon between harvest seasons. Moderate
Feral Ronin Feral ronin move with the grace of monks, but kill with the ferocity of barbarian whenever necessary. Very High
Feyblooded A class which allow you to slowly turn into a fey. Grant partial spellcasting as well as DR and unique abilities. Very High
Fiendish Brute A class-based way to create interesting new fiends., An example Fiendish Brute. Very High
Fighter, Tome A highly-trained heroic master of battlefield improvisation. Very High
Fire Mage A Fire Mage is a guy who likes fire a lot, and also doesn't completely suck. High
Firefighter A water-wielding warrior oathbound to prevent the unholy destruction caused upon the world by careless use of fire. Very High
Fist of the Righteous A powerful ally for the forces of good and righteousness. Very High
Flame Alchemist Alchemists are those who know how to transmute things into other things. This type of Alchemist can transmute all sorts of things into Fire. High
Flameseeker A pyromancer focusing more on melee than in range. Very High
Flammenwerfer You know what this fire needs? More fire. The flammenwerfer werfs so much flammen, your opponents will need to learn german to find out how badly they've been burned. High
Focused Champion A martial tank that can contribute in multiple situations even with low gear. High
Footpad High
Force Conduit Force Conduits, also know as Sith and Jedi, are students of the all powerful Force. They are highly skilled at combat and have an advanced plasma sword – but are better know for their powers with the Force. High
Force Initiate A DnD generalized concept of "[The ]Force" powers without the focus of alignment or "Star Wars". Very High
Forcemaster A forcemaster has the power to manipulate the forces of gravity, magnetism and nuclear energy, along with the strength to fight in close combat unarmed. Moderate
Formweaver Formweavers are life and chaos made flesh. Very High
Forsaker Forsake your ties to magic and power your strength by sheer determination and gusto. High
Fortune Some rely entirely on luck over skill. Fortunes can manage absurd luck, but if they get overwhelmed their luck might run out. Moderate
Gambler A gambler is a student of humanoids and a master of himself. He bends to fate, and in doing so bends it in return. The best he can hope for is to break even. Low
Gate Knight Knights who have discovered power through sacrificing life to the darkness. It is another take on the iconic "Dark Knight" class of Final Fantasy fame. Very High
Gearblade A gearblade is an initiator using constructs as her minion and bolstering her martial skills with gadgets. Very High
Gemcaster A gemcaster casts arcane spells trapped within precious stones, instead of learning and reciting them from dusty old tomes. Very High
Genie A way similar to the True Fiend to create genies, mephits, and similar elemental Outsiders. Very High
Gentleman Explorer Being a journeyer through savage wildernesses, a student of natural philosophy, and furthermore a well and truly dapper huntsman. High
Geopsyche A psionic druid of sorts, who channels the collective psyche of the natural world. Very High
God-blooded Decended from the gods, god-blooded wield great divine power. Very High
Godseer A spontaneous divine caster who is specialized in divination. Very High
Golem Domineer A minion class which grant you a powerful Golem miniom, with a side of spellcasting. Very High
Gravity Warrior Gravity warriors are people gifted with the ability to manipulate gravity, They may take many paths, but whether they are the slaughterer or the arbiter, they are a force to be reckoned with., A monster with eyes that glow in the darkness, glinting like the purest rubies ever mined, the beast charges, smashing through stone and steel alike. High
Green Mage A mage who uses wind and air for high-mobility, terrain-creating effects. High
Grenadier A warrior-chemist who specializes in explosives and can brew potions. High
Grey Guardian A paragon of defense, Grey Guardians begin their journey as able warriors with magical and martial abilities. High
Grim A supernatural warrior that channels power from the Ethereal Plane to transform his spirit and body as a divine ally of Death. Very High
Grim Legion Named after the organization they below to, these mercenary-cultists cultivate shadow magic and use it to aid their attacks. Very High
Grim Legion/Grimreaver High
Grimoire Necromancer A necromancer designed to have abilities similar to the Diablo II necromancer. High
Grimslayer High
Gunslinger A variant of the Hexagunner, a gunman with extraordinary marksmanship skills. High
Hairbinder Mages which bind spirits into their hair, allowing them to cast and use their hair as living weapons. Very High
Hairbinder, Variant This is a remake of the Hairbinder class by Eiji-kun. Very High
Halberdier A zone controller and tactician who speciaqlizes in the many different uses of the halberd. High
Hand Of Shadow A master of shadow who uses martial maneuvers from the Shadow Hand, Diamond Mind and Iron Heart disciplines, and up to 4th-level arcane spells. Very High
Hardened Paladin A hardened Paladin granted absolution by his/her order and deity, you have earned the freedom to seek out and destroy corruption through any means necessary. Moderate
Hare A fast moving traveler that becomes increasingly hard to hit or pin down the faster he runs Low
Hashshashin The 'Holy' Assassin. High
Hellfire Knight variant
Helraiser Soldiers of fortune, revolutionaries and freedom fighters all exist in a perpetual war. Indeed the goal is always Chaos to destroy the established order. Helraisers are very good at evasion and hiding, and are naturally pyromaniacs. But their greatest ability is trapmastery, able to disarm and create traps with ease – eventually able to create explosive traps. Advanced helraisers can launch explosives great distances with mortars and artillery., A remote detonator can be used to detonate traps and explosives up to a mile away. High
Hero Worshiper You faithfully follow your heroes, learning what you can along the way. Moderate
