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To make a new page for your own class, simply replace "MyClass" in the field below. Please leave the " (3.5e Class)", " (3.5e Prestige Class)", " (3.5e Racial Paragon Class)", or " (3.5e NPC Class)" identifier for whichever one you choose. Then click the button and you'll be taken to an edit page with a template and instructions for adding your creation. If there is already a page with the same name, you'll be taken to the Edit page for the existing article.

Note: If you are adding an article to this site, and it is not your idea, please get permission from the author.

Simple Preloads[edit]

These preloads have a number of wikitables replaced with template parameters, allowing you to simply enter progression types and ability names, instead of worry about wikitables. With some advanced techniques they are also capable of displaying spell progressions, but these are not enabled by default. Examples for their use may be found in the introduction before the preload begins.

Full Table Preloads[edit]

These preloads allow you to specify your numeric progressions, but also require you to edit and prune wikitables.

Specialized Base Class Preloads[edit]

These are full table preloads that have been tailored for a particular style of class.

A spellcasting class is one that casts arcane, divine, or other styles of spells with daily slots.

A psionic class is one that uses psionic powers through power point expenditures.

A martial class is one that gains access to martial maneuvers, as detailed in the Tome of Battle.

A mundane class is a class that does not have any more than one column for class abilities.

Specialized Prestige Class Preloads[edit]

Like the specialized classes section, but for prestige classes.

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