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|intro={{{!}} class="sortable d20" style="text-align:left;"
|intro={{{!}} class="sortable d20 zebra" style="text-align:left;"
! Name !! Type !! Description !! Prerequisites
! Name !! Type !! Description !! Prerequisites
::*'''<span class="plainlinks">[https://dnd-wiki.org/w/index.php?title=Special%3AAsk&q=%5B%5B%3A%2B%5D%5D+%5B%5BCategory%3A3.5e%5D%5D+%5B%5BCategory%3AUser%5D%5D+%5B%5BCategory%3AFeat%5D%5D%5B%5BArticle+Balance%3A%3ALow%5D%5D&po=%3FType%0D%0A%3FSummary%0D%0A%3FPrerequisite%0D%0A&eq=yes&p%5Bformat%5D=table&p%5Boffset%5D=500&p%5Blink%5D=subject&p%5Bsort%5D=&p%5Bheaders%5D=show&p%5Bmainlabel%5D=&p%5Bintro%5D=&p%5Boutro%5D=&p%5Bsearchlabel%5D=...+further+results&p%5Bdefault%5D=&p%5Bclass%5D=left+d20+zebra&p%5Bsep%5D=&eq=yes More Feats]</span>'''
==Low Balance Epic Feats==
==Low Balance Epic Feats==
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|intro={{{!}} class="sortable d20" style="text-align:left;"
|intro={{{!}} class="sortable d20 zebra" style="text-align:left;"
! Name !! Type !! Description !! Prerequisites
! Name !! Type !! Description !! Prerequisites

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Low Balance Feats

Name Type Description Prerequisites
"Lol Media" General Use the power of teh internets, or whatever passes for it in your setting, to make yourself appear more knowledgeable than you really are. Ability to cast spells, manifest powers, or access to some sort of public information medium.
10-Foot Pole Proficiency Fighter Wield a 10-foot pole as a weapon. None
Ability Mastery General Gain a minor bonus to skills and ability checks for a chosen ability. 0 or positive ability modifier for the chosen ability score
Acquire Skill General You gain a class skill. None
Adamantine Tracery Warforged Your warforged slam attack becomes adamantine. Warforged
Adaptive Shift Fighter You expend a readied maneuvers to ready another. Initiator Level 1st
Advanced Heal General Access advanced healing with the Heal skill. Heal 4 ranks
Agony Caress Fiend Your touch is Torturous Character level 3
Alignment Alteration General You can count your alignment as another alignment one step away on one axis. None
Ammunition Recoverer General Get your ammunition back that misses. Base Attack Bonus +1
Angled Arrow Fighter You can use a bow when prone. None
Animal Whisperer General You listen to animals and can empathize better. Handle Animal 4 ranks or Wild Empathy
Anklebiter General This feat needs a summary. Reach 0 ft. (i.e. Tiny or smaller)
Antiquarian General Appraise and identify objects, as well as recall old lore. Int 15
Armorforged Body Warforged Take any armor and bind it to your warforged body, and get some bonuses to enhancing it. Warforged
Art of Stealth General You use your Charisma instead of your Dexterity for stealth. CHA 13+
Artificial Meldshaper Monstrous Use Wisdom instead of Constitution to shape soulmelds Con -, Int 3, Construct Type
Aspect of the Cicada Hivemaster Time to make some noise and shed some skin Aspect of the Vermin class feature
Augmented Alchemy-CE Item Creation Improve on your base alchemical and poison-making skills. Int 13, Craft Alchemy 4 or Craft Poison 4
Aura of Decay Spelltouched Everything around you withers away. Must have been subjected to desecrate.