Hex Warrior A capable front-line fighter capable of inflicting a wide array of debuffing and debilitating effects on his targets. Very High
Hexagunner Great bandits, thieves and womanizers, the Hexagunners are a select group of specially trained highwaymen skilled in the use of the Hexagun, an ingenious weapon that allows the user to fire off multiple shots – six to be exact – without the need to reload or refill the chamber with gunpowder., Shotglass Johnson is the second in command of the nutorious Bloody Nose Boys, he only answers to the big boss Sigfreid 'Three-shot' Kepler High
Hexblade, Variant Fearless witch-knights who combine martial skill with treacherous magic. High
Hexknight A class that mix a bit of the KnightPHII, the HexbladeCW and WarlockCA alongside quite a few unique abilities to make a unique curse-based tank. Very High
High Priest A variant type cleric more specialized to his deity's portfolio and with great mastery over his Domains. Very High
Hivemaster A controller of vermin, the hivemaster eventually becomes an insectoid monster. Very High
Hivemaster, Variant A controller of vermin, the hivemaster eventually becomes an insectoid monster. High
Hobo Hobos, homeless, foul smelling people. Care should be taken when dealing with a Hobo, for they may convince you to do things you would not otherwise do., A smell fills the air, and there he stands, a small, homeless gnome, holding a small sword in his raised hand, and grinning at you. Low
Hopeful A short class which uses the power of hope to help themselves and others achieve their goals. Unquantifiable
Houndlord Lord of the hounds, you command a swarm of dogs or wolves to attack others at your command. Moderate
Hunter From an early age the call of the wild draws some adventurers from the comfort of their homes into the unforgiving primal world outside. Those who endure become hunters. Masters of their environment, they are able to slip like ghosts through the trees and lay traps in the paths of their enemies. High
Hybrid Elite Warrior Hybrid Elites are half mortal, half green magic. At some point early in their life a Hybrid Elite is infused with strong amounts of arcane energy. This painful infusion of potent magic can show physically in many ways such as scars or strange green eyes. The powerful energies that now course through their body grant them unnatural feats of strength., Warriors infused with green arcane magics. Paragons of strength and aerial combat. High
Iaijutsu Master Draw your blade in a flash, slicing apart any opposition in your way. High
Ice Mage An iced-theme damage dealer and secondary spellcaster. Very High
Ideal Armsman A psionic warrior who embodies their strength into weapons and armor, allowing them to retain their abilities across any weapon or armor they use. High
Illuminamancer A Magus adept not at Arcane and/or Divine magics, but in the control of Light and Darkness in it's purest forms. Very High
Incantator An Incantator is a specialist of Invocations with partial spellcasting on the side. Very High
Insectomancer Some masters of magic neglect spell schools for something much more suited to their talents: Breeding bugs, naturally. Very High
Intelligent Item Ever wanted to be an intelligent item? To be the mad conscience inside a player’s weapon? To be the malicious artifact that the party carries around but has a will of its own? The intelligent item class is for all those who think the mimic monster is the awesome — but were always disappointed they could not play one. Very High
Jackal Arcane thief of spells, spell caster. Very High
Jade Archer An archer who sacrifices quantity for quality. Very High
Jade Archer, Revised for Ayron An archer who sacrifices quantity for quality. Very High
Jaunter You are a teleporter, jaunting from place to place to stab them in the face. Very High
Jedi A warrior of the light and balance, the Jedi seek internal perfection and peace in the universe. High
Jester To be a Jester is to see the joke in every tragedy. Very High
Joker Jokers are chaotic pranksters & comedians. Very High
Judge of Existence Most live in a prosaic world of the base perceptions, bound by Ultimate Laws – truths that hinder the capacity of progress. Prisoners to common sense and logic, a land where even science becomes a religion. Even the most basic manipulations of existence cannot be understood by these sorry souls. This is the way of the lesser man. A judge of existence is a proponent of straining the limits – nay, being without limits, then deciding what limits the rest must follow. A Judge of Existence is a student of the power of Space. They can warp matter, and alter gravity and weather in an area. Very High
Juggernaut The essence of strength, you are a hulk-like brute capable to casually flipping cars and crushing tanks. High
Jumper Jumpers, being the mobile, instinctive warriors that they are, can seem to be everywhere upon the battlefield at any given point in time. A battle that a jumper is involved it is sure to become hectic quickly., A short, bald man with a rather calm, confident air about him. High
Justiciar, Project Heretica The divine champion of Law, an attempt to make a "judge, jury, executioner" class. High
Kantian Paladin A paladin that's actually playable at every level of the game. Very High
Ki Demon Across the galaxy, many fear the power of Frost Demons and their terrifying combat potential. Especially when it comes to Ki. Very High
Ki Master Based off the warriors of DBZ, this is a flavor of monk who possesses potent energy blasts to strike at the enemies from afar. Very High
Ki Warrior Across the galaxy, tribes of Ki's have learned to harness the ki life forces that suffuses thier bodies and use it form themselves into a deadly weapon. Very High
Kido Shinigami Hunters of ghosts and demons, they protect the living from things which lurk just beyond the edge of the world. These shinigami are focused on their spiritual magic. Very High
Knight, Tome A 10-level Base Class designed to carry the Knight from his spurs, all the way to joining a prestigious Knightly Order. Heavily focused on defending others. High
