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The glossary contains rules categories for homebrew material on the wiki. This includes, but is not limited to, new feat types, creatures types and subtypes, status conditions, and creature abilities.

Feat Types[edit]

Unlike other tables on this page, the feat types listed here may link to an SRD page. In these instances, the SRD page contains the listings for homebrew feats of these types.

Table: 5e Feat Types
Name Description

Creature Types[edit]

Table: 5e Types
Name Description

Creature Subtypes[edit]

Table: 5e Subtypes
Name Description

Effect Descriptors[edit]

Table: 5e Descriptors
Name Description

Creature Abilities[edit]

Table: 5e Creature Abilities
Name Description

Status Conditions[edit]

Table: 5e Status Conditions
Name Description
Dazed A dazed creature has their mind befuddled, is unable to cast spells as easily, and is prone to being interrupted.
Degeneration While under a degenerative effect, characters quickly lose health as their HP plummets.
Disoriented Creatures who are disoriented find it difficult to undertake the precise gestures and concentration involved when casting a spell.
Dizzy Dizzy creatures have trouble moving around the battlefield.
Lame While lame characters can still propel themselves forward, they tend to fall after reaching their destination.
Marked Creatures that have been marked find it difficult to attack those that did not mark them.
Sluggish A sluggish creature is unable to react quickly or retaliate effectively.


Table: 5e Skills
Name Description

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