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For Players
Feats, flaws, racial substitution levels, etc...
Base, Prestige, Racial Paragon, and NPC
Spells, powers, infusions, invocations, soulmelds, vestiges, utterances, mysteries, stances, maneuvers, and more.
Weapons, armor, food & drink, vehicles, magic items, etc...
Anything you can do, I can do better
Dragons, giants, aberrations, oh my!
For DMs
Where do you want to go today?
Worlds and options
Monsters and templates
Phenomenal cosmic power!
Planes and terrains
Towns, dungeons, and more!
The Good Guys, The Bad Girls, and The Ugly Things
General discussions and answers to various topics
Helpful guidelines for creating wiki content
Links to D&D Resources
Leftovers, anyone?
Supplemental, Transformational, and Radical Variant Rules.
Wiki-style D&D books.
Pick up the dry cleaning. Walk the taxes. File the dog.

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