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Sourcebook Description Completeness
      Out of 5
Aelyra Aelyra is a DnD 3e/3.5e/PF setting and set of homebrew rules. It features three tiers of classes: Basic Classes from levels 1 to 6, Prestige classes from levels 7-12, and epic classes from 13-20. New Races and Feats. 2
Bleach D20 This supplement for the D&D game presents rules for people who wish to roleplay Bleach with a structured ruleset using the well-known revised third edition ruleset. 4
Book Of Books Is about all books how you can read them, find them and what bonuses the give you 2
Book of Elements The big problem for elementals, and for the elements themselves, is the same as for fiends: People can tell you what they are, but can't tell you what they actually do. 5
Book of Gears This sourcebook presents an entirely different take on magical items and created beings to make the rules governing them more satisfying. 4
CoDnD- Call of Duty 3.5 This sourcebook is for the DnD player who has multi-classed into the FPS Player class. It allows the player to combine two legendary franchises; DnD, and CoD. 1
Codex of Outer Realms An anthology of the mechanics and workings of the planes, from the activities of angels, archons and eladrin to the depravities of demons and devils, and what those activities mean. 1
Complete Epic Epic level is broken, and this is a shame. The game was built with no cap on advancement, but not playtested as such and the signs begin to show even before epic is reached. Most games might pull it all the way up to level 25, but beyond that is a land of madness, completely busted. Gentlemen, we can fix this. We can make epic smarter, tighter, more balanced. We have the technology, we can rebuild it. We can make.... Complete Epic. 2
Complete Sublime This supplement for the D&D game presents new options for sublime warriors along with integration with subsystems neglected in the original Tome of Battle. 3
Complete Superhero This sourcebook contains everything that is based directly on characters, weapons, and ideas from comic books because there's no reason why we shouldn't have a wolverine-batman running around fighting green goblins! 1
Complete Xeno This is all about aliens. It's a slow work in progress. 3
Diablo Diablo, The Lord of Terror, has grasp of horror on the once peaceful town of Tristram. Demons dwell on the streets at night, and horrible screams disturb the troubled sleep of the citizens as forces of Darkness gather in the dungeons below the town. 5
Dire Petting Zoo This sourcebook is a bestiary of dire animals that are actually CR appropriate for a rogue level game. 4
Dungeonomicon This is the third installment of our series exploring portions of the D&D experience that don't work at all, began with the Tome of Necromancy and continued with the Tome of Fiends. This work focuses on the most central of perplexing legacies: The Dungeon. We know you love Dungeons, but you probably have more than a little difficulty justifying them to yourself or to other players of the game. 5
E6 E6 is a radical take on D&D 3.5, where level 6 is made the "epic" level.
Grimoire of the Balanced Wheel Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 has been around for a while now, and has often been hailed as one of the better games created with the gamist goal in mind. However, the game itself has any number of flaws, each one requiring a myriad of house rules in order to make the game function more easily. This sourcebook is one that brings together different rules in order to allow for more streamlined games whose main goal is to make the game faster and easier, specifically around what a DM might expect of PCs and easy tables with which one can make monsters on the fly. 2
Gunslinger Handbook The smell of black powder in the air can be just as satisfying as the sound of clashing steel or the sight of powerful spells ravaging the battlefield. 3
Liber Demonica A complete sourcebook for all things demonic, this volume is designed to give players and GMs the tools to run a wide variety of demon-themed campaigns. 4
Plane of Life A large drop of content to allow players to use that most maligned of inner planes, the Plane of Positive energy. 4
Pokémon d20 This document contains the complete conversion rules for Pokémon into Dungeons and Dragons, as well as the conversion rules for Dungeons and Dragons into Pokémon. Whether you want to throw a Bulbasaur at your players as a one-off, or you want to play a whole Johto campaign with d20 rules, this is for you. 5
Races of War No longer are we allowing our Fighting Men to go without a last name unless and until they get to fourth level without being eaten by an owlbear. 4
Scrolls of Forbidden Lore Bound within reality and beyond its edge lays the spawn of primal chaos, forces alien to all life. Elder Evils, they are called, some known as the first "beings" to be, others from spaces in which time is not known, and so the concept of "first" is alien to them. The Scrolls of Forbidden Lore is a record of but a few of the terrors known to exist within reach of reality. 5
Step into the Gloom - Nightwatch 2
The Chocobo Project Chocobos can be bred, raised, and raced; they can be used as war mounts, traveling mounts, and pack animals; chocobos can even be played as characters in what I like to call "Chocopaigns".
Tome of Fiends This is the second entry in our line of articles begun with the the Tome of Necromancy, which is a reflection of how the rules for fiends ought to function. 5
Tome of Necromancy Unlike the Revised Necromancer Handbook, which is a compilation of the Necromancy rules as they stand, what you are reading now is the rules for Necromancy as they should be. 5
Tome of Prowess Skills for the mundane and the masterful. Skills that scale to all levels of the game and offer the skilled classes some of the utility previously only found within spells or items. 4

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