Automail Adaptation General You have adapted to your automail grafts, no longer taking penalties from it and benefiting from the strength of the machine. Constitution 15, Must have received at least one automail graft
Balanced Blade Fighter While you are wielding a single one-handed weapon two-handed, you count as having your off-hand free for all intent and purpose BAB +1 or DEX 13
Battle Looting Fighter You like to fight with the weapons of your fallen enemies. Quick Draw
Bergentrückung Fighter Not all legendary heroes dies, some sleep until the day they are needed again. Character Level 11th
Blessed Refreshment General 1/day drink a holy water and treat it as a potion of cure light wounds. None
Blood Tracker General You know how to track wounded animals and beasts. Track
Blood Transfusion General You may heal others with your blood. Staunch class ability
Body Linguist General Communicate without speaking, but only vague ideas and concepts. Bluff 4 ranks or Perform 4 ranks
Bond of Murder General You have a telepathic bond with anyone you've killed or who has killed you. None
Brick Break Fighter You are an expert at shattering inanimate objects into pieces. Improved Unarmed Strike
Brute Force Programming General Use Strength for programming instead... it just takes you a long time. 1 rank in Program.
Buckler Bash Fighter You can perform shield bash with bucklers. Must be proficient with bucklers.
Cadaver Transformation Undead As a move action you can transform yourself into what appears to be a decayed corpse. Corporeal Undead
Caffeine Boost General You can use caffeine to resist sleep deprivation better than most. None
Caltrop Tosser Fighter Expertly toss caltrops to cover more area, and pick them back up faster. Dexterity 13
Cantrip Master General You gain all 0th level spells as part of your class spell list. 0th level spellcasting
Careful Observation General Use your Intelligence modifier on perception-based checks. Int 13
Casting Conservation General Arcane spell failure causes you to only lose actions, not spells. None
Casual Stealth General You can fade into the crowd, allowing you to use stealth without concealment in certain situation. Disguise 1 Ranks, Hide and Move Silently 4 Ranks
Catfall General You can survive falls from a large distance. Base Reflex Save +2, Dex 13
Cerulean Endurance Incarnum Delay death by 3 hit points for every point of invested essentia. Con 15, Azure Toughness
Chameleon Xenotheric You can blend in with your surroundings by adapting your body to the colors and textures around you. None
Charismatic Truespeak General Use Charisma instead of Intelligence for truespeak. Truespeak 4 Ranks
Charlotte's Tongue General Speak with a kind of vermin. None
Clarity Through Violence General When confused, all results are "attack". None
Clarity of Rage Prowess, Fury When blinding rage pushes you forward, you still tend to end up right where you wanted to be. Rage class feature
Clear the Way General Your allies may count the space you occupy as unoccupied. You may even share the same space as them. Escape Artist 2 ranks.
Clothing Beam Cannon Monk You can create clothing at will... for... some reason. None
Clumsy Dodge General You're so clumsy that you accidentally dodge out of the way when caught unaware. Dexterity 9 or lower.
Combat Equivalency Degree Fighter Your HD counts as your BAB, but only for the purpose of pre-requisites. None
Combat Poke Monk You can poke opponents for low damage. Improved Unarmed Strike
Commoner Authority General Commoners are initially helpful toward you. Cha 13
Communicator General You can communicate in short sentences with any creature of at least Int 3. Speak Language 2 ranks
Conniving Manipulator General You may use your Intelligence and bluff check and gain a bonus on 'evil' lies. Bluff 1 Ranks
Copyright Form Fighter No one else may assume your form. 1 level in a PC class
Cover Weakness General Increase an ability score by +1, to a maximum of a score of 11. An ability score less than 11.