Knowledge Mage The Knowledge Mage wields the pure essence of knowledge to smack his enemies to death. Sort of. High
Legacy Inheritor A long time ago, a great hero fell, and his sword was lost, never seen again. One day you get in a fight with some bandits and with a flash of light the sword of legend itself appears in your hand - Showing that you carry the hero's blood in your veins. Very High
Lesser God A true god; roughly balanced against other full casters. Very High
Lucky One Other people are exceptionally skilled or endowed with amazing abilities. You aren't. Things work out for you anyways. High
Lycanthrope A 5-level class that turns the person taking it into a full-fledged lycanthrope. High
Mage, GT A general Spellcaster that can be customized. Very High
Magelock A warlock that casts a limited number of spells almost at will, but not quite. Very High
Magestriker A powerful gish class with a different focus than most. Very High
Magic Girl A Cha-based class that can transform into a powerful battler. Very High
Magic Rogue A cross of rogue and sorcerer, without having to go arcane trickster. Very High
Magic Unleasher Magic Unleashers don't carefully choose which spell to cast; They just decide when it's time to cast "a spell", and then do so. High
Magic-User A basic spellcaster with some customization options. Very High
Magician Spellcasters who spontaneously cast spells from spellbooks Very High
Marksman Focused on long ranged combat and sniping, the marksman hides in the shadows, striking at enemy weak points when they least expect it. It focuses the stealth and precision strikes of the rogue at a distance. High
Marshal The battlefield commander in all his glory, directing friends to greater heights than they could ever be on their own., {{{summary}}} High
Marshal, Retooled A retooling of the Marshal that makes it a better martial character and an extraordinary buffer (literally). High
Marshal, Tome A combat buffer and healer designed to be easy-to-use. Unquantifiable
Martial Artist A Martial Artist is a Monk who has foregone the pursuit of self perfection to focus purely on his unarmed physical art of kicking people's butts. High
Martial Warrior A character who uses a limited number of maneuvers repeatedly. High
Master Assassin For This Assassin is not so much a hired killer as he is someone who studies how to kill. If Killing is an art, then you are its painter, and your weapons are the brushes High
Master of Celerity The Master of Celerity is trained to fight effectively with two weapons. They use there superior speed to out maneuver their opponents. Moderate
Master of Everything The Master of Everything seems like the most powerful character in existence. Until you try to get him to do something a minute later, of course. Very High
Mender Someone with lots of positive energy inside, can use it to heal Very High
Mentalist A rework of the Pathfinder Mesmerist for VH 3.5e, a class with the ability to hypnotize themselves and others. Very High
Metal Slug You pilot a tiny tank to victory! High
Metamorph Shapechanger.
Mimic The mimic shines brightest when in a party, where he multiplies the attacks of others, mimicking their every move. Unquantifiable
Mindrazor A psionic martial initiator, using Mind Blade-like psychic weaponry. Very High
Mindrender A psionic class that specializes in dealing terrible madness upon its foes. Very High
Minstrel A remake of the bard that grants access to more roguish talents and fixes some of the problems with the class. Very High
Monk of the Forgotten Fist A different kind of monk that may help offset some of the Monk's Inherent Suck. High
Monk, Retooled A retooling of the Monk that addresses some of its main problems while making it mechanically distinct to the Unarmed Swordsage High
Monk, Tome A version of the Monk that is actually playable. Very High
Monster Build your own monster! Be a big gloppy goop or a flying bat out of hell!
Monster Tamer A person who captures monsters in spheres and chooses them to fight. Really, it's just a Pokemaster with the serial numbers filed off. Very High
Monster Trainer You wanna be the very best like no one ever was, to catch monsters is your real test, to train them is your cause! Unquantifiable
Monsterslayer In the mist of creation the mortal races were often food for monsters, so it was not long before a mortal picked up a stick, sharpened it and started killing monsters to carve a safe place for civilication to exsist. High
Moondancer Graceful shapeshifter. High
Mortician The Mortician is more or less a diabolical surgeon. He learns abilities to bring the dead to life while also stitching back up the living. He improves what he works on, and eventually has a nice super army of zombies at his command. Moderate
Mystic Blade If you don't want to wait for the spellsword prestige class, the mystic blade offers an alternative combination of sorcery and steel. High
Mystic Cardshark A versatile caster with a casting system much like the Crusader's. Very High
Mystic Cenobite Mystical monks of the sublime way, these martial adepts take the art of fighting to a spiritual, magical level. High
Mystic Delver Mystic Delvers are expert explorer, thieves, charmer and wizards. A happy mix between a rogue and a wizard not relying on backstabbing but rather on cunning and a few powerful spells (and a lot of weaker spells). Very High
Mystic Sniper A sniper with limited spellcasting. High
Mystic Spellthief An improved spellthief class that are capable caster slayers, and casters in their own right. High
Mythic Charge A a variant of the Fighter class, which has a magical powers and a legendary weapon... but are also somewhat helpless most of the time. Very High
Necroblade A gish class that use necromancy and animate it foes. Very High
Necrocarnal You invest the souls of the dead into the bodies of the dead, thereby animating them. Seems quite obvious in retrospect. High
Necrocarnal, Revised A revised version of Foxwarrior's Necrocarnal. High
