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The content in this category is Homebrew, which means they have been created by users on this wiki and are not official D&D content.
Make sure to check with your Dungeon Master before making use of information on these pages.

For Players For DMs For Everyone
Dragons, giants, aberrations, oh my!
Campaign Settings
Whole worlds to explore.
Wiki-style D&D books.
Classes, Paragon Paths, and Epic Destinies
An option for each tier of play.
The good NPCs, the bad monsters, and the ugly templates.
Variant Rules
Supplemental, Transformational, and Radical Variant Rules
Spells, exploits, prayers and more!
Extraplanar cosmic beings and ascended mortals.
Leftovers, charts, flavorful bits and more.
Character Options
Feats and variant class features.
Planes, planets regions and locations.
Helpful guidelines for creating wiki content.
Weapons, armor, food & drink, vehicles, magic items, etc...
Infectious plagues and deadly viruses.
Links to D&D Resources.
Magical ceremonies and dark rites.
Stand-alone adventures.
Character Optimization
You have the rules, make them work for you.

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