Animal Cohort (3.5e Spell)

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Author: Aeturo (talk)
Date Created: 4/10/2017
Status: Completed
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Animal Cohort
Transmutation [Polymorph, Animal]
Level: Druid 3, Wizard 3, Sorcerer 3
Components: F
Casting time: Full Round Action
Range: Touch
Target: An animal you touch
Duration: 1 minute per level (D)
Saving Throw: Will
Spell Resistance: No


You touch an animal within 5 feet of you as part of casting this spell. The animal becomes a small, medium, or large sized anthropomorphic version of that animal and uses the stats given below. Effective HD: equal to caster's
HP: 8 HP/Level
AC: 10 + the caster's choice of +1 Armor bonus to their AC per 2 caster levels or +1 Natural Armor bonus to their AC per 2 caster levels. Small and Large Cohorts add their size bonus/penalty as normal.
Attack and Damage: The Animal Cohorts use either a single warhammer/greatsword, a longsword/rapier and light steel shield, or two shortswords. They are considered proficient in this weapon. Their BAB is equal to your caster level, and they use your spellcasting modifier to attack and damage unless their own is higher.
Stats: One physical stat may be a 16, or two may be 14. If the first is chosen then the other 2 physical stats are 10s, if the second is chosen the the third is 10. Their mental stats are as follows: 10 int, 12 wis, Cha 6. You may swap the mental stats around as you see fit, if you would like a more charismatic rapier wielding kitten instead for instance.
Saves: base saves are equal to the caster's, augmented by their own ability scores Feats: if the warhammer/greatsword was chosen they have Power Attack, if the Longsword/Rapier was chosen they may choose either Shield Ward (PHB II) or Einhander (PHB II) even if they do not meet the requirements, and if they chose the two shortswords they gain Two Weapon Fighting I.

If the animal is not willing to become your Animal Cohort they may attempt a Will Save but if they fail the initial one they are subservient to you for the remainder of the spell.

Focus: An animal

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AuthorAeturo +
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SummaryThey laughed at your chicken animal companion, but then he turned into a ninja and they never laughed again. +
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