Night Thief This is an alternative Night Thief class, that focuses on thievery and incapacitation of targets and uses all printed material, non-magical abilities to give the Night Thief the optimal chance of success when getting into a facility, allow them to incapacitate their target or grab the gold, and assist them in getting out again. High
Ninja A Ninja fit for Tome games. Very High
Noble As a Noble you have lavish but incredibly strict upbringing to ensure that you start life with the skills and tools to make sure that you won't soil the family name. After all, they only want "what's best for you". Moderate
Nonlinear Fighter A fighter who can constantly retrain all of his feats. High
Oathsworn - Sekiro
Occultist A specialized spontaneous spellcaster and practitioner of the dark arts. Very High
Occultist Savant A wielder of magic and psionics who gives up high levels of power in order to broaden their horizons and give themselves more control over the more intricate aspects of their power., A mystic who travels far and wide, gathering knowledge and power with which to lead a crusade to reclaim his homeland. Very High
Painter There are those who make painting into more than a simple painting. Their paintings are not only lifelike, but alive. The Painter utilizes his ink and paintbrush to bring life to his art, and turning it into a deadly weapon. High
Paladette A Wizard-level Paladin with lies and poisons allowed, fighting banned, and changes to match. Very High
Paladin of the Sublime Way A paladin which uses martial maneuvers instead of spells, they have the backing of the gods at their side. High
Paladin, Project Heretica A retooling of the Paladin class, exemplar of the Divine Champion chassis. High
Paladin, Sulacu Variant A better version of everyone's favorite ass-kicking hero: the paladin. Moderate
Paladin, Tome A warrior of the forces of good, a strong defensive bastion and caster of defensive and healing spells. Very High
Paladin, Vow of Service Variant A paladin variant that can be customized in order to better serve the party. High
Patriot As a paladin is powered by devotion to law and good, the patriot is powered by love of nation. High
Patron Witch A spellcaster, traditionally female, who makes a contact with a spirit for vast magical knowledge and power. Very High
Peacebringer The peacebringer is a pacifistic healer who is dedicated entirely to encouraging prosperity and goodness among all sentient beings. Very High
Pegasus Knight Striking from the air with terrifying force, the pegasus knight is a defender of both the wilds, and the people around her. She fights along side her trusty winged steed in battle, striking down her foes from above utilizing a variety of ranged and close combat weapons while their faithful mount tramples them beneath its hooves. Moderate
Philosopher A knower and deviner of the many secrets of the world High
Picaroon A rogue designed for High level games, they have access to many tricks at their disposal. High
Pie Mage Send your enemies to a delicious death by pie! No, seriously, stop laughing! Very High
Pirate A smuggler, thief, and general villain that is merely one part of a grand organization of crime. Unquantifiable
Pirate, Alternative cross between rogue and swashbuckler, with some of original pirate homebrew Moderate
Pity Sponge Invariably popular with kindly NPC's and often drawing resentment from their teammates, Pity Sponges mess up even the simplest tasks and interactions, drawing pity from others. At higher levels they begin to draw pity even from deities, who just hope the poor creatures can finally get a happy ending. Low
Planar Blade The Planar Blade attunes himself to a plethora of planes in order to gain their power and become invulnerable. Very High
Planeswalker A caster with a long recharge time. Very High
Powerful Cleric A cleric with at-will, encounter, and daily spells. Moderate
Powerful Wizard A wizard with at-will, encounter, and daily spells. Moderate
Priest A cleric revision with less physical combat power, spontaneous casting from a much smaller list, and a stronger reliance on domains for spells available. Very High
Proteus Psionic factotums of a sort, with the power of a mind which taps into the collective unconcious, they are masters of information and skill. High
Pseudonaught A pseudonaught is someone dangerous, someone who shouldn't be dealt with, someone who shouldn't even be. The very existance of such a being is an offense against the entirety of reality, for they tear through it, and reach into whats beyond it, channeling raw unexistance through their form, and perverting their existance with it., A man wearing a tight, pitch black cloak, with an almost palpable aura of corruption around him, who only has one goal in mind. That of ending all reality. Very High
Psionic Psuperhero A master of a single augmentable power. High
Psyblade A psyblade focuses his mind on becoming an overwhelming force in combat. Manifesting his personal power into shapeable mind weapons and energy. A psyblade uses this true understanding of self to evolve beyond. High
Psycheblade A gish warrior with telepathic focused abilities. Very High
Psychic Agent A psychic secret agent, they are a jack of all trades designed to sneak, infiltrate, and if need be to kill. High
Psychic Archer Very High
Psychic Combatant A greatly improved version of the psychic warrior, psychic combatant use rather vast psionic powers and sheer martial might to waste their enemies. Very High
Psychic Stalker A psionic rogue capable of augmenting all it attacks like psionic powers. High
Psyguard A psionic warrior which much like the soulknife make equipment out of psionic energy, although in the psyguard's case she make a fearsome psychic armor. High
Psyhexer A psionic version of the witch class. A capable hexer who possess strong psionic abilities. Very High
Psyknife A soul knife assassin capable of both stealth and damage High
Puppeteer Bioelectric Necromancy! High
Pyromancer A caster who can manipulate and invoke fire with extreme proficiency. Very High
