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|intro={{{!}} class="sortable d20" style="text-align:left;"
|intro={{{!}} class="sortable d20 zebra" style="text-align:left;"
! Name !! Type !! Description !! Prerequisites
! Name !! Type !! Description !! Prerequisites
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==Unquantifiable Balance Epic Feats==
==Unquantifiable Balance Epic Feats==
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|intro={{{!}} class="sortable d20" style="text-align:left;"
|intro={{{!}} class="sortable d20 zebra" style="text-align:left;"
! Name !! Type !! Description !! Prerequisites
! Name !! Type !! Description !! Prerequisites

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Unquantifiable Balance Feats

Name Type Description Prerequisites
50/50 Luck You always have a 50% chance of defending. 1st level only
A Feast Unknown Necromantic Creation You have partaken of the feast most foul and count yourself a king among the ghouls. You must have consumed the rapidly cooling flesh of an intelligent mortal creature. Must be evil.
A Shard of Eternity Spelltouched You gain a +1 Inherent Bonus to all ability scores. Must have been exposed to a wish spell.
Absorb Ally Spelltouched You can absorb fallen allies, taking their dying energy to empower yourself. Must have been exposed to death knell, 13 HD
Accelerate Initiative Fighter Your initiative keeps rising even after you've rolled. None
Access Divine Power General Either through faith or some trickery, you gain access to a domain power which would not normally be yours to use. None
Access Divine Spell-Likes General As Access Divine Spells, but gain them as 1/day spell-like abilities. Access Divine Power or Divine Blooded
Access Divine Spells General You gain further access to your domain of specialization, unlocking the secrets of its inner circle. Access Divine Power
Accomplished General This feat does nothing, but take heart for you can now follow your dreams and live in harmony, harmony--oh love! None
Acquire Class Ability General An alternative to gestalt. Character level 6
Acquire Domain General You gain a domain in a divine class that does not normally gain domains. Be able to cast 1st level divine spell from a non-cleric class.
Adjusted Pact Making Pact Modify the length of time you remain bound to a vestige. Soul binding class feature, Skilled Pact Making, base Will save +6
Alien Infiltrator Xenotheric You are an alien infiltrator from a distant world, allowing you to mesh very well with the primitives. Shapechanger subtype.
Always Skillful General You always have the skills per level of your most skillful class. None
Anthropomorphic Companion General Your animal companion becomes an anthropomorphic humanoid with a pair of hands able to perform tasks and wield weapons. Animal Companion class feature
Artificer Prowess You are a true master of spell trigger magic items. Arcana 4+ ranks, Caster Level 6
Assassin Casting Greater General Gain spellcasting of 3rd level assassin spells. Assassin Casting Least, Assassin Casting Lesser, Disguise 8 ranks, Hide 12 ranks, Move Silently 12 ranks, 10 HD
Assassin Casting Least General Gain spellcasting of 1st level assassin spells. Disguise 4 ranks, Hide 8 ranks, Move Silently 8 ranks, 6 HD
Assassin Casting Lesser General Gain spellcasting of 2nd level assassin spells. Assassin Casting Least, Disguise 6 ranks, Hide 10 ranks, Move Silently 10 ranks, 8 HD
Assassin Casting Superior General Gain spellcasting of 4th level assassin spells. Assassin Casting Least, Assassin Casting Lesser, Disguise 10 ranks, Hide 14 ranks, Move Silently 14 ranks, 12 HD, Assassin Casting Greater
Astroadaptation Xenotheric You can survive in the near vacuum of space. Con 15, Must not have to breathe, Natural Armor +5 or higher
Augmented Thaumaturge General You gain access to, or further your development in a magical field. None
Basic Hairstyle General Have a default hairstyle always present, though never as strong as the real deal. Hairbinder 8th
Bloodline General You manifest a minor bloodline. None
Bloodline, Greater General Your bloodline reaches the pinnacle of its power. None
Bloodline, Improved General Your bloodline is improved. None
Bonus Power General Gain an extra power-spell. Powerful Class Ability Level 3rd level (or higher)
Bound Castle Spelltouched You are bound to a structure, and its presence is entirely dependant on your own well being. either Craft Wondrous Item or LandlordSBG, Exposure to mage's magnificent mansion, 9 HD
Breath Weapon Fiend You have a magical breath weapon. Character level 6
Brew Twisted Potion Item Creation You make potions out of people's corpses. You sick, twisted bastard. Brew Potion, must be evil.
