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! Name !! Type !! Description !! Prerequisites !! Balance Point
! Name !! Type !! Description !! Prerequisites !! Balance Point
::*'''<span class="plainlinks">[https://dnd-wiki.org/w/index.php?title=Special%3AAsk&q=%5B%5B%3A%2B%5D%5D+%5B%5BCategory%3A3.5e%5D%5D+%5B%5BCategory%3AUser%5D%5D+%5B%5BCategory%3AFeat%5D%5D&po=%3FType%0D%0A%3FSummary%0D%0A%3FPrerequisite%0D%0A%3FArticle+Balance%0D%0A&eq=yes&p%5Bformat%5D=table&p%5Boffset%5D=500&p%5Blink%5D=subject&p%5Bsort%5D=&p%5Bheaders%5D=show&p%5Bmainlabel%5D=&p%5Bintro%5D=&p%5Boutro%5D=&p%5Bsearchlabel%5D=...+further+results&p%5Bdefault%5D=&p%5Bclass%5D=d20+zebra&p%5Bsep%5D=&eq=yes More Feats]</span>'''
::*'''<span class="plainlinks">[https://dnd-wiki.org/w/index.php?title=Special%3AAsk&q=%5B%5B%3A%2B%5D%5D+%5B%5BCategory%3A3.5e%5D%5D+%5B%5BCategory%3AUser%5D%5D+%5B%5BCategory%3AFeat%5D%5D&po=%3FType%0D%0A%3FSummary%0D%0A%3FPrerequisite%0D%0A%3FArticle+Balance%0D%0A&eq=yes&p%5Bformat%5D=table&p%5Boffset%5D=500&p%5Blink%5D=subject&p%5Bsort%5D=&p%5Bheaders%5D=show&p%5Bmainlabel%5D=&p%5Bintro%5D=&p%5Boutro%5D=&p%5Bsearchlabel%5D=...+further+results&p%5Bdefault%5D=&p%5Bclass%5D=left+d20+zebra&p%5Bsep%5D=&eq=yes More Feats]</span>'''

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Standard Feats by Balance

These pages list all standard, non-scaling 3.5e feats on the wiki broken down by article balance.

In addition to the longer lists of balance specific feats above, feats can be additionally viewed by type. A full list of feat types appears in our 3.5e Glossary.

Standard Feats by Name

Name Type Description Prerequisites Balance Point
"Lol Media" General Use the power of teh internets, or whatever passes for it in your setting, to make yourself appear more knowledgeable than you really are. Ability to cast spells, manifest powers, or access to some sort of public information medium. Low
10-Foot Pole Proficiency Fighter Wield a 10-foot pole as a weapon. None Low
100 Fists Monk Increase the number of attacks from flurry of blows. Dex 13, Flurry of Blows Moderate
3.5e Feat Preload General None
3D Maneuver Gear Proficiency Fighter You can use 3D maneuver gear as more than just a pair of hookshots. Balance 4 ranks Moderate
50/50 Luck You always have a 50% chance of defending. 1st level only Unquantifiable
541 Special General You gain five low feats for one. None High
A Feast Unknown Necromantic Creation You have partaken of the feast most foul and count yourself a king among the ghouls. You must have consumed the rapidly cooling flesh of an intelligent mortal creature. Must be evil. Unquantifiable
A Fortitude Quicker Than the Body General Use your Reflex save in place of your Fortitude save. CON 14+, Reflex Save 18+, Lightning Reflexes. High
A Shard of Eternity Spelltouched You gain a +1 Inherent Bonus to all ability scores. Must have been exposed to a wish spell. Unquantifiable
A Will Quicker Than the Mind General Use your Reflex save in place of your will save. WIS 14+, Reflex Save 18+, Lightning Reflexes. High
Abaddon's Hatred Minion You strike down your enemies with the hatred of Abaddon. Thrall to Demon (Abaddon) High
Aberrant Summoning General You summon terrible aberrations instead of animals. Augment Summoning, must be able to cast a summon nature's ally spell. High
Ability Focus, Variant General You are focused on one ability. Special Attack High
Ability Mastery General Gain a minor bonus to skills and ability checks for a chosen ability. 0 or positive ability modifier for the chosen ability score Low
Ability Training General An ability score goes up. None Moderate
Ablative Armor Warforged Your armor plating is layered to push back explosively, reducing damage... at least for a little while. Warforged, 3rd level. Moderate
Abode of Earth Elemental You are at home within the earth. (Earth) Subtype, Burrow speed, Character level 3+ Moderate
Absolute Strike Metacombat Regeneration? Immunity? There is no refuge. BAB +15 High
Absorb Ally Spelltouched You can absorb fallen allies, taking their dying energy to empower yourself. Must have been exposed to death knell, 13 HD Unquantifiable
Absorb Energy Xenotheric You can absorb the energy of incoming attacks to recover your bio-energy. Deflect Projectiles High
Accelerate Initiative Fighter Your initiative keeps rising even after you've rolled. None Unquantifiable
Accelerate Spell Metamagic Cast a spell a little faster, but not too fast. None Very High
Accelerated Progression General Slow progressions of classes (such as sorcerers to wizard, or wilder to psion) now progress faster. Spellcaster or Manifester 1st Moderate
Acceleration Combat Combat Let your legs get you out of danger Movement speed of 60ft. Dex 16 Moderate
Access Divine Power General Either through faith or some trickery, you gain access to a domain power which would not normally be yours to use. None Unquantifiable
Access Divine Spell-Likes General As Access Divine Spells, but gain them as 1/day spell-like abilities. Access Divine Power or Divine Blooded Unquantifiable
Access Divine Spells General You gain further access to your domain of specialization, unlocking the secrets of its inner circle. Access Divine Power Unquantifiable
Access Primal Utterance General You gain access to a Primal Utterance early. Must be able to use at least one 3rd level Utterance. Very High
Accomplished General This feat does nothing, but take heart for you can now follow your dreams and live in harmony, harmony--oh love! None Unquantifiable
Accurate Opportunist Fighter You sacrifice deadliness for increased accuracy. Sneak Attack +2d6 Moderate
Acid Trip Metamagic Cause the target to experience an acid trip Only usable on spells with acid descriptor, that deal acid damage High
Acquire Class Ability General An alternative to gestalt. Character level 6 Unquantifiable
Acquire Domain General You gain a domain in a divine class that does not normally gain domains. Be able to cast 1st level divine spell from a non-cleric class. Unquantifiable
Acquire Mind Blade Psionic You can create a weapon made of your own thoughts at will. Bab +1 or Concentration 4 Ranks Moderate
Acquire Skill General You gain a class skill. None Low
Acquire Telepathy Psionic You gain Telepathy with a ranged based on your strongest telepathy power. Manifester Level 3rd High
Act Fast Fighter You act before others in initiative. Dex 13 High
Adamant Defense Xenotheric, Setenall Your defenses improve while you're focused. Adamant Focus, Setenall High
Adamant Focus Xenotheric, Setenall Your have improved upon your innate ability to focus. Setenall, Concentration 4 ranks. High
Adamantine Body, Tome Racial A warforged feat which doesn't make us cry. Warforged race Very High
Adamantine Resilience Racial You gain DR/Adamantine equal to 1 + 1/2 your ECL. Construct Type High
Adamantine Skin Monstrous Increase DR/Adamantine and sunder weapons on contact. Inherent DR/Adamantine High
Adamantine Stomach Monstrous Those you swallow won't be getting out. Con 15, Swallow Whole Moderate
Adamantine Tracery Warforged Your warforged slam attack becomes adamantine. Warforged Low
Adapt Psychic Knife General Your psychic knife gains the properties of a special crafting material BAB +1, Psychic knife class feature Moderate
Adaptable Stunning Fist Fighter You can spend extra stunning fist usages to improve your attack. Stunning Fist High
Adaptable Technique Fighter Your constant training has allowed you access to an unconscious collective of sorts, allowing you to pull new tricks and techniques from thin air. None High
Adaptive Dodge Fighter You gain a cumulative dodge bonus against a single creature. BAB +1 or Dexterity 13+ Moderate
Adaptive Eyesight Spelltouched You gain several benefits to your vision. Exposure to darkvision spell. Moderate
Adaptive Performance General Swap bardic music uses for spells, and vice versa Perform (any) 6 ranks, bardic music class feature, able to spontaneously cast arcane spells High
Adaptive Shift Fighter You expend a readied maneuvers to ready another. Initiator Level 1st Low
Adaptive Weapon General Reassign the special abilities of a class-granted weapon. Any class that has a personal weapon that gains effective enhancement bonuses to spend on special weapon abilities such as a Soulknife. Moderate
Additional Element Affinity Weaving You gain an affinity with another element. Affinity with at least one element. Very High
Additional Spirit Bond General Gain an additional spirit bond for the hairbinder. Hairbinder 1st Moderate
Adept Flyer Elemental You are a natural flyer. (Air) subtype, Fly speed, Character level 5+ Very High
Adept Mindreader Psionic You are an expert at reading people's mind. Must be able to manifest read thoughts Very High
Adept Rocketeer General You are great at using rocket boots. Knowledge (Engineering) 8 ranks High
Adept of the Horological Mysteries Multiclass Combine temporal adepts with time mages for doubletime action. Time Mage 1st, Temporal Adept 1st Very High
Adjacent Marksman Fighter You do ranged combat close and personal. Bab +1 or Dex 13 High
Adjusted Accuracy Fighter You learn to use your missed attacks to compensate for future ones, always finding some way to eventually have your weapon find the opponent. BAB +1 High
Adjusted Pact Making Pact Modify the length of time you remain bound to a vestige. Soul binding class feature, Skilled Pact Making, base Will save +6 Unquantifiable
