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The following is a sortable list of spells for 5th ed. (SRD, Canon, and Homebrew).

NameLevelSchoolAction TypeRangeComponentSummary
Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting8Necromancy SchoolAction150 feetV,S,MSuck the moisture from everything in the area.
Absorb Elements1Abjuration SchoolReactionSelfSResistance to a type of damage after being hit.
Acid Arrow2EvocationAction90 feetV,S,MMagical arrow bursts in a spray of acid

Acid SplashCantripConjurationAction50 feetV,SConjures bubble of acid that can hit 2 creatures within 5 feet of each other

Acid Stream1EvocationActionSelf (30-foot line)V,S,MTarget takes ongoing acid damage
Aganazzar's Schorcher2EvocationAction30 feetV,S,MYou create a line of fire to damage enemies.
Aid2Abjuration SchoolOther30 feetV,S,MIncreases max. hit points and hitpoints.

Alarm1Abjuration SchoolOther30 feetV,S,MYou set an alarm against unwanted intrusion.

Alter Self2Transmutation SchoolActionSelfV,S
Alternative Melee CantripsCantripEvocation,Conjuration,Transmutation SchoolBonus ActionSelfV,MAn alternative to melee cantrips that increases versatility without a pure increase in damage.
Animal Friendship1Enchantment SchoolAction30 feetV,S,M
Animal Messenger2Enchantment SchoolAction30 feetV,S,M
Animal Shapes8Transmutation SchoolAction30 feetV,S
Animate Dead3Necromancy SchoolOther10 feetV,S,M
Animate Objects5Transmutation SchoolAction120 feetV,S
Antilife Shell5Abjuration SchoolActionSelf (10-foot radius)V,S
Antimagic Field8Abjuration SchoolActionSelf (10-foot-radius sphere)V,S,M
Antipathy/Sympathy8Enchantment SchoolOther50 feetV,S,M
Arcane Eye4DivinationAction30 feetV,S,M
Arcane Gate6ConjurationAction500 feetV,SCreate teleportation gate
Arcane Hand5EvocationAction120 feetV,S,M
Arcane Lock2Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Arcane Sword7EvocationAction60 feetV,S,M
Arcane Weapon1Transmutation SchoolBonus ActionSelfV,S!Deprecated! Creates temporary magic weapon with extra elemental damage
Arcanist's Magic Aura2IllusionActionTouchV,S,M
Armor of Agathys1Abjuration SchoolActionSelfV,S,MGain temporary hit points and damages close combat attackers
Arms of Hadar1ConjurationActionSelf (10 foot radius)V,SCreates energy tentacles that attack those in range.
Artifice AssistantCantripConjurationAction30 feetV,SCreates a small construct that can manipulate objects.

Astral Projection9Necromancy SchoolOther10 feetV,S,M
Aura of Life4Abjuration SchoolActionSelf (30 foot radius)VProvides necrotic resistance and regeneration to friends in area.
Aura of Purity4Abjuration SchoolActionSelf (30 foot radius)VResistance to poison resistance to some other conditions.
Aura of Vitality3EvocationActionSelf (30 foot radius)VCreates an area of healing.
Awaken5Transmutation SchoolOtherTouchV,S,M
Bane1Enchantment SchoolAction30 feetV,S,MUp to 3 creatures must subtract d4 from attacks & saves

Banishing Smite5Abjuration SchoolBonus ActionSelfVAdditional force damage and chance to banish it.
Banishment4Abjuration SchoolAction60 feetV,S,M
Barkskin2Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Beacon of Hope3Abjuration SchoolAction30 feetV,S
Beast Bond1DivinationActionTouchV,S,MGain animal companion while spell lasts.
Bestow Curse3Necromancy SchoolActionTouchV,S
Black Tentacles4ConjurationAction90 feetV,S,M
Blade Barrier6EvocationAction90 feetV,S
Blade WardCantripAbjuration SchoolActionSelfV,SGain resistance to weapon attacks.
Blade of Disaster9ConjurationBonus Action60 feetV,SCreates a temporary magic blade that can make 2 attacks per turn causing force damage.
Blades of Vanquished Armies4ConjurationActionSelf (10ft Radius)V,S,MConjure spectral warrior spirits to swirl around you, harming those who come close. You can also command them to surge forth and strike your foes for you.

Bless1Enchantment SchoolAction30 feetV,S,M
Blight4Necromancy SchoolAction30 feetV,S
Blinding Smite3EvocationBonus ActionSelfVWhen you hit with a melee weapon attack, you deal radiant damage and have a chance to blind your target.
Blindness/Deafness2Necromancy SchoolAction30 feetV
Blink3Transmutation SchoolActionSelfV,S
Block1Abjuration SchoolOtherSelfV,SRaise a temporary globe of force which blocks damage on your behalf.

Bones of the Earth6Transmutation SchoolAction120 feetV,SCreates stone pillars
Booming BladeCantripEvocationAction5 feetV,MIf you hit an enemy with a weapon attack, they take thunder damage if they move.
Boreal Wind3EvocationAction90 feetV,S,MYou create a fierce gust of freezing wind that is 20 feet high and 20 feet wide.