Burnt Spell Metamagic Make a spell much stronger at the cost of yourself. None
Busy Multiclasser Multiclass You can multiclass a lot without making you horrible at everything. Must have at least 3 levels in one base class and 1 level in another.
Can't Die, Won't Die Fighter You are extremely hard to put down. Diehard, Why Won't You Die
Clan Commander Leadership Teamwork Leadership, Character level 10th
Commodore General Being in charge of one ship makes you a Captain. You have several. Airship Pilot 2nd level
Conjure Ally Spelltouched You are capable of summoning a single creature known to you, who persists longer than most. 3 HD, exposure to a summon monster spell
Construct Companion General Your familiar or animal companion is now a construct. Craft Construct or Knowledge Engineering 4 ranks
Consumer General Gain additional funds specifically for consumable goods. None
Continued Training Multiclass You continue training with one of your classes, even after you multiclass. None
Controlled Curse Racial You can slow down the effect of your curse considerably. Accursed Mark racial feature
Copy Technique Fighter You pick up new tricks quickly and easily, able to rely on your companions for the ability to adapt to any situation. BAB +1, Intelligence 13
Craft Construct Item Creation Gain the ability to craft constructs and golem manuals. Craft 4 ranks, Use Magic Device 4 ranks
Craft Mundane Item Item Creation You are an expert working with mundane items. Craft (any) 4 ranks
Craft of the Soulstealer General By studying stolen souls, you have learned to fully tap their power for your magical creations. Three or more item creation feats, caster level 6
Crystalize Power Metapsionic Turn any damaging power into physical damage. None
Dabbler General Your studies let you dabble in powers you would not normally possess. 3rd level character
Dabbling Warlock General You have limited use of a single least or lesser invocation. Spellcraft 4 Ranks
Deep Divination General You have have the ability to dig deeper than normal with your divination. Must be able to cast augury or divination or their psionic equivalent.
Deformity, Hive Deformity, Vile You are host to insects. Con 13, Willing DeformityBoVD
Destined by Hera Minion You had to pick Hera, did you? Favored of Hera
Device Dabbler General You gain the ability to craft and maintain special magic items. 1st Level Only, Int 15+
Direct Undead Control Necromantic Creation Take control of undead in your control pool, empowering them with your abilities and spirit. Must be able to control undead via spells or rebuking.
Dismiss the Unreal General You are so perceptive you can almost always see through illusion. Spot or listen 15 ranks, Skill Focus (Spot or Listen), Base will bonus +7
Doppelganger Cohort Fighter You gain a cohort who is the same levels as you, but half strength. Fighter level 6th
Doppledasein Union Racial Both doppledasein fuse into a single being. 1st level only, Must be a doppledasein and have the twin ability.
Drop Dead General You can drop dead whenever you want! Must be alive.
Dual Classing Multiclass A universally applicable multiclass feat. Two different base classes.
Effect Extension General You can extend almost any effect that come upon you. None
Energize Power Metapsionic Turn any damaging power into energy damage. None
Essentia Infusion Item Creation You can create magic items that gain in effectiveness if essentia is invested into them. Essentia Pool 1, Any Item Creation Feat.
Eternal Shikai General Though sheer spiritual pressure, a harmonic connection, or other feat, it seems that you are always in shikai state even when relaxed. Must have Shikai class ability.
Evolving Sorcerous Lore General When you learn a spell you learn all other version of that spell. Must be able to cast spells spontaneously.
Extra Body Slot General You gain a floating body slot which you can bind magic items to. None
Extra Class Ability General You gain an additional ability from a class list. See Below
Extra Daily Spell General Cast a daily spell once more per day. 1 Powerful Casting Daily spell
Extra Stolen Feat General You can draw more from your pool of stolen talents. Must have the spirit thief template.