Advanced Companion General Your animal companion, familiar, or similar companion gains bonus HD. Must have an animal companion, familiar, or similar companion. High
Advanced Dark Companion General Improved the dark companion alternate feature for the hexblade. Must have a dark companion. Moderate
Advanced Design Autoplate You've improved your Progressive Design weapon of choice to deadly effect. Autoplate pilot, Progressive Design class feature High
Advanced Heal General Access advanced healing with the Heal skill. Heal 4 ranks Low
Advanced Spiked Chain Proficiency Fighter You are able to use the Spiked Chain as a Double Weapon. Proficiency with the Spiked Chain High
Advanced Summoning General You summon creatures as if you were casting a summon spell one level higher. Spell Focus Conjuration High
Advanced Sword Technique Fighter, Tactical Gain additional combat options with any sword-like weapon. Must be proficient in at least one sword-like one or two handed weapon. Moderate
Advanced Whip Tactics Fighter, Tactical Your whip is an extension of you, and lets you perform many stunts with it. BAB +1, Proficiency with whips High
Advancing Wall Metamagic You make your wall speed slowly move in a direction of your choice. None High
Adventuring Caster General You do not suffer from arcane spell failure in light armor. Caster Level 1st Moderate
Adventurous Wordcasting Wordcasting You're good at moving around with words. Know at least one of the following effect words: Excel, Port, Al, Thro, Lift Very High
Aegis of Athena Minion Athena greatly reinforce your ability to use shields. Bab +1, Favored of Athena, proficiency with all shields. High
Aged Well General You are old, but you still feel hail and hearty. Middle aged or older. Moderate
Agile Knifemaster Style Fighter You are an adept while fighting with a light weapon in one hand, and nothing in the other. Sleight of Hand 4 Ranks, Weapon Focus (Light Piercing or Slashing Weapon) High
Agile Shield Style Fighter You use your Dexterity instead of Strength on shield bash. You take little penalties when fighting defensively. Improved Shield Bash High
Agile Strike General Your fast reflexes and dexterous movements surpass your insight. Dex 15 or more, Insightful Strike Class Feature High
Agile Thrower Fighter You are quite an agile shot with a sling or a javelin. BaB +1, Proficiency with a throwing weapon. High
Agony Caress Fiend Your touch is Torturous Character level 3 Low
Aim through Clouds Fighter You almost always hit giant fleshy blobs, whether or not they're invisible. None Moderate
Aiming Fighter You aim for the weak point, increasing accuracy and opening them up to sneak attack at range. None Moderate
Air Dash Spelltouched You temporarily gain a fly speed and gain the ability to Hyperjump. Dodge, must have been subjected to fly. Very High
Air Juggle Fighter, Monk You can knock creatures into the air and combo them! BAB +4, Fighter or Monk level 4th, Improved Bull Rush High
Airship Improvement General Gain an additional ship improvement for the airship pilot class. Airship Pilot 1st level Moderate
Alchemical Bite Racial You treat your teeth with special substances to overcome damage reduction Mighty Jaws or any creature with a Bite Attack, Masterwork Bite or Masterwork Body, Craft (Alchemy) 4 Ranks Moderate
Alchemical Conspiracy General Your schemes are truly grand and worldshaking, when it comes to playing with big symbols. Know the Surprise Trap Shape Concept High
Alchemical Enchantment General Enchant alchemical items as if masterwork ammunition. Craft (Alchemy) 5 ranks, any magical item crafting feat Moderate
Alchemical Extract General Once per day, use a potion or oil without actually using it. Craft (Alchemy) 7 ranks Moderate
Alchemical Mastery General You can use alchemical items with great skill. Craft (alchemy) 4 ranks High
Alertness, Balmz General Improved version of alertness None Moderate
Alien Infiltrator Xenotheric You are an alien infiltrator from a distant world, allowing you to mesh very well with the primitives. Shapechanger subtype. Unquantifiable
Align Psychic Knife General your psychic knife becomes an aligned weapon. psychic knife class feature, BAB +6 Moderate
Alignment Alteration General You can count your alignment as another alignment one step away on one axis. None Low
Alignment Heritage Monstrous Gain an alignment subtype. 1st level only Very High
All Range Style Fighter, Tactical Fight with a ranged weapon and a melee weapon as a seemless whole. Two-Weapon Fighting, Combat Archery-CE or otherwise not provoking for ranged attacks. High
All or Nothing Luck You gain a ridiculous amount luck for one action, or a ridiculous amount of bad luck. One Luck feat. High
Alter Form Salient Ability Transform into alternate forms at will, based on your divine rank. Divine Rank 1 High
Alter Gender General Dude looks like a lady. Character Level 3rd, must be a race with male and female genders. Moderate
Alter Reality Salient Ability Gain the ability to duplicate most of the effects of wish once per minute. Divine Rank 16, at least one domain portfolio High
Alter Size Salient Ability Transform anywhere from Fine to Colossal size. Divine Rank 1 High
Alternative Tradition General Change the ability score for a class ability (such as spellcasting) to a different ability score. 1st level only Moderate
Always Angry Fury You can rage all the time — you're always angry and always ready to smash. Unless you are fatigued anyway. Greater Rage Class Feature Very High
Always Aware Prowess It takes you much less time to notice things than it does for others. Perception 6+ ranks High
Always Learning Multiclass While those of your profession generally have a thirst for the knowledge of other spells, when they turn away from this profession, they generally lose this interest; you, on the other hand keep researching these new and interesting uses for your magic. Expanded Learning High
Always Skillful General You always have the skills per level of your most skillful class. None Unquantifiable
Always on Lookout General Your senses are on constant alert. Listen 9 ranks, Spot 9 ranks Moderate
Amanachian Spell Metamagic, Vile Use the energy of the Eater of the Divine to make an anathemic spell. ApostateEIE Very High
Amateur Spellcaster General Your dabbling in spellcasting advances to full amateur abilities. Character level 6, Spellcasting Dabbler Moderate
Ambidexterity Fighter What Ambidexterity from 3.0e should've been. Dexterity 15+, Strength 13+, Two-Weapon Fighting High
Ambidextrous Fighter You apply full strength (instead of half strength) to off-hand attacks. Two-Weapon Fighting, Str 13 Moderate
Ambushing Warlock General Use your eldritch blast dice to pay for ambush feat cost. Sneak Attack +1d6, Eldritch Blast 1d6 High
Ammunition Recoverer General Get your ammunition back that misses. Base Attack Bonus +1 Low
Amputator Fighter You are very good at taking away people's arms. Improved Sunder, Heal 10 ranks High
Analytic Fighting Style Fighter You use your Intelligence instead of your Dexterity on attack and damage. Int 15+, Dex 11+ Moderate
Anchoring Sneak Attack Ambush Trade sneak attack damage to put a dimensional anchor on your enemy Sneak Attack +4d6 High
Ancient Beastblood General Your curse steam from an ancient beast, making you stronger than most of your kind. Beastblooded 1st High
Ancient Sorcerer General You can lengthen your casting to increase it potency. You also gain access to new spells not available to a sorcerer. Sorcerer 1st Level Very High
Angel's Blessing Exalted You obtain an archon's protective aura. Any good alignment, Knowledge The Planes 15 ranks Very High
Anger Leads To Hate Fury Fear Leads To Anger
Anger Point Monstrous, Fighter Getting punched in the face makes you angry. More than it pisses most people off, that is. None Moderate
Angled Arrow Fighter You can use a bow when prone. None Low
Angry Glare Prowess False friends wither under the weight of your glare. Intimidation 4+ ranks High
Anima Dodge General You use another ability score instead of your dexterity for your AC. None Very High
Anima Toughness General Beings without metabolism are raised or constructed with animating force. This force now can be used to toughen them beyond the durability of their basic undead or construct frames, increasing their hit points. No Con Score, Cha 15, Base Fortitude Save +2 Moderate
Animal Avatar General Don't just command your animal - BE your animal! Power Animal, Animal Sight Moderate
Animal Friend General You are a friend of little and not so little critters. Animal Tongue Moderate
Animal Sight General Use your animal companion's senses as your own. Power Animal Moderate
Animal Tongue General You can speak with a kind of animal, sorta like a Disney princess. Knowledge (Nature) 4 ranks. Moderate
Animal Whisperer General You listen to animals and can empathize better. Handle Animal 4 ranks or Wild Empathy Low
Animating Touch General You can animate objects with but a single touch. Knowledge (Engineering) 4 ranks High
Anklebiter General This feat needs a summary. Reach 0 ft. (i.e. Tiny or smaller) Low
Annihilating Spell Metamagic Your spells destroy the bodies of your victims. None High
Annihilating Strike Salient Ability Destroy things with a powerful disintegrating strike. Divine Rank 11, BAB +20, Str 25 High