Pyromaniac Did you know all problems can be solved by the application of fire somewhere? The pyromaniac will prove it to you. Very High
Pyromaniac - variant A variant of Eiji-kun's fantastic class, the Pyromaniac. Most of the work is HIS. I have made a few edits for a slightly different flavor. Very High
Pyropsyche Based on the pyrokineticist class, but as a base class, you are a master of flame and fire. High
Pyrotechnic Understatement: This person likes to blow things up. High
Quasinaught There is no such thing as a quasinaught, yet this does not stop them from affecting the world. This makes a quasinaught infinitely dangerous, something to be avoided at every expense, for fear of being touched by that which isn't real, for fear of being doused in unexistance., An unshaven man, wearing a ragged, torn, grey cloak, with eyes that seem to split straight into your soul, pupiless and terrifying. Very High
Radiant Champion An elite holy warrior of the church, whose goal is not to route out and punish evil, but to protect his allies, and the innocent who cannot protect themselves. These righteous defenders are powered by a close personal relationship with their deity, and link to the positive energy plane itself. Very High
Ranger, Retooled A retooling of the Ranger, enhancing their spellcasting ability, refurbishing their combat skills and reinforcing their skills High
Ranger, Tome A ranger that kicks ass. Very High
Raycaster A spellcaster who focuses on rays and line attacks. Accuracy is the key, and you shall show laser is not difficult. Very High
Raziel A Raziel is a born with innate magic, deeper in connection with his power than a sorcerer, but not quite the source itself. Very High
Reaper A dread knight, one who culls from the living and seals their souls for his own use. High
Red Magus Master of all, the red magus can cast harmful magic, healing magic, and even tough it out with a sword when needed. High
Regenerator A class about being a eldritch abomination which constantly regenerate. Very High
Relaxed Warrior A martial character with something martial characters have always missed out on: the 15 minute workday. Very High
Restorer An invocation based healer dedicated to the service of all. Very High
Returned Back from the dead. Very High
Ribbonblade One of the more interesting martial characters, the Ribbonblade combines the whimsy of the bard with the strength and precision of the monk. Moderate
Riftsink A riftsink is a creator intradimensional portals, or rifts, which he uses to deter movement, flit about the battlefield, and generally attack from relative safety. High
Riftwalker - Project Atrea A warrior who trains in high gravity and can compress gravity around his weapon, allowing him to rip holes in space as he attacks. Very High
Rogue 2.0 An agile thief who solves solves problems with savvy. Very High
Rogue, Tome Rogue intended for Tome games. Bonus feats come earlier (in form of Tome Combat feats), given some shadow powers to make things interesting especially at higher levels. Very High
Ronin The progeny of dishonored warriors, Ronins specialize in cheap shots. High
Rouge A rogue-like class that wears red to power his skill. Moderate
Runehunter An arcane bounty hunter/treasure seeker. Very High
Saiyan Warrior Across the galaxy, tribes of Saiyan's have learned to harness the ki life forces that suffuses thier bodies and use it form themselves into a deadly weapon on their way to the Legendary Super Saiyan transformations. Very High
Samurai, Tome The master of the quickdraw, whose kiai rend flesh and steel apart with equal ease. A version of the class which is actually playable. Very High
Savant A jack of all trades, who can share their skills with allies and provide support in almost any situation. Moderate
Scoundrel A skillful initiator who uses deceit and backstabbing to get the job done unnoticed. High
Scout A military-trained Scout who has advanced knowledge of teamwork tactics, finding tracks and trails, and navigating into and away from almost any location like a shadow. High
Scrollcaster A spellcaster whose spells entirely rely on multiple-use scrolls. His spellcasting is slower, but he gains the benefits of a wide spell list mixed with near-spontaneous casting. Very High
Self Telekineticist This fighter relies on the power of telekinesis to fling himself around. Moderate
Sentinel A defender who protects his allies from harm by forcing enemies to target himself for attacks. High
Shadow Blade A shadow-jumping class who can almost always reach their mark. High
Shadow Magister A shadowcaster-type thing that doesn't suck and cause weird incompatibility issues. ToP-compliant. Very High
Shadow Pact Warlock As Warlock, but using Tome of Battle Chassis, and slightly more powerful. High
Shadow Rogue A tactical striker with enough skills to be useful out of combat as well. High
Shadow Spy A scoundrel who stalks and lives in the shadows High
Shadowcaster A stealthy magic user and weilder of shadow magic. Very High
Shadowknife A shadow themed soulknife, it has more of a stealth and ambush focus and some manifesting support. Very High
Shaman A mystic that has a strange communion with nature, gaining divine spells through hardship by unraveling its secrets. High
Shape Eater A shapeshifter who eats creatures to gain their powers. Very High
Shapechanger Some shapeshifters aren't satisfied with the restriction of their forms to nature's creatures, and don't want all those extra spells the wizard gets that aren't Polymorph. The Shapechanger is for them, allowing use of forms varying from Dragon to Monstrous Humanoid. Very High
Shapeshifter The shapeshifter you were always looking for… Very High
Sharpshooter A formidable user of ranged weaponry who can bring any foe down from afar. High
Shinigami Hunters of ghosts and demons, they protect the living from things which lurk just beyond the edge of the world. High
Shinobi Masterful ninja, you stalk the night. All will fear the assassin in the dark: the shinobi! High
Skill-Monkey, ToP A Tome of Prowess factotum and expert. High