Crafting Intern Item Creation You can take item creation feats earlier, and lower the cost on certain things. None
Create Language General You create a new language and can teach it to others. Speak Language 8 ranks, Decipher Script 4 ranks
Cruising Altitude General When you fly overland at an altitude of 5000 ft or more, you can go really fast. Fly speed
Cyan Specialization Fighter, Incarnum Add 1+ invested essentia to damage roll with chosen weapon Con 13, Proficiency with selected weapon, Weapon Focus (or Cyan Focus) with selected weapon, Fighter level 4th
Dance Everywhere General When you go places, you dance. 1 rank Perform Dance
Daring Step General As a swift action you may move to an adjacent square. This provoke an attack of opportunity. None
Dark Atoner General You retain all class feature of an evil paladin while good or neutral aligned. AntipaladinPathfinder, Black Knight, Blackguard or Paladin of Slaughter/Tyranny 1st, Non-Evil Alignment
Dark Masquerade General You radiate an aura of good and do not detect as evil. Aura of Evil
Deacon General You gain bonuses associated with your faith. Knowledge (Religion) 4 Ranks
Dedicated Steed Fighter, Multiclass Multiclassing paladins and other classes which provide special mounts, they can now have their other classes now count to determining the power of the mount. Special mount
Defensive Precision Fighter Reduce the penalties taken while fighting defensively. None
Deformity, Shuddering Deformity, Vile Your random spasms are probably the result of nerve damage. Willing DeformityBoVD
Desert Dweller General You are protected against intense heat. 1st level Only
Device Knowledge General You know your way with all things mechanical. None
Devoted Arrow General When using devoted spirit, you can heal people with ranged attacks. Precise Shot, Must be able to initiate Devoted Spirit that heal yourself or allies (such as Crusader's Strike or the Martial Spirit stance).
Diligent Martial Study Fighter Remove the limitation on the Martial Study feat. Martial Study (3 times), BAB +15, Martial Lore 4 ranks
Disguise Preparation General Your disguises work better with assistance. 6 ranks Disguise
Dismiss Casting General Any spell you cast can be dismissed, and you can dismiss as a move action. None
Distracting Butt General Your butt is distracting. Others have problems flanking you. Dexterity or Charisma 13+
Divetongue Casting General Those who speak Divetongue can vocalize, but not cast, underwater. This feat allows Divetongue to be the vocal components for spells, and thus permit underwater casting. Ability to speak Divetongue, (Primary Casting Score) 13
Dork of Unrelated Interest General You know a lot of stuff, sadly most of it is practically useless. None
Double Finesse Fighter You can weapon finesse double weapons. None
Dramatic Performance General You have special effects. Perform 2 ranks
Eldritch Blood General The power of warlocks boils within your blood and soul, giving stronger than normal magic powers. Warlock level 1st
Elven Trance General You've learned how to trance like the elves. Ability to sleep
Excellent Luck General Whenever you receive a luck bonus increase it by 1 point. None
Exotic Weapon Wielder Fighter You may wield exotic weapon you are not proficient with as their closest martial or simple weapon equivalent. Proficiency with all simple and martial weapons.
Expert Crawler General You can move and fight better while prone. None
Extra Focused Weapons Fighter, Monk You apply your intense training with one weapon to an additional weapon. Base Attack Bonus +3, Int 10, Proficiency with selected weapon(s), Weapon Focus with any other weapon
Extra Hex Hex You may use your hexblade's curse an two extra times per day. Hexblade's Curse class feature
Extradimensional Space Master General You are capable of using extradimensional space very efficiiently. Knowledge (The Plane) 4 Ranks
Face of Stone General Use intimidate in place of bluff for the purpose of concealing intent. Intimidate 4 ranks
Far Range Shot Fighter Gain +1 attack and damage on ranged attacks 30 ft away and further. None
Fast Draw Fighter You can draw weapons slightly faster. Bab +1
Feathered Glide Spelltouched Your mastery of feather fall allow you to glide with ease, like Mario. Exposure to a feather fall spell.