Annoying Combat Noises General, Fighter Make annoying noises in battle to distract foes Flurry of blows or Improved unarmed strike or power attack or rage class feature, Charisma 11 or perform 4 ranks Very High
Anointed Champion Ancestral School You were inducted into a secretive order of crusaders, paladins and war-priests that teach the secret arts of Champion’s Might, a splinter school of Devoted Spirit that teaches how to directly channel divine power into martial maneuvers. One Devoted Spirit maneuver, smite class feature Moderate
Antennae Xenotheric You are able to sense things you cannot see. None High
Anthropomorphic Companion General Your animal companion becomes an anthropomorphic humanoid with a pair of hands able to perform tasks and wield weapons. Animal Companion class feature Unquantifiable
Antiquarian General Appraise and identify objects, as well as recall old lore. Int 15 Low
Apprenticeship General New Mentor Types for the Lower Planes. None Moderate
Aquafiend Fiend You like the water. None Very High
Aquatic Acrobatics General You Swim, acrobatically Aquatic or Water subtype, Swim Speed Moderate
Aquatic Initiator Fighter Water type Wuxia, whooo. Aquatic or Water subtype, Swim speed, Initiator 1st High
Aquatic Stealth General You Swim, stealthily Aquatic or Water subtype, Swim Speed Moderate
Arcane Archer Fighter You can enhance your projectiles with spells. must be able to cast 1st level spells., Precise Shot, Point Blank Shot Very High
Arcane Archery Fighter Arcane Archer as a feat. Better than the original by a longshot. BAB +6, Spellcraft 4 ranks, Weapon Focus (Longbow or Shortbow), Combat Casting, Steel And Spell Style, Point Blank Shot High
Arcane Bolt Reserve You can fire bolts of arcane residue, and use spells to increase their power. Must be capable of casting 2nd level arcane spells. High
Arcane Champion Fighter You have learned the secrets to combining sword-work and sorcery. BAB +6, Combat Casting, Mage Knight, ability to cast 2nd level arcane spells, one martial maneuver High
Arcane Mastery Salient Ability Gain all spells in your spellbook, or trade out spells daily as a sorcerer. Divine Rank 1, Spell Mastery, Spellcaster level 20th, Spellcasting Ability Score 29 High
Arcane Metamagic General Gain slots usable for metamagic. Any metamagic feat Very High
Arcane Swordsage General You gain a 1st level spell as a maneuver. Must be able to initiate 1st level maneuvers. High
Arcanist Warlock Multiclass Innate Spell, but for Warlock/Casters. Spellcraft 8 Ranks, ability to use least invocations, ability to cast arcane spells of 2nd level or higher, and either 1): Spell Mastery and Signature Spell (Prepared Arcane Caster), OR 2): Still Spell and Silent Spell (Spontaneous Arcane Caster) Very High
Archon's Blessing Exalted You obtain an archon's aura of menace. Any good alignment, Knowledge The Planes 8 ranks Very High
Area Divine Shield Salient Ability Spread your Divine Shield salient ability to an area. Divine Rank 6, Cha 25, Divine Shield salient ability High
Arena Trap Monstrous Radiate a dimensional anchor effect. Knowledge The Planes 10 ranks, caster level 1st Very High
Argent Aegis General Your astral construct forms about you, as a silvery sheath of protection. Know the Astral Construct power. Very High
Argument by Poetic Language General Use Perform instead of Bluff, Diplomacy, and/or Intimidate. Know at least one Eloquent Speech maneuver, or have 2 ranks in each of Perform (Act), Perform (Comedy), Perform (Oratory), and Perform (Sing) High
Armed Deflect Arrows Fighter Deflect arrows when your hands are full. BAB +1, Weapon Focus Moderate
Armed Grip Fighter You are crazy good with the lighter weapons. Bab +1, Dex 13 High
Armed Wrestler Fighter Use one-handed weapons in a grapple or two-handed weapons with an extra penalty instead of not at all. Base attack bonus +1 Moderate
Armor Ablation Fighter, Tactical You can use your armor to it maximum potential, at the risk of breaking it. Bab +1, proficiency with Light, medium and Heavy Armor alongside all shields (including tower shields) High
Armor Agility Fighter You do not feel encumbered by armor. Proficiency in any type of armor. Moderate
Armor Channeling Spelltouched Gain a scaling enhancement bonus to any armor you wear. Exposure to magic vestment spell. High
Armor Focus Fighter Improved AC and Reflex saves in certain armor. BAB +1, proficient in chosen armor category Moderate
Armor Resonance Fighter You have the ability to gain focus with your armor, increasing its defensive capabilities. BAB +1 High
Armor of Chaos Abyssal Heritor Shield yourself in chaotic energies, even as it tears away at your own body. Chaotic alignment, one abyssal heritor feat High
Armorborn Fighter You gain proficiency in all armor and shields, or can use them better if you already know how. 1st level only Moderate
Armorforged Body Warforged Take any armor and bind it to your warforged body, and get some bonuses to enhancing it. Warforged Low
Armour Training Fighter A better, more-scaleable version of the PHB armour proficiency feats. BAB +1 High
Arrow to the Knee Fighter With a well-placed arrow to the knee, you end adventuring careers. Precise Shot, BAB +17 Very High
Art of Flying Daggers Fighter Your light and one-handed weapons gain the Throwing and Rebound enhancements. One Thousand Daggers maneuver, Tumble 4 ranks High
Art of Stealth General You use your Charisma instead of your Dexterity for stealth. CHA 13+ Low
Artemisian Huntress Minion You are favored by Aremis, the goddess of archery and the hunt. Favored of Artemis, Precise Shot, Track, must be female. High
Artifact Weapon Fighter You gain an artifact weapon 1st level only or Bab +3 High
Artificer Prowess You are a true master of spell trigger magic items. Arcana 4+ ranks, Caster Level 6 Unquantifiable
Artificial Meldshaper Monstrous Use Wisdom instead of Constitution to shape soulmelds Con -, Int 3, Construct Type Low
Artist of Fast Draw Ancestral School You were inducted into the secret swordsmanship school of Speed of Thought, a splinter school of Diamond Mind that focuses on the art of fast-drawing weapons to attack Quick Draw, one Diamond Mind maneuver Moderate
As Young As You Feel Spelltouched You appear to be whatever age you want. Must have been exposed to disguise self. Moderate
Ascended Progression General Increase the spellcasting abilities of bards, psychic warriors, and other partial spellcasting/manifesting classes significantly. Must have at least one level in a class granting partial spellcasting or manifesting (see below). Very High
Ascended Super Saiyan Racial Through training you have asended to a level beyond a Super Saiyan. As such, when you transform into a Super Saiyan, you may choose to "asend" and be even more powerful. 12th level Saiyan Warrior, Unlocked Super Saiyan transformation Moderate
Ascended Transformation Grim You gain two additional transformations alteration at a higher cost to maintain. Grim Transformation, Character Level 9th High
Ascetic Artist Multiclass Combine your monk and bard levels into a seamless whole. Scaling unarmed strike progression, Inspire Courage +1 Moderate
Ascetic Initiator Multiclass Monk and Tome of Battle base classes stack for Unarmed Strike and one ToB ability Improved Unarmed Strike and one of the following class features: Steely Resolve, Discipline Focus, Battle Clarity High
Ascetic Juggernaut General Levels of Monk or Martial Artist stack with levels of Battle Juggernaut to determine Unarmed Strike damage and AC Bonus and Regeneration and Damage Reduction. Flurry of Blows, Juggernaut Form Moderate
Ascetic Priest General, Multiclass Level your unarmed strike damage and turn undead level at the same time. Monk level 1st, Turn Undead High
Ascetic Sage Multiclass Combine monk and unarmed swordsage levels for a stronger, more skillful whole. 1st level monk, 1st level swordsageToB (unarmed variant) High
Ascetic Savant General, Multiclass Monk and SwordsageToB levels stack for unarmed strike, speed bonus, quick to act. Improved Unarmed Strike, ability to add your Wisdom bonus to AC in light armor. High
Asmodeus' Influence Minion You can briefly force lesser opponents to do what you wish. Diabolic Disciple (Asmodeus) Very High
Aspect of the Acherontia Atropos Hivemaster, Symbiotic You have taken on the traits of the most bee-like of the death's-head moths, and the moths and bees that crawl across every facet of your skin, have begun to coexist, as you grow to be like them. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Queen Bee, Aspect of the Death's-Head Hawkmoth Very High
Aspect of the Ant Hivemaster Ants are tremendously strong for their size, and their single-minded determination is almost machine-like. Aspect of the Vermin class feature High
Aspect of the Aphid Hivemaster You have bonded with the hordes of tiny pests that coat every inch of your body, and learned to use them to your advantage. Aspect of the Vermin class feature High
Aspect of the Assassin Bug Hivemaster Take on the aspects of one of the most demented bugs on the planet Aspect of the Vermin class feature None Assigned
Aspect of the Beetle Hivemaster Burrowers by nature, the massive beetle can still prove a dangerous opponent with its powerful horn and acidic defense mechanism. Aspect of the Vermin class feature High
