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3.5e Dark Insight Spells

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This page contains the homebrew spell list for spells using the Dark Insight Spells optional rule:

Dark Insight Spells

1st-Level Dark Insight Spells

Dark Healing: Use your dark insight for a powerful burst of healing.

Dark Scholar's Insight: Gain a massive bonus to knowledge or dark insight at the cost of your sanity.

Elder Bolts: A fire a scaling number of magic bolts.

Minor Dark Summon: Summon Creatures faster by removing the safeguards.

Whispers of Otherworlds: Perform a ritual to gain dark insight.

2nd-Level Dark Insight Spells

Lifereap: Call the powers from beyond to take the life force and sanity out of your foes.

Madness Charge: use Madness to kill your enemies.

Yellow Sign: Paint the magical rune of Hastur and madness.

3rd-Level Dark Insight Spells

Bolt of Azter: Summon a bolt of horrifying unholy energy that reap the blood out of your targets.

Reality Warping Sight: You open a hole in reality, showing the horror beyond through and maddening everyone who can see it.

Scribe Elder Sign: Create a sanctuary against the forces from beyond.

4th-Level Dark Insight Spells

Termination of Will: You cause massive madness and then prevent the recovery of madness.

5th-Level Dark Insight Spells

Chaos Dimension: Impose the insanity of the Far Realm onto the material plane in an area.

See Untruth: A more powerful version of true seeing, but with mindbreaking consequences.

7th-Level Dark Insight Spells

Window to the Old God: You open a tiny window into the realm of the Old God, allowing it light through.

8th-Level Dark Insight Spells

Abominable Form: Turn into an eldritch abomination.


This page contains the homebrew power list for power using the Dark Insight Spells optional rule:

Dark Insight Powers

1st-Level Dark Insight Powers

Eldritch Augur: Summons an eldritch tentacle that knocks your opponent on their back.

2nd-Level Dark Insight Powers

Psionic Madness Charge: Inflicts 1 madness per round on the target.

3rd-Level Dark Insight Powers

Other Memory: Get a brief flash of memory from someone, or delve in the memories of all living things.

Worm of the Void: Summons an eldritch worm to devour your opponent. Just make sure to move out of the way.

4th-Level Dark Insight Powers

Angles of Tintalos: Move through the angles of time and space to attack in strange means.

Eyes Behind the Walls: A power that summon a strange eldritch pest to spy on your enemies.

5th-Level Dark Insight Powers

Enlightenment of Yith: Divine the future by sending your brain there via time travel and aliens.

6th-Level Dark Insight Powers

Birth Brain Worm: Create a brain worm, infecting the mind of your target and granting you terrible control.

7th-Level Dark Insight Powers

Manifest Flayer: Manifest mind flayer servants who follow your orders and act as a mental connection for you.

8th-Level Dark Insight Powers

Experience the Infinite: Send your opponent on a mind trip which induces madness, and forces them out of time and space.

9th-Level Dark Insight Powers

Awaken the Chaos: A stronger but far more dangerous unreality zone which briefly stirs Azathoth from his slumber.

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