Branding Smite2EvocationBonus ActionSelfV
Burning Hands1EvocationActionSelf (15-foot cone)V,S
Call Lightning3ConjurationAction120 feetV,S
Call SteedCantripDivinationActionEntire planeV,SCall a mount you've bonded with to travel to your location.

Calm Emotions2Enchantment SchoolAction60 feetV,S
Catapult1Transmutation SchoolAction150 feetSHurls an object, may cause damage.
Catnap3Enchantment SchoolAction30 feetS,MWilling creatures sleep for the duration and get the benefits of a short rest.
Cause Fear1Necromancy SchoolAction60 feetV,SLiving creatures must save or become frightened
Ceremony1Abjuration SchoolOtherTouchV,S,MCan perform one of a number of ceremonies - attonement, bless water, comming of age, dedication, funeral rite, or wedding.
Chain Lightning6EvocationAction150 feetV,S,M
Chaos Bolt1EvocationAction120 feetV,SShoots a bolt of energy that does random damage type and has a chance to chain to another enemy.
Charm Monster4Enchantment SchoolAction30 feetV,SPlace a charm on a creature.
Charm Person1Enchantment SchoolAction30 feetV,S
Chill TouchCantripNecromancy SchoolAction120 feetV,S
Chromatic Orb1EvocationAction90 feetV,S,MCreates an orb that damages creatures with a chosen damage type.
Circle of Death6Necromancy SchoolAction150 feetV,S,M
Circle of Power5Abjuration SchoolActionSelf (30 foot range)VCreates an area that benefits you and allies against magical attacks.
Clairvoyance3DivinationOther1 mileV,S,M
Clone8Necromancy SchoolOtherTouchV,S,M
Cloud of Daggers2ConjurationAction60 feetV,S,MYou create an area around you filled with magical daggers that damage enemies.
Cloudkill5ConjurationAction120 feetV,S
Color Spray1IllusionActionSelf (15-foot cone)V,S,M
Column of Ice4ConjurationAction50 feetV,S,MConjures one column of ice, 10-ft. radius and 35 ft in height

Command1Enchantment SchoolAction60 feetV
Commune with Nature5DivinationOtherSelfV,S
Compelled Duel1Enchantment SchoolBonus Action30 feetVPlace consequences on an enemy if it attacks anyone but you.
Comprehend Languages1DivinationActionSelfV,S,M
Compulsion4Enchantment SchoolAction30 feetV,S
Cone of Cold5EvocationActionSelf (60-foot cone)V,S,M
Confusion4Enchantment SchoolAction90 feetV,S,M
Conjure Animals3ConjurationAction60 feetV,S
Conjure Barlgura4ConjurationAction60 feetV,SDeprecated! Summons a Barlgura.
Conjure Barrage3ConjurationActionSelf (60 foot cone)V,S,MMultiplies your projectiles or thrown weapons mid-air.
Conjure Celestial7ConjurationOther90 feetV,S
Conjure Creature1ConjurationAction90 feetV,S
Conjure Elemental5ConjurationOther90 feetV,S,M
Conjure Minor Elementals4ConjurationOther90 feetV,S
Conjure Fey6ConjurationAction90 feetV,S
Conjure Hezrou7ConjurationAction60 feetV,S,MConjures a Hezrou, (CR 8 Demon).
Conjure Minor CreatureCantripConjurationAction90 feetV,S
Conjure Shadow Demon4ConjurationAction60 feetV,S,MConjures a Shadow Demon, (CR 4 Demon).
Conjure Volley5ConjurationAction150 feetV,S,MMultiplies your projectiles or thrown weapons mid-air. (More powerful version of Conjure Barrage (5e))
Conjure Vrock5ConjurationAction60 feetV,S,MConjures a Vrock, (CR 6 Demon).
Conjure Woodland Beings4ConjurationAction60 feetV,S,M
Contact Other Plane5DivinationOtherSelfV
Contagion5Necromancy SchoolActionTouchV,S
Continual Flame2EvocationActionTouchV,S,M
Control FlamesCantripTransmutation SchoolAction60 feetSManipulate existing flames in an area
Control Water4Transmutation SchoolAction300 feetV,S,M
Control Weather8Transmutation SchoolOtherSelf (5-mile radius)V,S,M
Control Winds5Transmutation SchoolAction300 feetV,SControl winds in area - gusts, updrafts and downdrafts
Cordon of Arrows2Transmutation SchoolAction5 feetV,S,MEnchant ammunition to attack creatures that come near.
Counterspell3Abjuration SchoolOther60 feetS
Counterspell, Variant3Abjuration SchoolOther60 feetSAn alternate version of the counterspell spell.

Create BonfireCantripConjurationAction60 feetV,SCreate a stationary fire in an area.
Create Food and Water3ConjurationAction30 feetV,S
Create Homunculus6Transmutation SchoolOtherTouchV,S,MYou create a Homunculus.
Create Magen7Transmutation SchoolOthertouchV,S,MCreates a Magen, a type of construct
Create Undead6Necromancy SchoolOther10 feetV,S,M
Create or Destroy Water1Transmutation SchoolAction30 feetV,S,M
Creation5IllusionOther30 feetV,S,M
Creeping Cold2Transmutation SchoolAction30 feetV,S,MYou turn a creature's sweat and the air's ambient moisture to ice, creating blisters as the ice forms on and inside the skin.

