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The World of Aeie[edit]

Here is a summary of Aeie.

Player Info The World Running the Setting
Descriptions of how the various races figure into the world of Orizon and what place they have assumed in the geography and society.
A look at how classes fit into the world and what roles they commonly find themselves in within Aeie.
The classes available to characters.
A history of magic, how it behaves, and the types present in the world.
An examination of the ways Aeie's pantheon is interpreted and how it interacts with the world and it people.
Additional miscellaneous items you'll available within Aeie.

Time and History
A general history of Aeie, from creation, through the eras, into modern day.
Pantheon and beyond
A listing and description of Aeie's various higher beings.
Geography and Environment
Descriptions of Aeie's layout, settlements, and terrains.
Rituals, heirarchies, legends, oral traditions.
The groups of interest in Aeie.
NPCs, Minions, and Notables
Various peoples of note who your players may see, talk to, or kill.
Magic Schools
A number of schools established long ago to enable those of magical and non magical descent to learn the arcane arts.
Additional vile beasts, horrid creatures, and savage species.
Dangers and Diseases
Painful and disgusting things to torture players.
Cosmology and the Planes
The layout of the cosmos.

Information on this campaign and suggestions.
Running a Campaign
Basics on how to run a game with this setting.
Adventures and Quests
Things to do in Aeie.

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