Fall to Pieces Undead If you're hit by a huge blow you can fall to pieces to negate most of it. The problem is getting back together... Must be a corporeal undead
Faustian Prodigy General You are not limited to one deity, demon lord or archdemon for abilities, feats, PrCs and whatnot. Charisma 15, Knowledge (The Planes) 9 ranks
Favored of an Olympian Minion You are favored by one of the God of Olympus. None
Feral Summoning General You can summon creatures for longer than most. They aren't very friendly, though. None
Fey Pact Monstrous You recognize the power that words freely said hold. Fey or Outsider Type
Gnomish Illusion Racial You gain additional spell-like abilities. Gnome
Good Is Not Soft Exalted When evil TRULY crosses the line, you know the only way to decrease net suffering is to destroy those who forsake redemption. Any good alignment, Vow of Nonviolence, Wisdom 17
Gravetender's Vow General Treat things that have died as Undead. None
Great Ability Variant Epic Variant epic ability increase. None
Greater Reverse Weakness General You have reversed all your weaknesses. Reverse Weakness
Greater Soulmeld Focus General Add 1 to the DC of your soulmeld effect, stack with Soulmeld Focus Soulmeld Focus
Haunted General You are haunted by a powerful spirit, which guide you and influence you. 1st Level Only
Hidden Sorcery General Gain a single 1st level sorcerer spell 2/day. Cha 11, 1st level only
Human Adaptability Racial You gain a floating bonus feat which can be swapped out. Human
Human Flexibility Racial Gain a racial feature from another LA 0 humanoid, and count as any humanoid subtype. Human
I Know a Guy General You’re in a tight spot, but you know someone who could potentially help. If they don’t double cross you. None
Improv Artist Fighter You lighten up any battlefield Perform (Comedy), (Improv), or (Slapstick) 6 ranks, BAB +3
Improved Copy Technique Fighter Learn to copy techniques much faster, even if its from your enemy. Copy Technique
Incarnum Devotion Domain Gain temporary soulmeld. None
Incognito Undead General You gain the ability to appear as if you were still living. In addition, you can temporarily become alive again, at the cost of your abilities. Undead Type gained through a template
Independent Mage of the Arcane Order Metamagic You do not need to be a member of the Arcane Order to access their Spellpool. Must be able to prepare 2nd level spells.
Inhabit Corpse Undead You can use your possession ability on dead bodies. Must have the Possession ability.
Intelligent Design General Your constructs have limited intellect. Must be able to create or summon construct in some way.
Intense Training Fighter Solve intense mad problem with a single feat. None
Intuitive Reader General When you read a book, you understand it deep down. Wisdom 12
Iris Favored Incarnum Gain access to some spell from one of your deity’s domain depending on invest essentia Con 13, Deity’s weapon focus
Just A Flesh Wound General Act as if you had all appendages. Con 13, Born with two legs and two arms, Diehard
Killzerker Fighter For a short time you can "killzerk" and gain the benefits of the Two-Weapon Fighting chain while doing so, and some fast healing. BAB +1, Dex 13, Con 13 or Rage 1/day
LA Progression Multiclass Your level adjustment dice stack with one of your base class for the purpose of determining level-dependent abilities. Must have one or more level adjustment dice and one class level
Lasting Spell Metamagic Not quite Persistent Spell, Lasting Spell still increases spell duration significantly. None
Learned Reader General You have lived inside of a book most of your youth and now you reap the reward. Intelligence 12
Local Style Racial Your fighting style is the paragon of how your race wages war. None
Loser of The Game General You just lost The Game, and now you must spread it. Must have knowledge of The Game
Luck of the Monkey Luck, Skill You are a bit curious on how monkeys are so lucky. Now you know.
Maneuvers Turquoise Incarnum Temporarily replace Warblade maneuvers. Con 13, Warblade level 1st.