Crown of Madness2Enchantment SchoolAction120 feetV,SCreate a crown that forces the target to attack the creature of your choice.
Crown of Stars7EvocationActionSelfV,SYou create a number of tiny stars that circle your head. You can spend a bonus action to hurl them one at a time at an enemy, doing radiant damage if they hit. The stars also shed light.
Crusader's Mantle3EvocationActionSelfVAdds radiant damage to attacks from allies in area.
Cure Wounds1EvocationActionTouchV,S
Mass Cure Wounds5EvocationAction60 feetV,S
Dancing LightsCantripEvocationAction120 feetV,S,M
Danse Macabre5Necromancy SchoolAction60 feetV,SYou animate a number of corpses to create skeletons or zombies that you control.
Darkness2EvocationAction60 feetV,M
Darkvision2Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Dawn5EvocationAction60 feetV,S,MCreates a cylinder of sunlight that causes radiant damage to creatures inside it.
Daylight3EvocationAction60 feetV,S
DazeCantripEnchantment SchoolAction30 feetV,MMomentarily disorient a creature

Death Ward4Abjuration SchoolOtherTouchV,S
Demiplane8ConjurationAction60 feetS
Destructive Wave5EvocationActionSelf (30 foot radius)VCreates an omni-directional wave of energy that does thunder and radiant or necrotic damage to enemies.
Detect Evil and Good1DivinationActionSelfV,S
Detect Magic1DivinationActionSelfV,S
Detect Poison and Disease1DivinationActionSelfV,S,M
Detect Thoughts2DivinationActionSelfV,S,M
Dimension Door4ConjurationAction500 feetV
Disguise Self1IllusionActionSelfV,S
Disintegrate6Transmutation SchoolAction60 feetV,S,M
Dispel Evil and Good5Abjuration SchoolActionSelfV,S,M
Dispel Magic3Abjuration SchoolAction120 feetV,S
Dissonant Whispers1Enchantment SchoolAction50 feetVYour opponent hears whispers that damages their psyche
Divine Favor1EvocationBonus ActionSelfV,S
Divine Word7EvocationBonus Action30 feetV
Dominate Beast4Enchantment SchoolAction60 feetV,S
Dominate Monster8Enchantment SchoolAction60 feetV,S
Dominate Person5Enchantment SchoolAction60 feetV,S
Dragon's Breath2Transmutation SchoolBonus ActionTouchV,S,MUntil the spell ends a target creature can exhale a cone of energy doing acid, cold, fire, lightning, or poison damage.
Dreadtheft2Necromancy SchoolActionSelf (30ft Line)V,SCreate a beam of life-draining energy, withering foes and healing yourself.

Druid Grove6Abjuration SchoolOtherTouchV,S,MYou crate awarded area that has a number of effects including fog, grasping vines, and animated trees to guard the area.
DruidcraftCantripTransmutation SchoolAction30V,S
Dust Devil2ConjurationAction60 feetV,S,MCreates a spinning mass of air that damages creatures in its area.
Earth LockCantripConjurationAction60 feetV,SLock foes in place with conjured earth.

Earth Tremor5EvocationActionSelf (10 foot radius)V,SWithin an area, the ground shakes and it may cause damage, knock someone prone, and create difficult terrain
Earthbind2Transmutation SchoolAction300 feetVPrevents the target from flying
Earthquake8EvocationAction600 feetV,S,M
Earthwalk2Transmutation SchoolActionTouchS,MGain a burrowspeed and tremorsense

Ego Whip4Enchantment SchoolAction30 feetV!Deprecated! Create dispair in one creature.
Ekbom's Imaginary Insects5Enchantment SchoolAction30 FeetMTarget hallucinates insects all over their body and attacks themselves.

Eldritch BlastCantripEvocationAction120 feetV,S
Elemental Bane4Transmutation SchoolAction90 feetV,SRemoves resistance and deals extra damage of a chosen damage type.
Elemental Weapon3Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,SYou make a weapon temporarily become a magic weapon that does acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder damage.
Endure Elements3Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV,SA creature protected by endure elements suffers much less harm from being in a hot or cold environment.

Enemies Abound3Enchantment SchoolAction120 feetV,STarget sees all creatures as enemies and must attack a random one.
Enervation5Necromancy SchoolAction60 feetV,SA tentacle of dark energy reaches out to touch an enemy doing necrotic damage to the target and healing you.
Enhance Ability2Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Enlarge/Reduce2Transmutation SchoolAction30 feetV,S,M
Ensnaring Strike1ConjurationBonus ActionSelfVWhen you hit a creature, it is entwined with thorny vines.
Entangle1ConjurationAction90 feetV,S
Enthrall2Enchantment SchoolAction60 feetV,S
Erupting Earth3Transmutation SchoolAction120 feetV,S,MCreates an area that spouts earth and stone, damaging those in the area.
Etherealness7Transmutation SchoolActionSelfV,S
Expeditious Retreat1Transmutation SchoolBonus ActionSelfV,S
Eyebite6Necromancy SchoolActionSelfV,S
Fabricate4Transmutation SchoolOther120 feetV,S
Faerie Fire1EvocationAction60 feetV
Faithful Hound4ConjurationAction30 feetV,S,M
False Life1Necromancy SchoolOtherSelfV,S,M
Far Step5ConjurationBonus ActionSelfVYou teleport a short distance. While the spell is active, you may use a bonus action each turn to do it again.
Fear3IllusionActionSelf (30 foot cone)V,S,M
Feather Fall1Transmutation SchoolReaction60 feetV,MSlows falling and reduces fall damage.