Skilled Assassin This Assassin has mastered killing in its Entirety nothing can escape it. If Killing is an art, then you are its painter, and your weapons are the brushes High
Skycutter Masters of wind, these free spirits dance in the skies with their air elemental brethren. Very High
Slayer A powerful essence-user, focusing on raw offence and on profane power related to killing. A slayer is the bane of all that breath, small or big. High
Slipmind A psionic rogue akin to the Magic Rogue. High
Snake Handler Priest This is like a cleric with relatively low spellcasting ability, but relatively high ability to summon and fight alongside snakes! High
Sniper Wizard The equivalent to the battle sorcerer, it actually focuses more on attacks and use of a focus component for their limited but powerful arcane power. Very High
Snowscaper An ice mage style class with good cold damage and ice sculpting abilities. Very High
Snowsoul A wielder of the power of ice and cold High
Soldier A specialist in melee weapons combat with some special abilities. Moderate
Soldier, Tome A warrior who understands the tactics of the various races of Dungeons & Dragons and uses them herself in battle. Very High
Songblade High
Sonic Warrior Sonic Warriors are beings gifted with control over sound. They have been known to follow many paths, but regardless of whether they are the butcher or the rebel, they tend to be rather mad., A tall, rather mad looking man wearing a dusty cloak and matching boots. High
Sorcerer, Heritage Very High
Sorcerer, Tome A sorcerer that isn't obviously inferior to a wizard. Very High
Soul Reaper, Jay Variant A hunter of evil ghosts and demons. High
Soul Reaver Chosen by Death to harvest souls for the afterlife, the soul reaver is a gish who uses souls as a source of strength. Very High
Soul-Blooded The Soul Blooded is a Versatile Spellcaster akin to a Bard. However, instead of Bardic Music, the Soul Blooded binds spirits similar to the way that Binders use Vestiges. Moderate
Soul-Rage Skald A Nordic Bard with rage and maneuvers instead of spells High
Soulblade A replacement to the soulknife, bumped up and made useful. Moderate
Soulborn A non-sucky version of the Soulborn. Very High
Soulcaller A class focused on capturing and calling forth souls, mixing Incarnum with the talents of the Blue Mage and Ba Summoner. Unquantifiable
Soulsmith A forger of trinkets and jewelry into which he has imbedded his very soul. High
Special Boi - Favored Soul variant Sometimes people are born special, and the severe devotion to a cause or connection to a deity drives them on adventures. None Assigned
Specialist Mage A spellcaster who focuses on a single school, and only barely dabbles outside of that school. Very High
Speedster A class that gives the powers of a Speedster. High
Spellbane A lightly-armored warrior-scholar who specializes in combating spell casters High
Spellbender Although a spellbenders does not cast spells, she is a master of metamagic and sculpts the flow of magic around her to her own will. Unquantifiable
Spellbinder A spontaneous arcane caster with lots of spells known. Very High
Spellslinger Spellslingers are the sheriffs and bandits of D&D. They are limited to ray spells, but they can use their finger pistols to shoot just about everybody. Their ammo (spells) is limited, but they can put them to good use. Very High
Spellthief, Pathfinder Variant A Pathfinder take on the Spellthief. High
Spirit Meister Speed and elements based martial class. Moderate
Spirit Shaman A Spirit Shaman is meant for two things: charming spirits and punching people in the face with said spirits. Very High
Spyglass Scout This class borrows abilities from the rogue and ranger classes. High
Star The Star is a highly mobile character that specializes in unarmed melee and ranged combat. Very High
Stone Mage Carve the earth into a deadly weapon. You are the mage who will KNOCK THEM ALL DOWN! High
Strategist A commander of legendary proportions, building bases and amassing armies. Very High
Street Thug An inner city ruffian that uses fists and feet to get what he wants from innocent citizens. High
Student of Kung Fu A fresh take on the Martial Artist, the Student of Kung Fu learns to incorporate Weapons into their Unarmed combat abilities in new and interesting Ways. Although lacking in some of the Monk's Spiritual Powers, it learns other mystical abilities to aid them in combat. High
Stunt Fighter A more versatile Fighter for higher balance games. High
Style Fighter A variant of the fighter that can switch her bonus feats between different fighting style. High
Sublime Assassin The Sublime Assassin is a versatile combatant, using sudden strike and maneuver in order to defeat her foe. High
Sublime Boxer A sublime boxer hits people with her fists and initiates maneuvers. High
Sublime Cutthroat A sneaky master of the Sublime. Can use multiple stances at a time. High
Sublime Knight A martial initiator knight who tanks for the party, keeping them safe from harm. High
Sublime Samurai A samurai who employs martial maneuvers and quick flashy strikes. High
Sublime Shinobi A sublime version of Eiji-kun's shinobi. Very High
Sublime Soulblade A sublime version of the soulknife, use maneuvers and is actually playable. Very High
Summoner A master of the summoning arts. Very High
Superhero Also known as a "one-trick pony", each superhero possesses one powerful ability. This implementation takes superpowers directly from the Sorcerer/Cleric/Druid/Bard/Ranger/Paladin spell lists. High
Surge Fighter A variant fighter who gets half as many feats as normal, but more than makes up for it with powerful combat surges that enable him to be the direct martial equivalent of a wizard. Very High
Surger There are many different breeds of adventurer, those who are masters at martial combat, those who are masters of the arcane and the divine, and there are those more gifted. Surgers are a collective of people who use their innate abilities towards increasing their own physical abilities, and/or attaining new levels of arcane or divine power. Very High