Master of Concoctions General You've mastered poisons to the extent that they are virtually irresistible by weaker foes. Poison Use class feature or 8 ranks in Craft (Alchemy)
Master of Mirrors General You gain Dark Mirror early and gain the ability to create multiple clones. Psychic Shadowstrike +1d8
Master of the Primordial General Your mastery over raw chaos rivals that of the oldest gods, allowing you to shape it into entire planes of existence. Reality Shaper, 18+ ranks in Craft
Memetic DNA Xenotheric Your alien biology holds the code to even your basic memory and experiences. None
Memories of Death General You retain your memories perfectly after you are slain and brought back from the dead. Must be a native to the Prime Material Plane
Mentalize Power Metapsionic Turn any damaging power into psychic mind-affecting damage. None
Metamagic Expertise Metamagic You may add one free metamagic spell level to your spell by extending its casting time to 1 round. One metamagic feat. Must be able to cast 3rd-level spells.
Metaword Metamagic You can get metamagic for the use of utterances. None
Mindless Anger Fury When you rage, you become mindless. This can be good or bad. Ability to Rage, BAB +5
Monastic Adept Multiclass You are best monk. At least 3 level in the monk class or variant.
Monstrous Training Monstrous You gain class level benefits from racial hit dice. must have two or more Racial Hit Dice., 1st Level Only
Motivated Prayer General Your granted maneuvers are no longer randomly granted to you. CrusaderToB or Paladin of the Sublime Way
Multiclass Progression Multiclass Stack two classes together for the purpose of determining class features with some limitations. Must have at least one level in two classes.
Necessary Evil General Retain the class abilities of an "evil" class despite being good. Good alignment, at least one level in a class that requires you to be evil.
Opportunity Reaction Tactical Convert your attacks of opportunity into various possibilities. Combat Reflexes, Dex 17
Overflowing Ki General You possess nearly unlimited pool of ki, requiring simple focus to regenerate. Character Level 7th, Ki Pool class featurePathfinder
Partial Advancement General You gain partial advancement from one prestige class. None
Partial Concentration General Concentration spells last for 1 additional round. If you return to concentrating on the spell before the end of the next round, you are treated as never having broken concentration. Concentration 9 ranks
Persistence in Death General Continue to live for several rounds more before you die. Con 13, Diehard
Physical Incarnation Racial You gain the Evil and Damned subtypes as well as other bonuses and a single flaw. 1st Level Only, Tiefling Race
Physical Manifestation Psionic Gain access to a series of unique powers which drain hit points instead of power points. Con 13, Psychic Warrior 1st
Possessed General You are actually a possessing spirit, inhabiting a body which is not yours. 1st level only
Power of the Ant General Even when at your smallest, you are still the strongest. None
Practiced Multiclasser Multiclass Two of your class features stack with your levels in another class. At least two levels in two base classes, 15+ in two ability scores
Pressure Monstrous Your spiritual presence wears people down faster than normal, expending their resources at an accelerated rate. Cha 13
Promising Student General A sufficiently gifted teacher can foster your unlocked potential. Dormant Talent class feature, Metamorphosis class feature..
Quick Buff General You apply a personal buff as a swift action. 5 HD
Racial Talent Racial Your racial hit dice count towards scaling class features. Racial Hit Dice
Radiance Absorption Racial You absorb light and radiation and can draw power from solarite. Must be immune to [Light] effect as a virtue of your race.
Rapid Action General You can perform swift actions as move actions. None
Reality Shaper General You can shape primordial chaos into powerful magic items. Three or more Item Creation feats, caster level 10th+
Reincarnation Cycle General You always reincarnate as the same race and may extend the same benefit to other creatures. If you are not resurrected you eventually reincarnate on your own. 1st level only or able to cast reincarnate as a spell
Remote Death Throes General You can intentionally trigger your death throes before you're dead, having the effect go off in a remote location. Death Throes ability
Remote Limbs Monstrous You can control your limbs if they have been lopped off, and put them on again. Regeneration or Undead Type
Remove Weakness General You remove up to -2 of a racial penalty. Race with a racial penalty.
Reprogram General Patterns affect mindless creatures. Caster Level 7th
Rushed Action General A limited number of time per day, you may rush an action which take up to 1 minute as a 1 round action. None
Scholar of the Old Lore General You have studied the Old Lore and learned a lot about ancient history. Additionally you can channel a surge of knowledge, altough it is taxing for your body. At least 3 knowledge skill 8 ranks.