Feeblemind8Enchantment SchoolAction150 feetV,S,M
Feign Death3Necromancy SchoolActionTouchV,S,MTarget appears to be dead and gains protection from damage, disease, and poison.
Find Familiar1ConjurationOther10 feetV,S,M
Find Greater Steed4ConjurationOther30 feetV,SSummon a spirit in the form of a griffon, a pegasus, a peryton, a dire wolf, a rhinoceros, or a saber-toothed tiger to act as a mount
Find Steed2ConjurationOther30 feetV,S
Find Traps2DivinationAction120 feetV,S
Find the Path6DivinationOtherSelfV,S,M
Finger of Death7Necromancy SchoolAction60 feetV,S
Fire BoltCantripEvocationAction120 feetV,S
Fire Shield4EvocationActionSelfV,S,M
Fire Storm7EvocationAction150 feetV,S
Fireball3EvocationAction150 feetV,S,M
Delayed Blast Fireball7EvocationAction150 feetV,S,M
Flame Arrows3Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,SSelects a number of arrows that ignite when shot doing fire damage.
Flame Blade2EvocationBonus ActionSelfV,S,M
Flame Strike5EvocationAction60 feetV,S,M
Flaming Sphere2ConjurationAction60 feetV,S,M
Flesh to Stone6Transmutation SchoolAction60 feetV,S,M
Floating Disk1ConjurationAction30 feetV,S,M
Fly3Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Focus Breaker2Abjuration SchoolAction60 feetV,S,MShatters focus and concentration

Fog Cloud1ConjurationAction120 feetV,S
Forbiddance6Abjuration SchoolOtherTouchV,S,M
Forcecage7EvocationAction100 feetV,S,M
Freedom of Movement4Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Freezing Sphere6EvocationAction300 feetV,S,M
FriendsCantripEnchantment SchoolActionSelfV,MGives you advantage on social skills against the target.
Frost Fingers1EvocationActionSelf (15-foot cone)V,SIcy blast causes cold damage to creatures in a cone.
FrostbiteCantripEvocationAction60 feetV,STarget must save or take cold damage and have disadvantage on attack rolls
Gaseous Form3Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Gate9ConjurationAction60 feetV,S,M
Geas5Enchantment SchoolOther60 feetV
Gentle Repose2Necromancy SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Giant Insect4Transmutation SchoolAction30 feetV,S
Glibness8Transmutation SchoolActionSelfV
Globe of Invulnerability6Abjuration SchoolActionSelf (10-foot radius)V,S,M
Glyph of Warding3Abjuration SchoolOtherTouchV,S,M
Goodberry1Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Grasping Vine4ConjurationBonus Action30 feetV,SCreates a vine that drags a target creature toward it on a failed save.
Grease1ConjurationAction60 feetV,S,M
Green Flame BladeCantripEvocationAction5 feetV,S,MWhen you hit with a weapon attack, green flame damages a 2nd target creature within range.
Guardian of Faith4ConjurationAction30 feetV
Guardian of Nature4Transmutation SchoolBonus ActionSelfVYou take on aspects of a great beast or tree, giving you buffing some abilities and attacks.
Guards and Wards6Abjuration SchoolOtherTouchV,S,M
Guiding Bolt1EvocationAction120 feetV,S
Guiding Hand1DivinationOther5 feetV,SCreates a floating hand that point and moves toward a landmark you specify.
GustCantripTransmutation SchoolAction30 feetV,SCreates wind effects that can push objects or other minor effects.
Gust of Wind2EvocationActionSelf (60-foot line)V,S,M
Hail of Thorns1ConjurationBonus ActionSelfVWhen you hit with a ranged attack, it explodes with a shower of thorns that cause damage.
Hallucinatory Terrain4IllusionOther300 feetV,S,M
Hand of BlightCantripNecromancy SchoolActionSelf (30ft)SLaunch clawing hands of necrotic energy at your foes.

Hand of RadianceCantripEvocationActionSelf (5 foot radius)V,SYour hand creates a beam of radiance that damages a target.
Harm6Necromancy SchoolAction60 feetV,S
Haste3Transmutation SchoolAction30 feetV,S,M
Heal6EvocationAction60 feetV,S
Mass Heal9EvocationAction60 feetV,S
Healing Elixir1ConjurationOtherSelfV,S,MCreates an elixir that heals hit points
Healing Spirit2ConjurationBonus Action60 feetV,SYou create an area that heals creatures within it. You may use a bonus action to move the area each turn.
Healing Word1EvocationBonus Action60 feetV
Mass Healing Word3EvocationBonus Action60 feetV
Heat Drain5Necromancy SchoolActionSelf(30 foot radius)V,S,MThe heat in the room seems to rush toward you, leaving everyone around you in bone chilling pain while you feel amazingly refreshed and alive.