Aspect of the Caterpillar Hivemaster While it has other potent defenses, the caterpillar is perhaps best known for its ability to wrap itself into a protective, shell-like coccoon. Aspect of the Vermin class feature Very High
Aspect of the Centipede Hivemaster A hundred legs and potentially massive size make the centipede a force to be reckoned with. Aspect of the Vermin class feature High
Aspect of the Cicada Hivemaster Time to make some noise and shed some skin Aspect of the Vermin class feature Low
Aspect of the Cockroach Hivemaster Cockroaches are persistent little bastards, extremely resilient and hard to kill (they can even survive for days after their head is cut off). Aspect of the Vermin class feature High
Aspect of the Death's-Head Hawkmoth Hivemaster You have tied yourself closely with the darker, more quiet side of the insect kingdom, and have turned into something unnerving to even stand near. Aspect of the Vermin class feature High
Aspect of the Dragonfly Hivemaster Masters of the air, they are proof power can come in small packages. Aspect of the Vermin class feature None Assigned
Aspect of the Firefly Hivemaster The firefly is one of the few creatures in the world that can produce its own light through chemical reactions taking place in its body. Aspect of the Vermin class feature High
Aspect of the Gerridae Hivemaster Known coloquially as water striders or water darters, gerridae use their long limbs to walk on liquid and move quickly from place to place. Aspect of the Vermin class feature High
Aspect of the Glowworm Hivemaster, Symbiotic It has become apparent that the caterpillars that cluster themselves on your body and even under your skin, and the fireflies that dance around you in a hypnotic swarm, are one in the same, the caterpillars merely insects known as 'glowworms'. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Caterpillar, Aspect of the Firefly Very High
Aspect of the Honeydew Ant Hivemaster, Symbiotic The ants that roam freely across your infested body have learned to herd the aphids that accompany them, and thusly guide them to granting you even more strength. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Aphid, Aspect of the Ant Very High
Aspect of the Locust Hivemaster You have taken on the traits of the locust, and you and your minions will devour everything in sight, given the chance. Aspect of the Vermin class feature Very High
Aspect of the Mantis Hivemaster The mantis is the consummate predator, a master of remaining perfectly still and blending in with its surroundings. Aspect of the Vermin class feature High
Aspect of the Mosquito Hivemaster Mosquitoes are well-known carriers of disease and death, not to mention the fact that they're annoying as hell when they bite. Aspect of the Vermin class feature High
Aspect of the Pillbug Hivemaster Although not a true vermin, the pillbug is known for its thick exoskeleton and signature curled pose, all of which help you to devastate enemies. Aspect of the Vermin class feature High
Aspect of the Predator Wasp Hivemaster, Symbiotic The interaction between the wasps that grip your skin day and night, and the spiders that crawl repulsively across you, has led to each kingdom growing more and more violent, till they are both kingdoms of perfect killing machines. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Tarantula Wasp, Aspect of the Spider Very High
Aspect of the Queen Bee Hivemaster The queen is the mother of all bees in her hive, and her flock will defend her with suicidal fervor. Aspect of the Vermin class feature Very High
Aspect of the Scorpion Hivemaster Scorpions are carriers of some of the most potent venoms in the world, delivered through a long tail ending in a cruel-looking stinger. Aspect of the Vermin class feature High
Aspect of the Spider Hivemaster With their deadly combination of webs and poisons, spiders are deadly and patient hunters. Aspect of the Vermin class feature High
Aspect of the Stinkbug Hivemaster When disturbed, the stinkbug releases a malodorous gas that debilitates would-be predators. With your supernaturally strengthened anatomy, you can use it to become the hunter instead of the hunted. Aspect of the Vermin class feature Very High
Aspect of the Tarantula Wasp Hivemaster Renowned by researchers for its unique reproductive methodology, the tarantula wasp implants its eggs into the corpses of its prey. Aspect of the Vermin class feature High
Aspect of the Titan Beetle Hivemaster The titan beetle is the largest insect in the world; with your power, you have attained its destructive size and strength for yourself. Aspect of the Vermin class feature Very High
Assassin Casting Greater General Gain spellcasting of 3rd level assassin spells. Assassin Casting Least, Assassin Casting Lesser, Disguise 8 ranks, Hide 12 ranks, Move Silently 12 ranks, 10 HD Unquantifiable
Assassin Casting Least General Gain spellcasting of 1st level assassin spells. Disguise 4 ranks, Hide 8 ranks, Move Silently 8 ranks, 6 HD Unquantifiable
Assassin Casting Lesser General Gain spellcasting of 2nd level assassin spells. Assassin Casting Least, Disguise 6 ranks, Hide 10 ranks, Move Silently 10 ranks, 8 HD Unquantifiable
Assassin Casting Superior General Gain spellcasting of 4th level assassin spells. Assassin Casting Least, Assassin Casting Lesser, Disguise 10 ranks, Hide 14 ranks, Move Silently 14 ranks, 12 HD, Assassin Casting Greater Unquantifiable
Assassinate General You can study a target to find its weak point before exploiting it to have a chance of immediately killing them. Sneak Attack +3d6 High
Assassination Training Fighter You have been trained in the art of the swift, stealthy kill. BAB +6 High
Assume Direct Control Racial You can swap bodies at any distance, with a willing target. Sentient Illusion Very High
Astral Power Armor Psionic You summon a power armor made of an astral construct. Must be able to manifest astral construct. Very High
Astroadaptation Xenotheric You can survive in the near vacuum of space. Con 15, Must not have to breathe, Natural Armor +5 or higher Unquantifiable
Astrological Spell Metamagic Waiting for the stars to align now pays off. None Very High
Athletic, Balmz General Better version of athletic Strength 13 Moderate
Atlas Enhancement General You ioncrease the base score of ability score to 18 and gain greater Autohypnosis 11 ranks, Hidden Potential Very High
Attack Blocker Fighter You really like to block with whatever you have on hand. None High
Attack on the Run Fighter A better, easier to take version of the PHB move-and-attack feats. BAB +3 High
Attenuation Attack General Your lethal attacks deal non lethal as well Power Attack or Improved Unarmed Strike or Precise Shot, Strength 17, combat expertise, Improved Critical High
Attune Domain General You incorporate the workings of a divine domain into your magic. Caster Level 1, Must follow a god or philosophy consistent with the chosen domain. Very High
Attune Sphere General You incorporate the workings of a fiendish sphere into your magic. Caster level 1, must have bled from a wound inflicted by a fiend with access to the chosen sphere. Very High
Attune Sphere, Book of Elements General You incorporate the workings of an elemental sphere into your magic. Caster level 1, must conduct a ritual using a piece of an elemental with access to the chosen sphere. Very High
Augment Metamaneuver Metamaneuver Use more than one metamaneuver effect on a single maneuver at once. Three or more other Metamaneuver feats Very High
Augment Sacrifice General Gate Knight sacrifices become more powerful, at a higher cost. Least Sacrifices High
Augment Shielding Monstrous Your shields become stronger than normal. Must have the shield special quality. High
Augment Summoning, Variant General You summoned creatures are much more potent than normal. Must be able to cast a [summoning] spell or effect. High
Augmented Alchemy-CE Item Creation Improve on your base alchemical and poison-making skills. Int 13, Craft Alchemy 4 or Craft Poison 4 Low
Augmented Damage Reduction Fighter Make your damage reduction better. Must have a persistent source of damage reduction. Moderate
Augmented Thaumaturge General You gain access to, or further your development in a magical field. None Unquantifiable
Aura Crush General You have a powerful aura which prevent lesser foes from attacking. 12 HDs, Aura Pressure or Pressure Very High
Aura Pressure General Your imposing presence makes usage of limited-use abilities difficult. 3 HD High
Aura of Decay Spelltouched Everything around you withers away. Must have been subjected to desecrate. Low
Aura of Life Exalted You are constantly consecrated, and other fun bonuses. Any good alignment, Knowledge (religion) 10 ranks High
Autolife Exalted You won't die, even if they kill you. Any good alignment, Craft Wondrous Item, must be able to cast resurrection Very High
Automail Adaptation General You have adapted to your automail grafts, no longer taking penalties from it and benefiting from the strength of the machine. Constitution 15, Must have received at least one automail graft Low
Automated Drone Proficiency Fighter You gain a tiny construct which provide plenty of helpful information and is capable of acting Craft Construct or Device Dabbler, Craft (Technology) 8 Ranks High
Average Initiative General In an encounter with at least two other initiative rolls, you can always choose to go in the middle. None Moderate