Swamp Hag A swamp-themed non-caster that gets curses, a minion and transformation abilities. High
Swashbuckler Pirates are awesome. Play a class meant to actually show that! Say hi to Cap'n Sparrow when you run into him... Very High
Swashbuckler, Codex Bring the swashbuckler to the High Balance range, fill dead levels and allow better compatibility with Tome of Prowess. Compress it to a 12 level class. High
Swashbuckler, Foxwarrior Variant A Swashbuckler class, designed to make it easy to directly convert from STDoc's variant. Very High
Swashbuckler, STDoc Variant A swashbuckler who is actually playable after level 3. High
Swift Hunter A take on the Swift Hunter build High
Swiftblade A very fast and agile melee fighter High
Sylvan Occultist A dangerous wielder of inherited power. Uses prepared spontaneous casting. Very High
Tamastin Shadowmancer A spell caster with power over darkness Very High
Tech Operative A slightly altered and highly reflavored Cleric. The Tech Operative calls down assistance from a distant Base, using technology instead of magic. Very High
Telekinetic Some people can bend space to their will. These people are called Telekinetics and can move things with their mind. Very High
Telekinetic, Variant The telekinetic uses her powers to wreck havoc on enemies by throwing objects, and beings, around the battlefield Very High
Templar Templars are ordained warriors tasked with spreading the faith and defending the faithful, while also beating down the foes of a deity. Very High
Temporal Adept A time-bending temporal adept who studies the world through intellect and cunning. Unquantifiable
Tenken A Dexterity-based fighter who gets by on sheer speed and precision., {{{summary}}} Moderate
Tenken, Tome The tenken is a fighting machine capable of lightning speeds, used both for offense and defense. Very High
Terror of the Sand The Terror of the Sand is a unique spell caster That uses Sand Control To attack his enemies and aid his allies and can transform into terrible beast to fight your enemies. Very High
Thaumaturge The generic spellcaster for most of your arcane, divine, and psionic needs! High
Thaumaturgist A Thaumaturge is a spellcaster that focuses on preparing and learning several spells in advance. He or she also prepares a base with several artifices of strange nature. This base relies heavily on out of combat preparation that comes from the player in-game. Freedom to change your abilities outside of class features comes at the cost of never gaining combat abilities in a vanilla sense. Unquantifiable
Thief Acrobat While the common rogue is a thief, con-man, and scout extraordinaire, the thief acrobat is a highly trained specialist in the art of housebreaking and feats of dexterity and acrobatics.
Thogomancer THOGOMANCER SMASH! Moderate
Thoughtformer A thoughtformer make objects and image of psionic energy and summon her own psyche into the world. Very High
Threat A tall lithe man with dark seedy looking eyes and tassled brown hair, wearing a simple adventurer's garb, but overly decked out in pockets that seemed packed to the bring with every supply you could think of to get out of a tight spot., Threats are brutal, terrible warriors that have often been viewed as vicious pit fighters by other types of warrior, and who have been known to crush their enemies with force that few have ever actually seen. High
Time Bender Time benders, beings with the unorthodox power to alter the flow of eternity. Few time benders survive to master their profession without the help of a fetch: a specially crafted homunculus., A dark form stands in the shadows just on the edge of vision, it seems to be shifting from one form to another, the only thing remaining fix being it's eyes, eyes that look as though they could pierce your very soul. High
Time Mage Masters of time and space, the Time Mage can cause opponents to freeze or the stars to fall upon them. Very High
Time Walker Time walkers are people with the strange ability to exist 'outside' of time, and comprehend its unexplainable rhythm to the degree that they can manipulate it to their own ends. Upon the battlefield, a time walker is a seemingly unkillable foe that can rend at the enemies' very souls., A man with a calm yet intense air about him, wearing the road beaten gear of a warrior. High
Totemist A totemist that isn't crazy complicated to use. Very High
Toxinblade With the ability to imbue his foes with the mystical toxins which grow within his body, this warrior proves a deadly foe for even the strongest of enemies. High
Traditional Ninja An unarmed and unarmored warrior who strikes from the shadows, silently leaving behind a trail of victims. High
Transforming Hero In the day you are the mild mannared NPC. But at night you transform into a true PC hero! Very High
Transmogrifier Shapechange: The class. Very High
True Archer Masters of the bow and crossbow, the true archer is the prime example of power at a distance. Moderate
True Dragon A class for making dragons that work like PCs. Very High
True Fiend A new way to build new and interesting fiend creatures. Very High
Trueblood Dragon Transform into a true dragon. An updated/stronger version of the dragonblooded class. Very High
Truenamer, Rebuild A fixed truenamer to be used in conjunction with the Truespeak Fix variant rules. Very High
Truespeaker People who speak the language of creation; they reshape reality with their words Very High
Undead Stalker The suggested class on page 175 of the DMG Very High
Unfledged Sometimes, a group of adventurers includes a character who seems to have no business being on an adventure. Such characters from fiction include Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit) and Garion (Pawn of Prophecy). Such characters often develop abilities they didn’t know they had. Unquantifiable
Vampire Lord Vampire Lord allows you to play as a vampire from first level. Moderate
Vanguard They have one purpose in life. Be the one to beat the enemy down. High
Verdant Channeler An invoking class much like the warlock, the Verdant Channeler use a force called The Green in order to manipulate and create plants. Very High