Heat Metal2Transmutation SchoolAction60 feetV,S,M
Hellish Rebuke1EvocationReaction60 feetV,S
Heroes' Feast6ConjurationOther30 feetV,S,M
Heroism1Enchantment SchoolActionV,S
Hex1Enchantment SchoolBonus Action90 feetV,S,MTarget creature has disadvantage on ability checks (of your choice) for the spell's duration. Also, you cause necrotic damage if you hit it with an attack.
Hideous Laughter1Enchantment SchoolAction30 feetV,S,M
Hold Monster5Enchantment SchoolAction90 feetV,S,M
Hold Person2Enchantment SchoolAction60 feetV,S,M
Holy Aura8Abjuration SchoolActionSelfV,S,M
Holy Weapon5EvocationBonus ActionTouchV,SYour weapon becomes magical and deals extra radiant damage. You may end the spell causing damage in an area around you.
Hunger of Hadar3ConjurationAction150 feetV,S,MCreates a sphere of magical darkness that damages those within.
Hunter's Mark1DivinationBonus Action90 feetV
Hypnotic Pattern3IllusionAction120 feetS,M
Ice Crystal Phalanx1ConjurationOther30 ft lineV,SFire a line of freezing ice, that leaves spikes behind in its wake.

Ice Knife1ConjurationAction60 feetS,MCasts an exploding icicle that causes cold damage the target and those near the it.
Ice Storm4EvocationAction300 feetV,S,M
Id Insinuation1Enchantment SchoolAction60 feetV,S!Deprecated! Project conflicting desires
Identify1DivinationOtherTouchV,SA spell to learn the properties of magic items

Minor IllusionCantripIllusionAction30 ft.S,M
Programmed Illusion6IllusionAction120 feetV,S,M
Illusory Dragon8IllusionAction120 feetSCreates an illusion of a dragon that can do actual damage from its breath weapon.
Illusory Script1IllusionOtherTouchS,M
Major Image3IllusionAction120 feetV,S,M
Immolation5EvocationAction90 feetVEnvelopes target creature in flames causing damage for the spell's duration.
Imprisonment9Abjuration SchoolOther30 feetV,S,M
Incendiary Cloud8ConjurationAction150 feetV,S
Infernal Calling5ConjurationOther90 feetV,S,MSummons a devil. The devil may or may not follow your command.
Infernal Spheres2ConjurationActionSelfV,SConjure sphere of flame to protect you, striking those that harm you.

InfestationCantripConjurationAction30 feetV,S,MInfests a target with insect parasites that cause poison damage and forces the target to move a short distance.
Inflict Wounds1Necromancy SchoolActionTouchV,S
Insect Plague5ConjurationAction300 feetV,S,M
Instant Summons6ConjurationOtherTouchV,S,M
Intellect Fortress5Abjuration SchoolActionSelfV,SBoosts saving throws
Investiture of Flame6Transmutation SchoolActionSelfV,SYou cover yourself with flames that provide protection from fire and cold and can project this fire in a line to damage a target.
Investiture of Ice6Transmutation SchoolActionSelfV,SEncases you in ice that provides protection from cold and fire damage, as well as creating an area of difficult terrain, and allowing you to form a blast of cold air that damages enemies.
Investiture of Stone6Transmutation SchoolActionSelfV,SEncases you in stone that provides protection from bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks. Allows you to create an area effect that can knock others prone. And allows you to move through stone.
Investiture of Wind6Transmutation SchoolActionSelfV,SEncases you in wind that protects you from ranged weapon attacks and gives a flying speed. You can also create blasts of air to damage opponents.
Invisibility2IllusionActionTouchV,S,MCause a creature to become Invisible

Greater Invisibility4IllusionActionTouchV,S
Invulnerability9Abjuration SchoolActionSelfV,S,MYou become immune to all damage.
Irresistible Dance6Enchantment SchoolAction30 feetV
Jump1Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Kiss of VantiCantripNecromancy SchoolActionTouch with ReachS,MPsychic Vampirism

Knock2Transmutation SchoolAction60 feetV
Legend Lore5DivinationOtherSelfV,S,M
Levitate2Transmutation SchoolAction60 feetV,S,M
Life Transference3Necromancy SchoolAction30 feetV,SYou take necrotic damage and heal a creature of choice by double the amount.
LightCantripEvocationActionTouchV,MCreates light

Lightning Arrow3Transmutation SchoolBonus ActionSelfV,SYour next ranged weapon attack does lightning damage to the target and nearby creatures.
Lightning Bolt3EvocationActionSelf (100-foot line)V,S,M
Lightning LureCantripEvocationAction15 feetVYou create an electrical arch that draws an enemy toward you and causes lightning damage.
Locate Animals or Plants2DivinationActionSelfV,S,M
Locate Creature4DivinationActionSelfV,S,M
Locate Object2DivinationActionSelfV,S,M
Longstrider1Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Maddening Darkness8EvocationAction150 feetV,MCreates an area of darkness that causes psychic damage to those within. Darkvision can't see through it and it cannot be illuminated by magical means.
Maelstrom5EvocationAction120 feetV,S,MCreates a waterspout that is difficult terrain and damages creatures in its area.
Mage Armor1Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Mass Mage Armor3Abjuration SchoolOther30 ft.V,S,MGives Mage Armor to a number of creatures for 1 minute