Average Out Luck If you roll a natural 1, the next roll is guaranteed to be at least a 10. None Moderate
Awaken Core Deformity The Zonder Core is active, making you difficult to kill. Host Zonder Core, 9th level Very High
Awareness Fighter You have a keen sense to know where enemies are. You feel their presence behind walls, doors, when hidden, and around corners. None Moderate
Awesome Blow Fighter The force of your blows can send your opponents flying violently away from you. 18 Str Very High
Awesome Power Focus General Your power focus flaw turn into a boon somewhat. 1st level only, must have the power focus flaw. High
Axe King Fighter, Tactical You have access to tactical maneuvers when using any kind of one or two-handed axe. Weapon Focus (any one or two-handed axe) High
Axe Mastery Fighter You do nice mean things with an axe. Must be proficient with some sort of axe. Very High
Axe Mastery Variant Fighter Gain additional uses when wielding axe-like weapons. Proficiency in an axe-like weapon. High
Azure Inspiration Incarnum Add invested essentia to your inspiration points total at the start of each encounter Con 13, Inspiration class feature High
Azure Weapon Proficiency Incarnum, Fighter You gain weapon proficiency with a single chosen weapon and bonus when using it. BAB +1 High
Baalzebul's Affliction Minion You are an inheritor of the curse placed upon the Slug King Baalzebul by Asmodeus, which causes you to vomit slugs. Diabolic Disciple (Baalzebul) High
Baast's Nimble Grace General Walk as a cat, jump as a cat, dance as a cat ! Dex 15 Moderate
Back Slash Fighter Gain the ability to sneak attack with great force, but only once every 1d4 rounds. BAB +3 High
Backstabbing Familiar General Your familiar possess the same amount of sneak attack damage as you do. Familiar class feature or Obtain FamiliarCA feat, sneak attack +1d6 High
Bad Boss General You grant summoned allies, followers and cohort your betrayal feats as abettors. One [Betrayal] feat Moderate
Bad Moon Rising Monstrous You are a creature of the night. It makes you more durable and puts you in a good mood. Shapechanger Subtype Moderate
Bad Touch Style General You can deliver abilities with a range of touch with an unarmed strike instead of a touch attack. Improved Unarmed Strike or Slam Attack Moderate
Bag Full of Knick Knacks General You get an allowance each day used for pulling out just the item you need, up to a certain monetary value. Appraise 3 ranks, Sleight of Hand 6 ranks High
Balanced Blade Fighter While you are wielding a single one-handed weapon two-handed, you count as having your off-hand free for all intent and purpose BAB +1 or DEX 13 Low
Ballistic Mastery Fighter, Tactical You know how to use crossbow and firearms very effectively. Precise Shot, Bab +1 or Dex 13, must be proficient with one exotic crossbow or firearm. High
Baneful Marksman Fighter, tactical You gain access to several new tactical maneuvers made with ranged weapon. Bab +4, proficiency with an exotic ranged weapon High
Baneful Touch General You gain a touch attack which deal negative energy damage, and use it to channel strikes through it. One Bone Crown maneuver Very High
Banestrike Salient Ability Choose a favored enemy and strike hard and fast. Divine Rank 1, BAB +20, at least one Favored Enemy High
Banish Light Arcane Combat Create shadowy illumination around you by absorbing light in your weapon and then discharge the absorbed light into a blinding flash. Fighter level 8, Smoking Shadow Style High
Baphomet's Stature Minion You gain immense presence, just like Baphomet. Thrall to Demon (Baphomet) High
Bardic Endeavor General You are more motivated by your own music than you motivate others. Bardic Music class feature High
Bark of My Bones Racial Sylvari has mastered the creation of a more heavy and strong armor. Sylvari, Craft (armorsmithing) 5, Knowledge (Nature) 2, Leaves of My Skin feat Moderate
Barracks Builder General You can build additional Monster Crafting vats outside of your Monster Control Vault. Possess a Monster Control Vault Very High
Barreling Charge Fighter Your training allows you to bully foes out of the way as you charge your intended target. BAB +3, Improved Overrun, Improved Charge High
Basic Hairstyle General Have a default hairstyle always present, though never as strong as the real deal. Hairbinder 8th Unquantifiable
Bat Out of Hell Fiend You scream across the world Fly Speed Moderate
Batman In Plain Sight General You can hide in plain sight even when people are talking to you. Hide in Plain Sight Moderate
Battle Armour Monstrous People are lucky to even dent you. Rock Pokémon Traits, Steel Pokémon Traits, or Bug Pokémon Traits High
Battle Juggler Fighter, Tactical You have the power of juggling, and the ability to use it in battle. BAB +3, Perform (Juggling) 8 Ranks High
Battle Looting Fighter You like to fight with the weapons of your fallen enemies. Quick Draw Low
Battlefield Agility Fighter You can act while on the move. Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility, Tumble 8 ranks. High
Battlefield Bully Tactical Bull rush related benefits. Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush High
Battlesense Salient Ability You cannot be surprised or flanked, except by a deity of higher rank. Divine Rank 0 High
Beastmaster Ranger General You gain your animal companion at ranger level 1, like a druid. Ranger level 1st High
Beauty Idol General Once per encounter as an immediate action, whenever you have successfully hit an opponent (even with just a touch attack) you can force a Will saving throw DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Cha modifier, or become fascinated for 1 round/level, or 1 round on a successful save. Also, things for pokemon contests. Cha 13 Moderate
Beauty Queen General You gain the ability to seduce others with ease. Charisma 13+ Moderate
Become Familiar General You gain a creature that considers you its familiar. Hilarity and plot hooks ensue. Knowledge (Arcana) 4 ranks, arcane caster level 1st High
Becursed Transformation Hex You reverse your hexblade's curse, turning you into a cursed monster but granting you powerful abilities. Hexblade's Curse Class Feature Very High
Behemoth Slayer General You apply your expertise at slaying giant to other very large creatures. Favored Enemy (Giant) +4 High
Bel's Directive Minion Hell's Supreme Commander whispers in your ear and guides your blade, allowing you to strike with unerring precision. Diabolic Disciple (Bel) High
Belial's Dominance Minion Your success in battle builds upon itself as your opponents into a corner, powerless to fight back. Diabolic Disciple (Belial) High
Bend Multitasker Bending Keeping bends maintained is no big deal for you. The ability to bend High
Bend Strike Metamaneuver Your strike ignores some cover. Ability to initiate a Strike of 2nd level or higher Very High
Bender's Challenge Bending You utter a challenge against the target, giving them a bonus to attack rolls against you, and you a bonus to damage with Bends against them. Know at least 1 Minor Bend that deals damage. High
Bending Enhancement Bending Increase your bender level Know at least 5 Major Bend and 2 other Bending type feats High
Bending Magic Bending Your bending talents help your spells. Ability to Bend, ability to cast spells of a descriptor matching your element. High
Bending of Weakness Bending You seize upon the weaknesses of your enemies, getting a bonus to damage with Bends against them. Know at least one Minor Bend that deals damage. High
Bergentrückung Fighter Not all legendary heroes dies, some sleep until the day they are needed again. Character Level 11th Low
Berserkergang Fury You may enter a particularly savage frenzy with random results. Must be able to Rage High
Beshadowed Gate Multiclass When you multiclass between Gate Knight and Shadowknife certain abilities keep advancing. Gate Knight 1st, Shadowknife 1st Very High
Bestial Might Tactical Synergistic abilities for Stone Dragon and Tiger Claw. BAB +6, Balance 6 ranks, Jump 6 ranks, two Tiger Claw maneuvers, one Stone Dragon maneuver, and one Stone Dragon stance. High
Bind Possession Grim You gain the ability to establish a connection to an item, allowing you to store it in a pocket dimension. It gains benefits. Grim Transformation High
Binding Growth Elemental You grow on people. Wood Elemental Creature (e.g., Psuedoelemental Being (Wood) feat) Moderate
Bio-Energy Suffusion Xenotheric You can use your bio-energy for casting spells or manifesting powers. Ability to cast spells or manifest powers. Very High
Bio-Restoration Xenotheric You use your bio-energy to restore yourself. Healing Surge Very High
Biotic Dart General You can craft unique darts which inflict gradual hit point loss or heal allies. Craft (Alchemy) 5 Ranks, Heal 5 Ranks High
Biotic Initiate Xenotheric, Psionic A mysterious human, only known as The Shepherd, ventured far away from their home galaxy at the end of a brutal war for survival. After leaving, he began to teach naturally psionic races to harness biotics, a higher level form of telekinetic control by manipulating the Dark Matter that permeates through the Universe. Int 16, 4 HD, Able of Manifest 1 Psychokinesis Power of level 1 or Higher Very High
Biotic Vanguard Xenotheric, Psionic By delving deeper into the teaching of The Shepherd, you now understand the ideals of the Vanguard. To be the forward force of your party to lead them battle with brute force and disrupting the front line of any enemies you face. 6 HD, Con 18, Biotic Initiate Very High
