Agar in a Jar (5e Magic Item)

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a jar that allows you to summon gelatinous cubes

Agar in a Jar
Magic Wonderous item, rare

A magical jar that allows you to summon slimes

This jar holds slime in it. You can use an action to take off the top and pour out from one to three gelatinous cubes. The gelatinous cube(s) are loyal to you and your friends and can understand what you say and lasts until dismissed back into the jar or is killed. If killed you can spend 2d6+4 minutes scooping up the remains back into the jar once you summon a gelatinous cube this way you must wait three days before using it again

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AuthorXX the memenist Xx (talk) +
Identifier5e Magic Item +
Item TypeWonderous item +
RarityRare +
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Summarya jar that allows you to summon gelatinous cubes +
TitleAgar in a Jar +