Self Advancement General Your effective HD increases by +2 for the purpose of things which scale off HD. None
Shardseeker General You can see Polarity Shards easily. You must have touched a Polarity Shard in the past.
Share Class Feature General Share a class feature with a bonded creature. None
Share Intellect General Your familiar, animal companion, special mount, or other similar feature gains your mental ability scores. 3 HD, Must have a familiar, animal companion, special mount, or similar feature.
Sidekick General You have a sidekick/combat butler/servant etc. Character level 5th
Skill Genius General If somebody can learn how to do it, you can try to do it without learning how. None
Soul Reader General When you read a book, it forever becomes part of your soul. Charisma 12
Specialist Contact General You know a guy who can do nice things. Character Level 6th
Spell-Like Imbuing Metamagic Arcane Archers can normally only use spells with their abilities. Now they can. Imbue Arrow or a similar ability and at least one Spell-like ability.
Stacking Damage Reduction General You can stack damage reduction together. None
Stolen Powers General You cannot be stripped of your divine power, do not need a divibe focus and your divine spellcasting count as arcane when it would be advantageous. Must be able to cast divine spell.
Stoning Gaze Fiend You turn people you view into stone. Character level 9
Sublime Practice Multiclass Multiclass Initiator level increase. BAB +3, One Maneuver
Summon Specialization General Summon a specific type of outsider or elemental with bonuses. Able to cast any summon monster spell.
Supreme Dilettante General Your powers of dabbling allow you to to achieve similar mastery to those who have spent their whole lives honing a single skill. Character level 5
Swift Spell Metamagic You can cast spells more efficiently, more quickly, but with less staying power. None
Synchronize Magic Item General Attune magic items to use your own save DCs. None
Talented Artist Multiclass You make bardic music or a similar ability scale with your ranks in Perform and character level instead of class level. Perform 9 ranks
Teamwork Leadership General Character level 6th
Tranquil Meditation Mantra, Psionic This mantra make it easier to enter psionic focus and grant minor benefits, however also carries penalties. Autohypnosis or Concentration 6 Ranks
True Genesis General Effects of Genesis Ritual stack. Cha 31, Able to use Genesis Ritual
True Immunity General You are really, truly, very immune to things. innate immunity to an element, effect, or condition
Unapproachable Saves General You gaina +10 bonus on all saving throw, however as you succeed it slowly vanish throughout the day. Great Fortitude, Iron Will and Lightning Reflexes
Uncanny Eyes General You learn a creature's qualities after observing them. Spot 4 Ranks
Unconventional General Choose almost any ability score to base your abilities around! None
Unconventional Human Learning Heritage, Racial Your thirst for knowledge gives you access to additional unconventional abilities, which you master as you learn and experience. Human, 1st level only, INT 11 or more
Unfinished Business General Oops I forgot to do something. Drop Dead
Unforgotten General When nobody remembers you, you return to life. Undead, Aberration, Elemental, or Outsider type
Variant Body Assemblage Necromantic Creation Gain the ability to create and control undead. Ability to cast 1st level necromancy spells
Variant Leadership General Leadership without a cohort, but instead you gain other benefits. Character level 6th
Vestige Dabbler General Gain the ability to bind a 1st level vestige. Knowledge (Arcana) 7 ranks, Knowledge (The Planes) 7 ranks
Vital Energy Projection General You can fire you cure and inflict spell as rays and possibly other shapes by expending other spells. Must be able to cast cure or inflict spell
Weaponize Bio-Energy Xenotheric You can use your bio-energy to power energy weapons. None
Wizard Girlfriend Fighter You have a wizard girlfriend, she is more useful than you. Must have 6 or more level in the fighter class

Unquantifiable Balance Epic Feats

Name Type Description Prerequisites
Access Domain Epic You gain an additional domain. Knowledge Religion (24 ranks), able to cast 9th-level divine spells.
Wild Versatility Epic This feat changes to feat specially tailored for your Wildshape Wis 23, Alternate Form Special Ability (such as Wild Shape)

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