Fighting Multiclasser Fighter Your fighter level count as being equal to half your base attack bonus for the purpose of meeting prerequisites. None
Finishing Blow Fighter You're very good at landing the finishing blow. None
Flammability General If you deal fire damage, creatures risk catching on fire. None
Flanking Feint General You gain your flanking bonus on feint attempt. Dex 13+
Flexible General You are very flexible, like literally, you can bend your spine in impossible angle and lick your elbows. Dex 13+
Flyweight General You don't have the eye of the tiger, but you do have the eye of... something. STR or CON 13, one or more levels in a class which grants Medium or Poor BAB progression
Focused Autohypnosis General You gain a +2 bonus on autohypnosis check and may use your Int or Con instead of Wis when making them. Autohypnosis 4 Ranks
Focused Weapon Defense Fighter You gain extra AC against a specific type of weapon. None
Free Psionic Focus Psionic Always have 1 extra power point you can only use to obtain psionic focus. None
Freehand Bow Fighter You can change the handedness of your bow as a free action outside of your turn. Martial Proficiency (Shortbow or Longbow)
Full Power Super Saiyan Racial You have acclimated yourself to the strains of your Super Saiyan transformation , and have made it as tho it were your natural form. In doing so you have learned to conserve your energy. Unlocked Super Saiyan transformation, Remaining in the Super Saiyan transformation for one whole week continuously, while eating sleeping, playing, fighting, etc., 12th level Saiyan Warrior
Full of Surprises Racial You are full of surprises; your spell-like abilities are more versatile. Plushie subtype
Glow in the Dark General You glow in the dark. None
Glowing Spell Metamagic Your spells glow, and leave glowing residue behind. At least one [Light] spell known
Grapple Defense Fighter Use your character level as your BAB for opposing grapple checks. None
Great Saves General You get a +1 bonus to all saving throws. None
Greater Feint Fighter Feint as a swift action. BAB +8, Combat Expertise, Improved Feint
Ground Breaker General Create difficult terrain where you drop. None
Growing Bloodline General You spontaneously develop features other think of as innate. None
Grunt of Exertion Fighter You can put a bit more effort into athletic pursuits if you don't mind sounding like a dying orc. None
Handyman General You never take penalties for not having the right tools on hand. None
Hated Foe General Gain a +1 attack and +1 dodge to AC against one creature type. None
Heavy Weight Optimization General You halves the weight of heavy items. Strength 13
Heightened Potion General Increased caster level of consumed potions None
Hidden Potential General Grant yourself an enhancement bonus to an ability score.. None
Hidden Wing Spelltouched You can hide your wings, it's like they weren't even there. Must have wings, exposed to an alter self spell.
Horde Controller General You are capable of controlling large amount of very weak minions. Caster level 5th, must be able to cast animate dead.
I Need Healing General Request healing to give your heal-capable allies an edge at doing so. None
Imitate Performance General You can imitate the performance of another creature. Perform (Any) 2 ranks
Improved Blood Component General When infused with your blood, your magic is far more powerful. Constitution 18, Blood component class ability
Improved Buckler Use Fighter You do not take the -1 penalty for using a weapon in your off-hand with a buckler. None
Improved Knowledge Overlap General You have an extraordinary ability to understand things in terms of other things you know. INT 19, Knowledge (Any Two) 8 ranks, Knowledge Overlap
Improvised Weapon Proficiency Fighter You know how to use improvised weapons None
Incarnum Breath Incarnum Improve the area of effect of your breath weapon with essentia Con 13, Breath weapon
Indigo Shifting Incarnum, Shifter Add essentia to number of shifting per day and duration. Shifter, Con 13, One other Shifter feat.
Indigo Touch Incarnum Add twice invest essentia to damage dealt by your charnel touch Con 13 or Undead Meldshaper, Charnel Touch
Instant Reload General You're capable of reloading in the same amount of time it takes you to blink. One Thunder Bolt stance, one Thunder Bolt strike.
Insurance General All your sweet loot is insured. Profession Barrister 4 ranks or Knowledge Local 4 ranks
Intellectual Grip General You draw your mental energy from your intellect rather than personality. Must be able to initiate at least 2 Mental Grip maneuvers.