Mage HandCantripConjurationAction30 feetV,SA spectral, floating hand appears at a point you choose

Magic Circle3Abjuration SchoolOther10 feetV,S,M
Magic Jar6Necromancy SchoolOtherSelfV,S,M
Magic Missile1EvocationAction120 feetV,S
Magic Mouth2IllusionOther30 feetV,S,M
Magic StoneCantripTransmutation SchoolBonus ActionTouchV,SEnchant stones to do damage if thrown or launched from a sling (as a ranged spell attack).
Magic Weapon2Transmutation SchoolBonus ActionTouchV,S
Magnificent Mansion7ConjurationOther300 feetV,S,M
Maximilian's Earthen Grasp2Transmutation SchoolAction30 feetV,S,MCreates a man-sized hand that can grasp and crush enemies.
Meld into Stone3Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,S
Melf's Minute Meteors3EvocationActionSelfV,S,MCreates a number of fiery sparks that surround you. You can use a bonus action to hurl them at a target doing area fire damage.
MendingCantripTransmutation SchoolOtherTouchV,S,MRepairs an item

Mental Barrier2Abjuration SchoolReactionSelfV!Deprecated! Boosts mental saving throws and provides resistance to psychic damage.
Mental Prison6IllusionAction60 feetSTarget takes psychic damage and is restrained for the spell's duration.
MessageCantripTransmutation SchoolAction120 feetV,S,M
Meteor Swarm9EvocationAction1 mileV,S
Mighty Fortress8ConjurationOther1 mileV,S,MCreates a stone fortress with furnishings and invisible servants.
Mind Blank8Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV,S
Mind SliverCantripEnchantment SchoolAction60 feetVCauses psychic damage and saving throw debuff
Mind Spike2DivinationAction60 feetSYou cause psychic damage to a target. For the duration of the spell you know where the target is, even if hidden or invisible.
Mind Thrust2Enchantment SchoolBonus Action60 feetV,SCauses psychic damage and limits target's actions
Mirage Arcane7IllusionOtherSightV,S
Mirror Image2IllusionActionSelfV,S
Misty Step2ConjurationBonus ActionSelfV
Modify Memory5Enchantment SchoolAction30 feetV,S
Mold EarthCantripTransmutation SchoolAction30SAllows you to move earth, shape it, or create difficult terrain.
Moonbeam2EvocationAction120 feetV,S,M
Mordenkainen's Sword7EvocationAction60 feetV,S,MCreates a floating force sword to damage enemies.
Move Earth6Transmutation SchoolAction120 feetV,S,M
Nahal's Reckless Dweomer3ConjurationActionSelfV,SOn-demand wild surge.

Necrotic AwarenessCantripNecromancy SchoolAction30 feetS,VDetect the presence of necrotic cysts

Necrotic Burst4Necromancy SchoolAction100 feetV,S,MEncysted subject killed, cyst begins to roam.

Necrotic Cyst2Necromancy SchoolActionTouchV,S,MInfect the subject with an undead sac of tissue.

Necrotic Scrying3Necromancy SchoolOtherUnlimitedV,S,MHear or see encysted subject at a distance.

Negative Energy Flood5Necromancy SchoolAction60 feetV,MCauses necrotic damage to target. If target dies, it becomes a zombie. If target was undead, it gives temporary hit points instead.
Nondetection3Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Otherworldly Form6Transmutation SchoolActionSelfV,S,MGain specified immunities, flight, AC bonus, extra attack, and your weapon attacks are magical.
Pass without Trace2Abjuration SchoolActionSelfV,S,M
Passwall5Transmutation SchoolAction30 feetV,S,M
Phantasmal Force2IllusionAction60 feetV,S,MCreates an illusion with visual, sound, and temperature stimuli, convincing enough to deal psychic damage.
Phantasmal Killer4IllusionAction120 feetV,S
Phantom Steed3IllusionOther30 feetV,S
Planar Adaptation6Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,S,MAllows you and your companions to safely travel the planes.

Planar Ally6ConjurationOther60 feetV,S
Planar Binding5Abjuration SchoolOther60 feetV,S,M
Plane Shift7ConjurationActionTouchV,S,M
Plant Growth3Transmutation SchoolOther150 feetV,S
Poison SprayCantripConjurationAction10 feetV,SConjures a puff of noxious gas that deals 1d12