Bioweapon Xenotheric By altering your own genetic structure, you have gained a powerful special attack. Con 13 or Int if the desired bioweapon is psionic (+4 for every subsequent instance of this feat) High
Black Blood Spell Metamagic You turn energy into vile blood, dealing vile damage. Blood Sacrifice, caster level 5th. Moderate
Black Disciple Vile You dedicated yourself to dark powers utterly, gaining great might in the process. None High
Black Lotus Monk Multiclass You are a monk trained for killing, combine your shonibi and monk level class for the purpose of getting many scaling class feature. Effective monk level 2nd, must be able to use 1st level Kuji-in Seals High
Black Swan's Bravado Tactical, Fighter Get some tactical maneuvers based on Hollywood movies. Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus (Any Firearm), Base Attack Bonus +5 High
Black Whirlwind Monk Make extra attacks on when you use whirlwind attack. Flurry of Blows, Whirlwind Attack, Monk 6th High
Blackguard Vile You are a paragon of among black knights. Icon of Sin class feature, Cha 18+ High
Blade Buster Fighter If your weapons aren't hitting quite like your fists, they are now...but you might break them. Str 17, Pugilist or Scaling Unarmed Dice as a class feature Moderate
Blade Rampart Fighter Combat Reflexes High
Blade Thicket Fighter You make the battlefield around you difficult to move through, even for the most adept of acrobats. BAB +3 High
Bladeblast Psionic The soulknife may concentrate all of the power within his mindblade and point it in a direction, annihilating all foes in that direction with his condensed psychic power. Psychic Strike High
Blazing Hadoken Monk Now your hadokens leave a terrible burning effect, and can daze. Monk level 6th, Hadoken, Stunning Fist, Wis 15 High
Bleeding Strike Metacombat Cause grievous bleeding damage by taking a -1 penalty or more to hit. BAB +1 High
Blessed Refreshment General 1/day drink a holy water and treat it as a potion of cure light wounds. None Low
Blessed Summoning General You summon stronger celestial creatures. Augment Summoning Very High
Blessing of Apollo Minion Apollo grant you his protection and his plagues. Favored of Apollo, Precise Shot, Heal 4 Ranks Very High
Blitz Kreig Fighter, Speed You attack and move in sequence. Dex 15, Swiftness, Mobility, Spring Attack, Strafe, BAB +6 High
Block Evasion Fighter, General You can evade blocks. Character level 5 High
Blocked Opportunity Fighter Use AoO to shield ally from provoking AoO. Combat Reflexes High
Blockout Reserve Create blocks of various materials which take up space and can be used for temporary construction material. Ability to cast 2nd level spells High
Blood Bank General You can make your banked life last. Life Force class feature, maximum life force pool of at least 50 points, Bank Life class feature Moderate
Blood Maneuver Metamaneuver Use your life essence to empower your maneuver. None Very High
Blood Painter General By painting magical diagrams out of your own blood, you can spontaneously cast spells using only your own life energy. This is especial use to casters who prepare spells, or to casters who have run out of spells. Caster Level 5, Spellcraft 4 ranks Very High
Blood Rally Fighter You recover damage you recently took by going berserk on your opponents. At least one Blood Feast maneuver known, or BAB +4 High
Blood Spell Metamagic Your blood empowers your spells. Knowledge (Arcana) 6 ranks, any other metamagic feat Very High
Blood Tracker General You know how to track wounded animals and beasts. Track Low
Blood Transfusion General You may heal others with your blood. Staunch class ability Low
Blood War Sorcerer General As a battle magician in the blood War, you’ve learned killing arts that would amaze common spellcasters. Blood War Squaddie, caster level 5, must have fought in the Blood war for one year High
Blood War Squaddie General Due to your time during the Blood War, you’ve been tainted, honed, and hardened by the horrors you’ve seen. Knowledge (The Planes) 2, must have fought in the Blood War for one year. High
Blood of Stone Fighter You laugh off the blows of foes as they shatter against your weathered hide. BAB +3, Toughness High
Bloodcloud Bleeder General Clouds of Blood, ability to inflict Bleedout via feat or class feature High
Bloodcloud Prodigy Multiclass You have learned to mesh the twin paths of the Bloodcloud. Clouds of Blood, Eye Bleed High
Bloodied Death Throes General Your death throes goes off at 1/2 hp, as well as when you die. Con 15, Death Throes ability High
Bloodline General You manifest a minor bloodline. None Unquantifiable
Bloodline Soulsword General Your Eldritch Soulsword carries even greater power now. Eldritch Soulsword Very High
Bloodline, Greater General Your bloodline reaches the pinnacle of its power. None Unquantifiable
Bloodline, Improved General Your bloodline is improved. None Unquantifiable
Bloodseeking Spell Metamagic Your magic draws out the blood from those it injures, making any injuries more severe. Heal 4 ranks Very High
Bloodshaper Racial You can shape blood into weapons and objects. Grey Vampire Very High
Bloodspiller Multiclass Oh how pretty that shade of red is... Bloodcloud Bleeder, Bleeding Cut, Clouds of Blood High
Bloodspiller, Greater Multiclass Bloodspiller, Bloodcloud Bleeder, Character Level 8th High
Bloody Maw Seducer Vile, Tactical You look very hot despite the alarming smile. Willing Deformity, Deformity Dark Beauty, Shark Teeth, Bleeding Strike High
Bloody Path Fighter, General Attack everyone in the way during a charge, bullrush, or when you move from your square. Improved Overrun, Improved Bullrush, Improved Initiative, Combat Expertise High
Bloody Toughness Fighter You are so tough you heal when you smack people. Toughness Moderate
Bloody Wyrm Brawler Style Fighter, Tactical You're good with Dragon Claws, so why not extent that to their big brother? Weapon Focus (Dragon Claws), Weapon Focus (Dragonblood Arms), Combat Reflexes, Claws of the Wyrm Style Very High
Blueflare Buster General You improve your flare buster abilities significantly. Flare Buster +4d6 High
Body As Hammer Fighter Using your weapon as a conduit, you can smack people with other people. BAB +10, Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization for a weapon that can be used to grapple creatures, Improved Grapple, Str 20 High
Body Assemblage Necromantic Creation The discarded husks of life are nothing more than a building material to you. Caster Level 1+, Ability to cast 1st level spells of the Necromancy school Very High
Body Linguist General Communicate without speaking, but only vague ideas and concepts. Bluff 4 ranks or Perform 4 ranks Low
Body and Soul Style Arcane Combat Any weapon you use is a +1 magic item, and previous magic items buff or debuff struck opponents. Opens up the path of channeling negative energy and animating the dead, among other things. Fighter level 4, Spellcraft 2 ranks High
Body of Iron Fighter, Monk Gain an armor bonus to AC even if you're unarmored. AC Bonus class feature (such as monk), Con 13, Fortitude +4 Moderate
Bodybender Bending You can Bend flesh, blood and nerves much more fluidly than others. At least three Water bends, one of which must be Puppeteer, at least three Earth bends, one of which must be Bend Flesh; At least three Fire bends, one of which must be Electric Puppet Very High
Boiling Waters Racial You can superheat your body to become hasted and with fiery benefits. Elnade, 5 HD High
Bolster Technique General You focus upon one of your techniques, allowing it to be far more effective than it was in the past. None Moderate
Bolstered Initiative Fighter Your reaction time relies on more than just your reflexes None High
Bomb Focus Fighter, Bomb You know how to create more potent bombs than usual. Craft (Alchemy) 8 ranks, and either Bomb class feature or Grenadier Dabbling (3.5e Feat) Moderate
Bond of Murder General You have a telepathic bond with anyone you've killed or who has killed you. None Low
Bond of the Ant Symbiotic, Item Creation You have begun to immulate even more traits of the ants that spill over you, as they form their intricate colonies on almost every inch of your body. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Ant. High
Bond of the Aphid Symbiotic You have started to take on more traits of the aphid, as you have grown attached to them through your symbiotic relationship. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Aphid. High
Bond of the Beetle Symbiotic You have developed a bond with the beetles that cling to you, making you a groteque sight to see. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Beetle. High
Bond of the Caterpillar Symbiotic You have grown so similar to the larva that creep across your body and devour any plant-life that grows near them, that it is actually unsettling. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Caterpillar. High
Bond of the Centipede Symbiotic You have acheived a unique symbiosis with the centipede's that crawl across your body, and have started to grow similar to them on a more and more disturbing level. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Centipede. High