Inverted Senescence General Your aging has been corrupted by aberrant biology, causing your body to grow more monstrous as you age, while your mind degrades into that of a beast. 1st level only
Iris Edge Incarnum Add invested essentia to damage dealt with warmage spell Con 13, Warmage Edge
Iron Liver General To you there is no such thing as "Getting Drunk" Con 15
Just A Corpse Undead Pretend you're a normal corpse. Undead Type, Disguise 4 ranks
Just A Henchman Anti You can carry things, despite being weak. Str 9 or lower
Just A Linguist Anti Be unintelligent and talkative Int 9 or lower, must be capable of speaking languages, 1st level only
Just A Meatshield Anti Take punches, gain HP Dex 9 or lower, BAB +1, 1st level only
Just A Messenger Anti Use someone elses words Cha 9 or lower
Just Acknowledgeable Anti Gain better untrained knowledge checks, re-roll certain other checks, using lower. Cha 9 or lower
Just Ice Anti Smite evil with your cold dumb greatness. Int 9 or lower, Good alignment
Kiai Turquoise Incarnum Add invested essentia to the number of time per day you can use your Kiai Smite. Con 13, Kiai SmiteCW
Knowledge Focus General You gain a +2 bonus on all Knowledge checks. None
Knowledge Overlap General Your studies in one area sometimes teach you things in other fields. INT 17, Knowledge (Any) 8 ranks, Educated
Lapis Healing Incarnum Add twice invested essentia to bonus healing grant by healing hand. Con 13, Healing Hands.
Light Sleeper General You are aware about your surroundings even when asleep, and resist sleep effects. Your race must sleep
Light Weight Optimization General You can carry all the crap you want. Strength 13
Lighter Than Air Spelltouched You float naturally, but its not under your control. Must have been affected by a levitate spell, 1st level only.
Limb Tosser General You can throw your body parts at the enemy. Rockketu paunch! Regeneration or Fall to Pieces, Throw AnythingCW
Linguist General Learn three languages. None
Lycan Heritage General You have the blood of those affected by the moon. You are naturally resistant to magic which alter your form. Shapechanger subtype
Magical Maneuvers General You may count your supernatural maneuvers as arcane spells. Able to cast 1st level arcane spells and able to initiate a supernatural maneuver.
Maintain Minor Transfiguration Spelltouched Maintain helpful Transmutations for longer, but weakened. Exposure to any [Transmutation] spell with a non-permanent or instantaneous effect.
Manducate Toughness General You are tough to swallow Constitution 11 or toughness
Mark of Perfection Exalted Your body changes to resemble a celestial being, a sign of your connection to holy spirits and beings. None
Martial Dabbler Fighter You count your full HD to your initiator level instead of 1/2. Martial Knowledge 4 ranks or BAB +1
Massage Therapy General Relax muscles, release tension, help ease fatigue, limber up. 1 rank Perform (Massage) or Profession (Masseuse)
Master of the Sea Fighter You are great at fighting the creatures of the sea. None
Medical Knowledge General Speeds up the Heal skill. Heal 4 ranks
Melee Shooter Fighter You gain a +2 bonus on attack roll when attacking an adjacent opponent with a ranged weapon. Close Quarter Fire, Precise Shot
Mental Altarx General Mental ability score penalties have a capped minimum. None
Midnight Blast Incarnum Add twice invested essentia to damage roll on Eldritch Blast damage. Con 13, Eldritch Blast 1d6.
Minimal Power Metapsionic Your power is cheaper, maybe even free, but it won't grow at all. None
Minor Breath General Your breath weapon deals minimal damage, but can be used at will. Breath Weapon that deals hp damage
Mirror Breaker General You break mirrors just by looking at them. None
Monastic Focus Multiclass, Monk Another class advances stunning fist as if monk. Counts as Monastic Training for pre-reqs. Stunning Fist
Monk Weapon Style General Treat a weapon you are proficient with as a special monk weapon. None
Monstrous Hand General Your species doesn't really have "hands", but now you can use whatever counts as limbs for hands! Creature without hands which can manipulate, 1st level only or Dex 13
Moonshiner General You can make powerful alcoholic drinks with minimal tools. Craft (Mechanic or Metalworking) 1 Ranks, Survival 4 Ranks
Moral Outlaw Multiclass Incarnate and Rogue level stack Incarnum radiance and Trap sense. Gain new class skill for Incarnate and Rogue level. Incarnum radiance, Sneak Attack +1d6.