Polymorph4Transmutation SchoolAction60 feetV,S,M
Mass Polymorph9Transmutation SchoolAction120 feetV,S,MChanges up to 10 creatures into beasts of the caster's choice.
True Polymorph9Transmutation SchoolAction30 feetV,S,M
Power Word Heal9EvocationActionTouchV,SRestores all hit points and removes some conditions from target creature.
Power Word Kill9Enchantment SchoolAction60 feetV
Power Word Pain7Enchantment SchoolAction60 feetVTarget experiences excruciating pain, hampering its movement, attack rolls, ability checks, saving throws, and spellcasting.
Power Word Stun8Enchantment SchoolAction60 feetV
Prayer of Healing2EvocationOther30 feetV
PrestidigitationCantripTransmutation SchoolAction10 feetV,S
Primal SavageryCantripTransmutation SchoolActionSelfSCreate acid glands in nails and teeth and make an melee spell attack.
Primordial Ward6Abjuration SchoolActionSelfV,SYou gain resistance to acid, cold, fire, lightning, and thunder damage. You can trade for immunity to one type for 1 round.
Prismatic Spray7EvocationActionSelf (60 foot cone)V,S
Prismatic Wall9Abjuration SchoolOther60 feetV,S
Private Sanctum4Abjuration SchoolOther120 feetV,S,M
Produce FlameCantripConjurationActionSelfV,S
Project Image7IllusionAction500 milesV,S,M
Protection from Energy3Abjuration SchoolOtherTouchV,S
Protection from Evil and Good1Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Protection from Poison2Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV,S
Psionic Blast3EvocationActionSelf (30-foot cone)V!Deprecated! Mental blast of force that pushes the target.
Psychic Crush6Enchantment SchoolAction60 feetV,S!Deprecated! Causes psychic damage and stuns the target.
Psychic Scream9Enchantment SchoolAction90 feetSYou magically attack up to 10 creatures that take psychic damage and are stunned.
Puppet1Enchantment SchoolAction120 feetSForce one creature to move in a direction you choose.
Purify Food and Drink1Transmutation SchoolAction10 feetV,S
Pyrotechnics2Transmutation SchoolAction60 feetV,SCreates firework display or smoke to blind enemies or obscure yourself.
Raise Dead5Necromancy SchoolOtherTouchV,S,M
Ray of Enfeeblement2Necromancy SchoolAction60 feetV,S
Ray of FrostCantripEvocationAction60 feetV,SProjects a damaging cold ray

Ray of Sickness1Necromancy SchoolAction60 feetV,SThis ray does poison damage and poisons the target.
Regenerate7Transmutation SchoolOtherTouchV,S,M
Reincarnate5Transmutation SchoolOtherTouchV,S,M
Remove Curse3Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV,S
Resilient Sphere4EvocationAction30 feetV,S,M
ResistanceCantripAbjuration SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Greater Restoration5Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Lesser Restoration2Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV,S
Resurrection7Necromancy SchoolOtherTouchV,S,M
True Resurrection9Necromancy SchoolOtherTouchV,S,M
Reverse Gravity7Transmutation SchoolAction100 feetV,S,M
Revivify3Necromancy SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Rope Trick2Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Acid Arrow2Action90 feetV,S,MMagical arrow bursts in a spray of acid

Acid SplashCantripAction50 feetV,SConjures bubble of acid that can hit 2 creatures within 5 feet of each other

Aid2Other30 feetV,S,MIncreases max. hit points and hitpoints.

Alarm1 (ritual)Other30 feetV,S,MYou set an alarm against unwanted intrusion.

Alter Self2ActionSelfV,S
Animal Friendship1Action30 feetV,S,M
Animal Messenger2 (ritual)Action30 feetV,S,M
Bane1Action30 feetV,S,MUp to 3 creatures must subtract d4 from attacks & saves

Eldritch BlastCantripAction120 feetV,SA beam of crackling energy streaks toward a creature within range.

Feather Fall1Reaction60 feetV,MSlows falling and reduces fall damage.

Fire BoltCantripAction120 feetV,S
Fireball3Action150 feetV,S,M
Greater Invisibility4ActionTouchV,S
Invisibility2ActionTouchV,S,MCause a creature to become Invisible

LightCantripActionTouchV,MCreates light

Lightning Bolt3ActionSelf (100-foot line)V,S,M
Mage Armor1ActionTouchV,S,M
Mage HandCantripAction30 feetV,SA spectral, floating hand appears at a point you choose

Magic Missile1Action120 feetV,S
MendingCantripOtherTouchV,S,MRepairs an item

Ray of FrostCantripAction60 feetV,SProjects a damaging cold ray

Scorching Ray2Action120 feetV,SShoot 3 burning rays

Sacred FlameCantripEvocationAction60 feetV,S
Sanctuary1Abjuration SchoolBonus Action30 feetV,S,M
Scatter6ConjurationAction30 feetVYou teleport 6 creatures up to 120 feet away.
Scorching Ray2EvocationAction120 feetV,SShoot 3 burning rays

Searing Smite1EvocationBonus ActionSelfVCauses fire damage and sets target on fire when you hit with a melee attack.
Secret Chest4ConjurationActionTouchV,S,M
See Invisibility2DivinationActionSelfV,S,M
Seeming5IllusionAction30 feetV,S
Sense Emotion1DivinationActionSelfV,SYou can sense the emotion of 1 humanoid each turn.
Sequester7Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
ShadowCantripTransmutation SchoolActionTouchM,SCreates a zone of shadow

Shadow Blade2IllusionBonus ActionSelfV,SYou create a magical sword, made of shadow, that deals psychic damage. It has advantage in dim light and darkness.
Shadow of Moil4Necromancy SchoolActionSelfV,S,MObscuring shadows surround you darkening the area around you and doing necrotic damage to those who attack you from nearby. They also protect you from radiant damage.
Shape WaterCantripTransmutation SchoolAction30 feetSYou can shape a volume of water, change its color, move or change the direction it flows, or change it to ice.
Shapechange9Transmutation SchoolActionSelfV,S,M
Shatter2EvocationAction60 feetV,S,M
Shield1Abjuration SchoolReactionSelfV,S
Shield of Faith1Abjuration SchoolBonus Action60 feetV,S,MGrant a +2 Bonus to AC for the Duration

Shield, Variant1Abjuration SchoolOtherSelfV,SAn alternate version of the shield spell.