Vicar A Vicar is a divine oriented martial adept. High
Vindicator A vindicator is driven by vengeance and grudges either imaginary or very real. A vindicator is very tough and possess incredible willpower and will make his enemies pay dearly for any transgression. High
Wandering Hero The classic wandering hero, your Link, your Wanda, your mysterious hero on horseback who single handedly solves puzzles, defeats the giant boss, and saves the princess with a sword, a shield, and endless inventory. All in a day's work. High
War Cook A magical warrior who turns their opponents into delicious meals. High
Warlock A Warlock that doesn't suck. Very High
Warlock, Abyssal An invocation-user that serves dark Abyssal masters. Very High
Warlock, Variant A workable version of the Warlock that is not completely eclipsed at mid to high levels. Very High
Warlord Out in the battlefield, certain individuals stand out amoungst the rest, showing no fear while take down opponents one after another using his seemingly endless stamina and endurance, striking fear into all those who oppose him. Such individuals are known as Warlords. Moderate
Warmage, Retooled A simple retooling to the Warmage that adds much needed spells to its list, improves the base damage ratio and provides a wealth of benefits related to blasting. Very High
Wavfloroid Puppet A character who has been blessed with the psychic powers of their Wavfloroid infection. High
Weaponmaster A weaponmaster, as the name implies, is very good with a weapon, and possibly more than one. Their combat training tends to be more specific than that of the fighter, whether due to its informality (brawler, knife-fighter), formality (boxer, wrestler, duelist), or the needs of a military unit (archer, slinger, pikeman). Moderate
Weeper A strange being able to bind their "guardian angel" as a mask and use their ghostly abilities. Basically a water-oriented necromancer. Very High
Werebear A 9-level progression that makes you a werebear similar in abilities to the SRD werebear High
Werewolf Lord Play as a Werewolf starting from first level. Very High
Whiskey Witch You've drunk the special whiskey, and now you're all magic. And still drunk. Very High
White Guard A master of defense. A White Guardian is a seeker of lost treasures, epic battles, and high adventure. They turn adversity into opportunity by finding new ways to apply their skills, discovering new techniques to solve problems, and challenging the status-quo by constantly seeking out ventures they have not yet mastered. They seldom pass up a chance to indulge in a new experience, and a new challenge is much more likely to excite them than a normal lifestyle., A White Guardian is a seeker of lost treasures, epic battles, and high adventure. They turn adversity into opportunity by finding new ways to apply their skills, discovering new techniques to solve problems, and challenging the status-quo by constantly seeking out ventures they have not yet mastered. They seldom pass up a chance to indulge in a new experience, and a new challenge is much more likely to excite them than a normal lifestyle. Moderate
White Mage Some people try to heal with the powers of the gods or advanced necromancy. Other people rip open a rift to the Positive Energy Plane and run with it. This class is the latter. Very High
White Magus The classic final fantasy inspired healing class, less of a combatant than a cleric but more effective as a support caster. Very High
Wildblade A sublime ranger/druid flavored class, they are powerful martial warriors who rely on instinct and the blessings of nature to pull them through. High
Wildmind A mind full of wild talent and primal psychic fury, the Wildmind is a combination of Wilder, War Mind and Wrathmind. Very High
Wildshaper A druid entirely focused on wildshaping rather than spellcasting. Unquantifiable
Wind Mage A mage who uses wind as his weapon of choice, manipulating it through invocations. Very High
Windseeker An innate magic user with power over elemental air High
Wintersmith A spellcaster-like class based around winter, creating ice objects and dealing cold damage. Very High
Witch The witch in D&D draws upon the various fantasy sources, along with an option to be a good, nature-friendly, curse-removing witch for all the hippy wicca kids out there. Very High
Witch Doctor Sometimes called shamans or medicine men, the title of 'witch doctor' is one of the highest honors one could gain amonst the barbaric tribes of the world. Their powers drawn from both evil and good spirits, they have insight of the supernatural which no single scholar could obtain from books no matter how long he studied, for the witch doctor has spent his life consulting and consorting with beings beyond what words could ever describe. High
Word Warrior An otherwise martial warrior whose strikes are empowered by wordcasting effects. High
Word Wizard Like the Wordmaster but with more preparation. High
Wordmaster This caster strings words together to create strange spells. High
World Dominator Where Wizards weave physics-ignoring power to alter the course of individuals, the World Dominator uses powers to manipulate entire planes. Very High
Worldseer Instead of druids turning into animals and gaining power through devotion, the worldseer obtains druidic casting through perfection of the body, becoming sensitive enough to hear the voice of the planet. Very High
Wrathmind A psionic barbarian who channels his anger into psionic buffing and supernatural rage powers. High
Wrecking Ball Wrap yourself in a bubble of force and bull rush, ground pound, and shockwave your way to victory. High
Xadian Magician A Wizard rework, using the Xadian Magic variant rule. Very High
Zen Monk A variant of the monk class in an effort to raise it to Rogue balance level. High
Zweiręka An imposing warrior of undeniable strength, the Zweiręka wields heavy weaponry as if they were but toys. Pick this class if you like to break stuff. Moderate


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