Muscle Memory Monstrous Your body can move on its own when you're otherwise unable. Con 15 or Regeneration or Undead type
Musically Gifted General You gain a little bardic talent. Cha 13, Perform 4 ranks
Naturally Unarmed Fighter You can count your natural weapons as unarmed strikes. Any natural weapon
Nonhumanoid Armor Crafter General Craft armor for nonhumanoid creatures at only +50% instead of double cost. 1 rank Craft (armor)
Nonlethal Combat Fighter Make an attack deal nonlethal damage without penalty. None
Northern Wanderer General You are protected against the cold, always know where north is and can predict the weather. Survival 3 ranks
Obtain the Worst Familiar General You obtain a familiar, I swear it's not just a regular animal in a wizard hat this time. Honest. Caster level 1st
Obtain the Worst Familiar Legion General You have too many familiars. And they're all the worst. Obtain the Worst Familiar
Piercing Caltrops General Your caltrops pierce defenses. Craft (Weaponsmithing) 4 Ranks
Piercing Climber General You can use some piercing weapons to climb. Climb 4 Ranks
Pompadour of Legend General You have a massive, magnificent pompadour. Cha 13
Potent Memory General You can dig into memory better than any others. Int 15
Power Animal General Increase your Handle Animal skill. This feat is the prerequisite for some other feats involving an animal companion. Must have an animal companion, familiar, or special mount.
Prone Firing Fighter You are able to fire prone with no problems. None
Puffness General Gain a +3 bonus on Fortitude saves after a failure and one other benefit. None
Purge Vulnerability General Remove energy vulnerability trait. Energy vulnerability trait.
Pushbot General You push and carry heavy loads faster than normal. Str 13
Pushover Followers General Your followers are pushovers. Leadership
Quick Climber General You are able to climb quickly with a climber's kit. Climb 2 Ranks
Quickfall General Fall faster. None
Racial Save Focus Racial Adjust which saves are your good and poor saves for your racial HD. 1 racial HD
Racial Skill Focus General Put effort into what skills you're naturally good at. Any racial skill bonus.
Rational Conversation General Good judgement and rational thinking allows you to add Wisdom to social checks. Wisdom 11+
Raw Skill General You gain a +2 bonus on all skill check related to the chosen ability score, but no longer add the relevant ability score bonus to those skills. None
Refreshing Bath General You learned the secret of taking restorative bathes. Survival 2 rank
Reinvocation General Your long lasting invocation last forever. Must be able to use least invocation.
Residual Growth Spelltouched Grow a little taller. Get Soft Ability Damage Reduction (Strength) 1. None
Robustness Fighter You have some spare hp in reserve in case of emergencies. None
Scaling Familiar General Your familiar is based on your character level instead of your class level. Must have the summon familiar class feature.
Self Exsanguination General Add even more blood to your spells! Improved Blood Component (3.5e Feat)
Sensitive Corpse Undead You can feel again! Undead Type
Shapechanger's Cohesion Monstrous Fall asleep, become goo. Shapechanger Subtype
Shapechanger's Fit Racial You can don or remove armor very easily and fit in about any armor. Shapechanger Subtype
Shoot Defensively Fighter You can take a -4 penalty to attack with a ranged weapon attack to not provoke. Bab +1 or Int 13+
Shored Weakness General Increase your two weakest ability scores. Two abilities scores less than 13.
Show of Power Fighter, Monk You show off your power level. This might trouble your opponents. None
Simply Exotic Fighter Treat a Simple or Martial weapon as an Exotic weapon. Great for meeting requirements for classes or feats. None
Singular Poison Immunity General Gain immunity to a single poison. None
Skill Specialization Focus General Gain a +1 bonus to a skill and a +3 bonus to a specialized area of that skill. None
Skill Synergizer General Gain an extra +1 bonus on skill synergies. None
Skill Tool Optimization General Gain an additional +1 bonus on skills from your tools. None
Skydiver General You can't stop your fall, but you can control where you land. None
Sleep Standing Up General You are scary when asleep, because no one can tell when you are. Sleep standing up and with eyes open. Must be able to sleep.
Slow Levitation Psionic While psionically focused you can slowly hover around. None
Slow Metabolism General You need less food than most, and can enter a state of hibernation if you need to wait a while. Con 13 and Survival 4 ranks
Sparkle Sparkle Spelltouched You release sparkly fairy dust. It's dazzling! Exposure to glitterdust.