Bond of the Cockroach Symbiotic Cockroaches cluster on your body, making you seem like some sort of grotesque, mobile breeding ground full of cracking sounds. At the same time, you have begun to grow into an oversized cockroach. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Cockroach. High
Bond of the Death's-Head Hawkmoth Symbiotic The deathly moths that flutter across your form have grown closer to you, till now, you have almost as tight a bond with them, as they do with death. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Death's-Head Hawkmoth. High
Bond of the Firefly Symbiotic You have formed a bond with the fireflies that flock around you, making dancing patterns of light around you in the darkness, to the point that your biology has started to take on their traits. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Firefly. High
Bond of the Locust Symbiotic You have developed a symbiotic bond with the hordes of ravenous locust that cloud around you and grip to your infested body, pinching your skin and waiting for access to the next plant to devour, and you have started to take their traits for yourself, until you yourself can be described as a plague. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Locust. Very High
Bond of the Mantis Symbiotic You have grown akin to the silent manti that clutch to you shoulders, unsettlingly still and tense, till you yourself, are unsettlingly still and tense. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Mantis. High
Bond of the Mosquito Symbiotic You have spent a long time with the whining vermin that cluster around you, to the point that your blood and their blood are one and the same. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Mosquito. High
Bond of the Queen Bee Symbiotic You have formed a bond with the thousands of bees that hum under your skin continually, and have started to form a symbiosis, sharing an unsettling number of traits with them. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Queen Bee. Very High
Bond of the Scorpion Symbiotic Your bond with the scorpions that crawl across you has grown to a disturbing degree, and you have started to take on even more of their traits. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Scorpion. High
Bond of the Spider Symbiotic You have formed a raw kind of symbiosis with the creepy arachnids that make their home on your skin, and have started to grow akin to them in ever more unsettling ways. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Spider. High
Bond of the Stone Rat General You can create a powerful petrifying poison. Alchemical mastery, poison use class feature, craft (alchemy) 11 ranks. High
Bond of the Tarantula Wasp Symbiotic You have developed an unsettlingly tight bond with buzzing wasps that you have spent your life with, and have actually begun to take on their very traits. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Tarantula Wasp. Very High
Bond of the Vermin Symbiotic Your connection with the bugs that even crawl underneath your skin grows ever stronger. Aspect of the Vermin class feature, any two [Hivemaster] feats. High
Bondage Specialist General Bondage Specialist Intimidate 3 ranks, Use Rope Skill 3 ranks Moderate
Bonded Weapon Fighter You choose a weapon, eventually growing stonger and stronger in it's use. Base Attack Bonus +1 High
Bone Spear General This spell summons a long shaft of bone issuing forth from the caster and piercing any opponents in its path. Teeth 3d4 High
Bone Spirit General This powerful spell briefly summons the spirit of a vengeful revenant. This skeletal specter immediately seeks out its objective, ripping free a portion of the target's soul and carrying it away to the plane of the dead. Bone Spear, Teeth 7d4 High
Bone-Crush Fighter You know how to heal the body; you know how to break it. BAB +6, Heal 8 ranks, Power Attack, Combat Expertise High
Boneblade Master General You have mastered the alchemic processes needed to create boneblades, as well as their use in combat. Craft (Alchemy) 4 ranks, Craft (Scrimshaw) 4 ranks Very High
Bonus Power General Gain an extra power-spell. Powerful Class Ability Level 3rd level (or higher) Unquantifiable
Bonus Spell Slot General You gain a bonus spell slot at the highest level you can cast. Must have spellcasting. Moderate
Boreal Invoker General You deal more cold damage and it debilitate your opponents. None High
Born Cursed General You can reroll a d20, however you take a penalty each time you do so. 1st Level Only High
Born Fiend General You count as an evil outside for the purpose of meeting prerequisites with some extras. You may only take this feat at 1st level High
Born Invoker Job You have the inherent ability to use invocations. Cha 17+, must not have levels in Warlock or other Invocation-granting class, 1st level Only Very High
Born Psionic General Born with psychic potential, you gain power points as you level. 1st level only. Moderate
Born Sorcerer General Even if you never become a real sorcerer, the arcane talent remains yours. 1st level only, Cha 15 Very High
Born Thief General You were born and raised as a thief and thus you have gained useful assorted skills. 1st level only. Moderate
Born Tinkerer General You gain a bonus when using the Craft (Technology), Disable Device and Knowledge (Engineering) skills. 1st Level Only, INT 13 Moderate
Born Tough General You're built like a wall, it takes ages to make you fall. 1st level only, Constitution 13, Base Fortitude Save +2 Moderate
Born Wizard General Even if you never become a real wizard, the arcane talent remains yours. 1st level only, Int 15 Very High
Bottoms Up General You know how to chug! Drink as a move action, or later as a swift action. Con 13 Moderate
Bound Castle Spelltouched You are bound to a structure, and its presence is entirely dependant on your own well being. either Craft Wondrous Item or LandlordSBG, Exposure to mage's magnificent mansion, 9 HD Unquantifiable
Bound Shadow Weapon Arcane Combat Make a weapon out of bound shadow. Fighter level 8, Smoking Shadow Style High
Brace For Impact Fighter Ready an action to weather an otherwise fatal blow. Con 13 Moderate
Brain Drain Psionic Drink power points like Amy Winehouse drinks the sauce. Wildest Talents Very High
Brain Thrust Psionic Your mind thrust is much more effective at dealing actual physical damage. Must be able to manifest mind thrust. High
Brainwashing Mindbreaker General You dominate those you mindbreak, and if it would render them insane you seize control of their mind. Gaze of Madness, Character Level 7th Very High
Brave Dragonblood Surge Racial When you use Dragonblood Surge, you purge most status effects. Mitahnese Human High
Brawler Barbarian General You are a brawler and a barbarian. Barbarian 1st, Improved Unarmed Strike High
Breaching Blow Fighter, General Breach enemy armor Strength 13, Constitution 12, BAB 6+ High
Breath Weapon Fiend You have a magical breath weapon. Character level 6 Unquantifiable
Breath Weapon Substitution Monstrous Change what element your breath weapon produces. Breath Weapon which deals damage Moderate
Breath of the Dragon Draconic The blood of dragons flows within you. You gain various dragon themed powers. Sorcerer level 1st Very High
Breath of the Elements Elemental You have a breath weapon. Resistance 20+ or immunity to an energy type. High
Brew Archpotion Item Creation You can infuse more than one spell into a potion, for longer durations, but at a greater cost. Brew Potion, Knowledge (arcana) 16 ranks, Spellcraft 16 ranks. Very High
Brew Twisted Potion Item Creation You make potions out of people's corpses. You sick, twisted bastard. Brew Potion, must be evil. Unquantifiable
Brick Break Fighter You are an expert at shattering inanimate objects into pieces. Improved Unarmed Strike Low
Brimstone Spell Metamagic Burn your evil foes with this fire one metamagic feat known, ability to cast spells with the fire descriptor, caster must be non evil, spellcraft 9 ranks Very High
Bringer of Agony Torture, Vile You have learned to torture people in order to extract information that they would never give otherwise, and you are good at it. Evil Alignment, Intimidate 4 ranks, Craft (Alchemy) 4 ranks. High
Broad Mastery Fighter You gain an increase on your ability score by leveling at 3rd level and each 3 level thereafter. 3 HD Moderate
Broad Practice Fighter When you increase an ability score while leveling you increase three instead. None Moderate
Broad Practice, Very High Fighter When you level up you gain ability score quickly and they apply to multiple ability scores. None Very High
Broaden Spell List General You add spells from another spell list to your own spell list. Able to cast spells. Very High
Broker of the Infernal General Due to the study of the Infernal laws, you have learned to harness the powers of True Names in your summoning magic. Knowledge (The Planes) 10, must be able to cast a spell of the [Calling] subtype High
Brutal Disarm Fighter You can disarm opponents by partially destroying their limbs. BAB +4, Str 13, Improved Disarm Moderate
Brutal Shooter Fighter You use your massive muscles to ensure that your arrows strike true. Str 13+, BAB +1 High
Brutal Sneak Attack Fighter You are able to sneak attack with two-handed weapon very efficiently. Sneak Attack 1d6, proficiency with a two-handed melee weapon. High
Brutal Thrower Fighter You are extremely efficient at throwing weapons. BaB +1, Proficiency with a throwing weapon. High
