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Setting Description Completeness (out of 5)
Alien Codex Alien societies, technology, and subtlety. There are a great deal of vehicles, bots, and nefarious entities that can be used by players here. The use of intellectual battles (spies, assassins, media), are more prevalent then open warfare. 3
Black Sky Dark fantasy spellpunk, set in the enlightened age. 2
Bleeding Edge In a world where strange and powerful monsters now roam, only those warriors bearing special "blood weapons" can fight off the scourge of evil that threatens the land. 3
Caelistis A world where divinity is something that used to be physical, everyone waiting for their Distant Gods to return. 3
Cala'diel 2
Darkgate A world where magic has been twisted and corrupted by many forces, yet purified by others., 3
Desparta Desimundo Whether you seek high fantasy adventure in Alphatia, airship-riding urban intrigue in Tel'Rias, or want to hunt undead and attempt to depose the Vampire King in Shadoeholme, Desparta has a place for you. And if you grow tired of that place? Well, you can just get up and go somewhere else. 2
Isla Sorna A mist covered island half a mile from land. 4
Legacy of Darkness Thousands of years ago, the world shattered, dividing into hundreds of tiny spheres. Now, under the yoke of the Palantium Empire, you must fulfill your destiny among the shards . 4
Of Crowns and Conquest The fourth age of Krypteia is a time of peace in an otherwise bellicose history. Gods no longer walk the earth nor do powerful magics flow unchecked. Yet there is a whisper in the leaves and chill on the wind. This shall be an age marked with selfless heroes and ruthless villains, of desperate deeds and terrible sacrifice. 3
Planer Boarders At the center of the multi-verse stands an artificial structure. Many are not even aware of its existence. But it is the means by which all places are linked. 1
Revolution in Elione The continent of Elione has long been seperated from the outside world, overseen by the Druids of the Natural Order, and under strict laws. However, ever since the Great Union launched their revolution after the lost country of Vaseer began to industrialize, the world has been changing fast. No longer ruled by the Natural Order, countries begin to industrialize, new religions start to form, refugees from the Mainlands flood in, and all manner of wonders are set to be discovered in this changing world, as the reclusive, static nations of Elione begin to branch out into the world. 2
Shattered Haven Shattered Haven is a dark and grim world, a place where frightened people huddle in the darkness to escape the harsh searchlights of the ruling government, amongst them informants who sell out friends and relatives for a good meal and some scant protection. 3
Sigil Prep High school all over again--this time in the Planes! 4
The Empire of the Rising Sun This is a campaign setting based on several different aspects and eras of feudal Japan. 4
The Eternal Cities A psionic campaign set in Eberron on the continent of Sargon. 1
The Great Snake On this planet-sized snake spinning gently through space, the Wish Economy has a controlling hand in events. 3
Vaerya Whether you're looking for a feudalistic realm of kings at war where witchcraft is not tolerated, or a capitalistic republic full of intrigue and spells, Vaerya has it all. From the shores of Kelt on the eastern continent, to the Razorback Mountains of Asgard on the western continent there is a realm for any game. Knights, mages, pirates, ninjas, necromancers, priests, nobles, almost anything worth mentioning is available somewhere... you only have to find it. Welcome to the world of Vaerya. 2

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