Spellbreaking Blow Fighter Your blows hit so hard that they don't merely disrupt spells, they cause them to backfire. Power Attack, Strong Grip
Spicy Boi General You are difficult to swallow, so most things avoid eating you. None
Spiritual Health General You add your mental stat bonus to your hit points. INT 13, WIS 13 or CHA 13
Squire General You get a weak cohort who can be your unseen seen servant. Character level 5th
Staunch Grip Fighter Hold your weapons while stunned or unconscious and another minor benefit. None
Sublime Psychic Psionic You've been trained in the exotic discipline of the Mental Grip. Swordsage 3rd or Warblade or Crusader 6th, Autohypnosis 3 ranks or Skill Focus (Autohypnosis).
Sunlight Adaptation General You no longer suffer from light sensitivity and light blindness is greatly reduced. Light Sensitivity or Light Blindness
Swift Swimmer General You can use Dexterity instead of Strength on swim check and can swim faster than others. Swim 4 Ranks
Swift Treatment General Treat wounds quickly Heal 4 ranks
Tail Defense Racial Once bitten, twice shy, this Saiyan wont be letting you grab his tail again! Saiyan race, must have been subject to tail paralization at least once
Take a Deep Breath General You can calm yourself and hold your breath for long. None
Talking Familiar General Your familiar is able to talk to any creatures. Familiar class feature
Teleport on your Feet General You can teleport on or off your feet. Must be able to cast or use a [Teleportation] ability.
Time Sight General You can see ages. Mender's Eyes (poisons/diseases) class feature.
Tinge of Magic General You can cast a single cantrip as a spell-like ability 1/day. It's not much, but it does give you a caster level. Any mental ability score of 11 or higher
Tip Toe General Move slower, sneak better. 4 ranks in Move Silently
Tough Muscle General Add your Strength modifier to your maximum hp. Str 13, Con 13
Unaging Mystic General If you do not cast spells or manifest powers you do not age. Must be able to cast 3rd level spell or manifest 3rd level power
Unarmed Finesse Fighter A specialized weapon finesse which apply to both attack and damage, but only to unarmed strike. Improved Unarmed Strike
Unarmed Mind Blade Psionic When you reshape your mind blade, you can change it into a faintly glowing aura that augments your unarmed strikes with the abilities of your mind blade. Ability to generate a mind blade, shape mind blade class feature.
Universal Expert General Apply ranks in a specified skill like Craft or Perform, and have it apply to any check of that sort. 8 ranks in any skills with subcategories (such as Craft or Perform)
Unnatural Aura General You have something unnatural about you which cause animals to dislike your presence. None
Urban Traveler General You know how to get yourself free room and board in towns you visit. Knowledge (local) 4 ranks or Diplomacy 4 ranks or Gather Information 4 ranks., 1 level in a PC class
Versatile Performer General Your ranks in perform may now apply to up to three different types of performances, with synergy bonuses if you can use multiple of them. Perform (Any) 4 Ranks
Void Adaption General You can function normally in the Void. Dexterity 13, Tumble 4 ranks.
Wallcrasher Fighter You can demolish walls in your way. Strength 13+
Warforged Frame General You count as a warforged when beneficial. Construct type
Weapon Disciplining Fighter Make a weapon you have Weapon Focus in a discipline weapon for initiators. Weapon Focus
Weaponize Tool Fighter You can fight with tool like if they were weapons. Craft (Any) 4 Ranks, Handyman
Weight Training General Calculate your carrying capacity using not just your Strength. None
Well Armed Fighter Select a weapon you are proficient with, any weapon specific feats and class abilities you possess now apply to this weapon as well. You are just as good with a sword as with an axe, although your spearwork can use some work.
Well Fed General You always have enough food for one person per day. Craft Cooking 4 ranks or Profession (any food preparation job) 4 ranks or Survival 4 ranks

Low Balance Epic Feats


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