ShillelaghCantripTransmutation SchoolBonus ActionTouchV,S,M
Shocking GraspCantripEvocationActionTouchV,S
Sickening Radiance4EvocationAction120V,SCreates an area of light that does radiant damage and causes temporary exhaustion.
Silence2IllusionAction120 feetV,S
Silent Image1IllusionAction60 feetV,S,M
Skill Empowerment5Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,STemporarily doubles the proficiency bonus one one skill of the target creature.
Skywrite2Transmutation SchoolOtherSightV,SWrites a short message in the sky using clouds.
Sleep1Enchantment SchoolAction90 feetV,S,M
Sleet Storm3ConjurationAction150 feetV,S,M
Slow3Transmutation SchoolOther120 feetV,S,M
Slow Healing1EvocationOtherTouchV,SRecover hp slowly over time.

Snare1Abjuration SchoolOtherTouchV,S,MCreates a magical trap that will restrain a creature.
Snilloc's Snowball Swarm2EvocationAction90 feetV,S,MCreates a barrage of snowballs dealing cold damage.
Soul Cage6Necromancy SchoolReaction60 feetV,S,MYou trap the soul of a humanoid and can use it for a number of effects.
Spare the DyingCantripNecromancy SchoolActionTouchV,S
Speak with Animals1DivinationActionSelfV,S
Speak with Dead3Necromancy SchoolAction10 feetV,S,M
Speak with Plants3Transmutation SchoolActionSelf (30-foot radius)V,S
Spider Climb2Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Spike Growth2Transmutation SchoolAction150 feetV,S,M
Spirit Guardians3ConjurationActionSelf (15-foot radius)V,S,M
Spirit Shroud3Necromancy SchoolBonus ActionSelfV,SYou gain an aura that slows a creature and deals extra damage when you hit with an attack.
Spiritual Weapon2EvocationBonus Action60 feetV,S
Staggering Smite4EvocationBonus ActionSelfVWhen you hit with a melee attack, the target creatue takes psychic damage, and is hampered on attacks, ability checks and reactions.
Steel Wind Strike5ConjurationAction30 feetS,MYou attack up to 5 creatures within range, doing force damage, and teleport near one of them.
Stinking Cloud3ConjurationAction90 feetV,S,M
Stone Shape4Transmutation SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Stoneskin4Abjuration SchoolActionTouchV,S,M
Storm Sphere4EvocationAction150 feetV,SCreates a storm in a contained area that can cause damage by buffeting winds. Also may use a bonus action to hurl lightning from and within the storm.
Storm of Vengeance9ConjurationActionSightV,S
Sudden Awakening1Enchantment SchoolBonus Action10 feetVSleeping creatures in range awake and may stand up.
Suggestion2Enchantment SchoolAction30 feetV,M
Mass Suggestion6Enchantment SchoolAction60 feetV,M
Summon Aberration4ConjurationAction90 feetV,S,MYou summon an Aberrant Spirit.
Summon Bestial Spirit2ConjurationAction90 feetV,S,MYou summon an Bestial Spirit.
Summon Celestial Spirit5ConjurationAction90 feetV,S,MYou summon an Celestial Spirit.
Summon Elemental Spirit5ConjurationAction90 feetV,S,MYou summon an Elemental Spirit.
Summon Fey Spirit3ConjurationAction90 feetV,S,MYou summon an Fey Spirit.
Summon Fiendish Spirit6ConjurationAction90 feetV,S,MYou summon an Fiendish Spirit.
Summon Greater Demon4ConjurationAction60 feetV,S,MYou summon a CR 5 or less demon and have it attack other creatures.
Summon Lesser Demons3ConjurationAction60 feetV,S,MSummons a number of demons of CR 1 or less.
Summon Monster1ConjurationAction30 feetV,S,MA generic spell for summoning an ally in combat.

Summon Shadow Spirit3ConjurationAction90 feetV,S,MYou summon an Shadow Spirit.
Summon Undead Spirit3ConjurationAction90 feetV,S,MSummons a Undead Spirit
Sunbeam6EvocationActionSelf (60-foot line)V,S,M
Sunburst8EvocationAction150 feetV,S,M
Swift Quiver5Transmutation SchoolBonus ActionTouchV,S,MYour quiver becomes magical and does not run out of ammo during the spell. Also you may use a bonus action to make 2 attacks from the quiver.
Sword BurstCantripConjurationAction5 feetVCreate an area of force blades that damages creatures in it.
Symbol7Abjuration SchoolOtherTouchV,S,M
Synaptic Static5Enchantment SchoolAction120 feetV,SCreates a damaging area of psychic energy that also may hinder attack rolls, ability checks, and concentration saves.
Telekinesis5Transmutation SchoolAction60 feetV,S
Telepathic Bond5DivinationAction30 feetV,S,M
Telepathy8EvocationActionUnlimitedV,S,MYou create a telepathic link with another creature on the same plane. You can send and receive sights, sounds, words, etc.
Teleport7ConjurationAction10 feetV
Teleportation Circle5ConjurationOther10 feetV,M
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