Brutal Transformation Grim When you transform you are physically stronger. Grim Transformation High
Brutal Westler Metamaneuver What's left if weapons don't work? Use raw Strength. Power attack, Base Attack Bonus +6, Strength 18+ Very High
Brute Force Programming General Use Strength for programming instead... it just takes you a long time. 1 rank in Program. Low
Buckler Bash Fighter You can perform shield bash with bucklers. Must be proficient with bucklers. Low
Buddha's Palm Fighter, Monk Your inner mastery of zen blossoms and you are able to perform a devastating technique. Stunning Fist High
Buddha's Palm, Variant Fighter, Monk You have unlocked the powerful Buddha's Palm technique. Stunning Fist Very High
Buff Body Fighter A feat that represents the benefits of a vigorous physical workout routine. In fact, you need to be pretty tough already to undergo this training! Con 13, +4 base Fortitude save. Moderate
Bulky Build Fighter Act as a size larger when in heavy armor. Proficiency in heavy armor High
Bulwark of Defense-CE Fighter Increase the bonuses granted to you by your defensive stance ability. BAB +11, defensive stance 1/day. High
Bundle of Terror General Despite being smaller than most people, you don't have a hard time intimidating those larger than you. Intimidate 3 ranks. Moderate
Burn Elemental You're hot. You're on fire. You like to burn things. (Fire) Subtype High
Burning Rage Fury When you rage, you gain literal firepower. Rage 1/day Moderate
Burning Zeal Fighter Gain a bonus to one opposed check and take ability burn after. None Moderate
Burnt Spell Metamagic Make a spell much stronger at the cost of yourself. None Unquantifiable
Burrowing Spell Metamagic Cast spells without line of effect. None High
Burst Through Fighter When you overrun somebody, it's really, really painful. Str 13, Power Attack, Improved Overrun, base attack bonus +4, must be Tiny or larger. Very High
Burst of Speed General A better, more useful version of the Run feats. Character level 6th High
Busy Multiclasser Multiclass You can multiclass a lot without making you horrible at everything. Must have at least 3 levels in one base class and 1 level in another. Unquantifiable
Butt Gun Warforged You have a gun in your butt. You can fire it with your butt. Your butt is deadly. Warforged, living construct, or something equivalent. High
Butt Slam Fighter You drop down and crush the opponent with your thiccness. Improved Unarmed Strike High
Butt Stroke Fighter You can use a polearm or spear like a quarterstaff Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus with a spear or polearm, proficiency in quarterstaff Moderate
Cacophonous Spell Metamagic Your sonic spells are so powerful, they tear through resistances and immunities. None Moderate
Cadaver Transformation Undead As a move action you can transform yourself into what appears to be a decayed corpse. Corporeal Undead Low
Caffeine Boost General You can use caffeine to resist sleep deprivation better than most. None Low
Calculated Shot Fighter Add your Intelligence to ranged attack rolls. Int 13, BAB +1 High
Call Creatures Salient Ability Summon creatures to your aid. Divine Rank 0 High
Called Shot Fighter, Tactical Make called shot for save or suck. Bab +3, must have at least one class level in a class that grants full attack bonus progression. Very High
Calm Mind General Cannot be Mindless, Wisdom 13+, character level 3 High
Caltrop Attack Fighter Toss a bag of caltrops at a foe and watch it burst and scatter at their feet. None Moderate
Caltrop Tosser Fighter Expertly toss caltrops to cover more area, and pick them back up faster. Dexterity 13 Low
Can't Die, Won't Die Fighter You are extremely hard to put down. Diehard, Why Won't You Die Unquantifiable
Cantrip Master General You gain all 0th level spells as part of your class spell list. 0th level spellcasting Low
Cantrips Mastery General Minor magic is second nature to you. Ability to cast spells with preparation. High
Cape Resonance Fighter You have the ability to gain focus with your cape, improving your saves. No wonder superheroes use such silly-looking outfits. BAB +1 High
Careful Movement Fighter Your training allows you to move around the battlefield while still defending yourself. BAB +3 Moderate
Careful Observation General Use your Intelligence modifier on perception-based checks. Int 13 Low
Careful Somatic Casting General You can ignore arcane spell failure, at the cost of increased casting time. None Moderate
Carrier Fiend You are a carrier of a dangerous disease, though you are immune to its effects. Must have one level of a Fiend class. Very High
Cast Blood Rune General Cast a spell without using a spell slot or spell per day, but at the cost of time and constitution burn. Caster Level 5, Spellcraft 4 ranks Very High
Cast In Hands Metamagic, Racial You can use your many floating hands to cast more than one spell at once. Signcaster, Hands Aghast racial ability (2 hands or more) Very High
Caster Focus General Choose a class which does not give full casting progression (or none at all), it now gives full or partial progression... for caster level at least. Caster Level 5th Moderate
Caster Training Multiclass Choose a prestige class which does not give full spellcasting progression (or none at all), it now gives full or partial progression. Caster level 5. Very High
Casting Conservation General Arcane spell failure causes you to only lose actions, not spells. None Low
Casual Stealth General You can fade into the crowd, allowing you to use stealth without concealment in certain situation. Disguise 1 Ranks, Hide and Move Silently 4 Ranks Low
Catastrophic Cacophony General Your sonic abilities echoes with the power of pandemonium. None Very High
Catfall General You can survive falls from a large distance. Base Reflex Save +2, Dex 13 Low
Caustic Invoker General You deal more acid damage and it debilitate your opponents. None High
Celestial Ancestry General One of your recent ancestors mated with a celestial creature, and now the blood of some Upper Planar creature flows in your veins. This gives you some benefits. None Very High
Centric Impact Xenotheric You can drive a weapon with immeasurable force by expending portions of you life force. Centric Strike High
Centric Strike Xenotheric By expending portions of your life force, you can land massive strikes, and seem to rewrite the shape of space with mere willpower. None High
Cerebral Kineticist General You base your pyrokineticist class feature on intelligence instead of charisma and can shape some of your blast. 1st Level Pyrokineticist (or Pyropsyche) High
Cerulean Endurance Incarnum Delay death by 3 hit points for every point of invested essentia. Con 15, Azure Toughness Low
Cerulean Skill Incarnum Add 1 + twice the amount of invested essentia on all checks involving the chosen skill. Con 13 Moderate
Chain Bikini Chick Fighter "And her special ability is somehow not dying while only wearing less than half the armour of the other guys." Cha 15, Female Very High
Chakra Binder Incarnum You can bind chakra more efficiently than other meldshaper. None High
Chakra Disabler Fighter, Monk You hit people in their nerves and chakras, making them go limp. Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike, Heal 8 ranks, Autohypnosis 8 ranks Very High
Chakra Fist Fighter, Incarnum You can invest essentia in your stunning fist, which grant you extra uses, a higher DC and access to more effect when using stunning fist. Stunning Fist High
Challenge-Obsessed Fighter Initiate multiple Duel of Wills per battle and gain ability to parry using Iaijutsu Focus BAB +7, Intimidate 11 ranks, Sudden Challenge Moderate
Chameleon Xenotheric You can blend in with your surroundings by adapting your body to the colors and textures around you. None Low
Champion of Ares Minion Ares grant you the ability to enhance your weapon with the power of war. Bab +1, Favored of Ares, Weapon Focus High
Changeling Blooded General You gain the minor change shape ability that is possessed by changelings. 1st level only High
Channeled Eldritch Blast General You have learned to charge your Eldritch Blast to greater effect. Eldritch Blast +1d6 Very High
Channeling Opportunity General You gain the ability to use arcane channeling on AoOs. Arcane Channeling class feature, Combat Reflexes High
Chaos Warp General You can step through reality into another, but you do so at your own risk... Caster level 10th, Knowledge (The Planes) 8 ranks, Cha 13 Very High
Chaotic Rage-CE Fighter, Fury Gain the effects of an anarchic weapon while raging. BAB +9, Rage 1/day, chaotic alignment. High
Charged Item Specialist General Get extra uses out of a single chosen magic item per day. Use Magic Device 5 Ranks Very High
Charged Item Training General Get extra charges out of daily charged items. Use Magic Device 5 Ranks High
Charismatic Blood Multiclass You always thought your ancestors were different, you just didn't realize it involved dragons. Must be able to spontaneously cast arcane spells. High
Charismatic Prodigy General Your force of personality is far stronger than it ought to be, allowing you to activate your abilities to greater effect None Moderate
Charismatic Truespeak General Use Charisma instead of Intelligence for truespeak. Truespeak 4 Ranks Low

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