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Name Cost Summary
Armored Cart 7,100 gp Somewhere between a horse and carriage and a tank lies the armored cart. For transport in dangerous areas.
Automobile 9000 gp A classic generic car suitable for any two to four seater vehicle.
Battleship 55,000 gp A large vessel that is a formidable force in naval battles.
Bicycle 900 gp A two-wheeled vehicle which makes you much faster than normal.
F-3 Foo Starfighter 10,000 gp A tiny starfighter which is not very powerful or effective.
Future Technology A listing of all FT equipment.
Glider 100 gp A swift air transport that allows you to travel great distances if you start from a high place.
Heavy Duty Truck 24,000 gp A generic heavy duty truck like a semi, or a bus.
Hoverboard 7,500 gp This board lets you defy gravity and perform neat tricks.
Jetpack 10,000 gp Jetpacks are extraordinary mechanical devices which grant flight.
Junk, Small 16,000 gp A ancient Chinese sailing boat often used as a merchant ship.
Light Duty Truck 12,000 gp A generic light duty truck or van meant for transportation.
Minisub 5,000 gp This small submersible allows land-based creatures to explore the secret depths of the ocean.
Modern Yacht 20,000 gp A modern day yacht, your typical medium sailing vessel.
Motorcycle 1,000 gp A motorcycle is, simply put, a motorized bicycle. It goes fast.
Paddle Steamer 3,000 gp A riverboat powered by steam, pushed by large waterwheels.
Rocket Bike 10,000 gp A rocket bike is a motorcycle on steroids. A rocket bike is either a high quality motorcycle or perhaps a gnome bike with a giant rocket strapped on it.
SM-20 Hisser Mecha 55,000 gp Named for the unique 'hissing' noise of their turbines in action, the SM-20 Hisser is a Gokian war mecha which occupies the role of heavy anti-personelle firepower against soft targets.
Star Ships Limited time only. See store for details...
Wheelchair 100 gp (normal), 300 gp (electric) A wheeled chair vehicle to grant mobility to those who lack it.