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This page contains the homebrew class spell list for the Duskblade class. For the full SRD spell list, please see the class description.

Duskblade Spells

0th-Level Duskblade Spells

Cold Touch: Cause pain to a touched creature with a cold touch.

Fragile Shield: You get a one-use force shield that might just save your life.

Holt's Energy Booster: Temporarily relieve fatigue, become tired after spell ends.

Ki Push/Mage Push: Bolt of force pushes creature 5'.

1st-Level Duskblade Spells

Alter Gravity: Increase or decrease gravity on a target.

Ancestral Weapon: You create a weapon wielded by your ancestors and imbued with their strength.

Dense Weapon: Make a weapon very dense, increasing damage but making you unbalanced after attacks.

Firering: Invoke a ring of flames around the target, both to protect and deal damage

Holt's Interposing Hand: You create a massive hand of force that grants cover to a creature of your choosing.

Mage Armor, Swift: Grant a +4 armor bonus to AC. Protection against incorporeal attacks.

Naked Invisibility: As the invisibility spell, but only affects your body.

Quickwind Shield: Protect yourself from projectile attacks as an immediate action with a brief small-scale wind wall.

Retort: Gain a barrier which damages those who strike you in combat.

Searing Hand: You deliver a relatively powerful burning touch, possibly causing it target to catch in flame.

Stun Volt: A stunning shock deals damage and may stagger your opponent.

True Dodge: The counterpart to true strike, this makes it easy to dodge one single attack.

Unstable Enlargement: As enlarge person but much faster to cast. And a lot less reliable.

Vile Strike: Your next attack in the round deals vile damage.

Withstand Energy: Grant resistance to one element based on caster level.

Withstand Energy Variant: In an instant, protect yourself from energy damage.

2nd-Level Duskblade Spells

Directional Shielding: A six sided barrier appears around you, ablating damage and providing protection against flankers.

Fuse Weapons: Fuse two weapons together into a new transforming weapon.

Holt's Forceful Hand: As Holt's interposing hand, except the hand can also pimp slap enemies.

Kinetic Forcefield: Take control of the kinetic power.

Light Weapon: Make a weapon unusually light, which could be a boon or a bane.

Ohm's Electrified Equipment: Electrify metal armor or weapon, either helping or hindering the wielder.

Prismatic Armor: Don a suit of prismatic armor, whose AC changes each round.

Reject Earth: You inject a great deal of kinetic energy into a surface, which immediately blasts anything on top of it into the sky!

Rystil's Capturing Winds: Angry winds lift your target into the air, choking and stunning them.

Rystil's Frozen Step: Freeze them in their tracks. Literally.

Rystil's Lightning Lance: A ranged touch spell with the potential to leave its target staggered.

Witchslap: If a creature approaches you from afar, you slap them out of the way.

3rd-Level Duskblade Spells

Ancestral Armory: You create multiple weapon which you can change between or fire them at targets.

Field of Blades: You make it rain swords.

Greater Reject Earth: As reject earth, but a much larger area centered on you.

Hijack Spell: Steal one spell.

Mindslash: Enhance your attacks with mesmeric energy, dealing additional damage and increasing the reach of your attacks.

Rain of 1000 Arrows: Shoot a projectile into the air and obliterate a battlefield with a single arrow.

Shinespark Weapon: Enhance your weapon with magical light which not only deals more damage, but leaves explosive spheres upon a miss or critical hit.

Vampiric Protection: A Vampire no longer has to worry about the sun as long as this spell is active.

4th-Level Duskblade Spells

Greater Vampiric Touch: Drain the life out of your foe and make it your own.

Holt's Grasping Hand: As Holt's forceful hand, except the hand can also initiate grapples.

Ishara's Fiery Ring: You make a ring of fire around yourself, protecting you from fire damage and dishing it out the foes.

Lightning Strikes Twice: Teleport anywhere in Long range, enemies near your beginning and end points take electricity damage.

Soulbinding Sword: Enhance your weapon so that instead of killing a creature, they are subject to trap the soul instead.

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