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Allowed AlignmentsLawful Good +, Lawful Neutral +, Lawful Evil +, Neutral Good +, Neutral + and Neutral Evil +
Article BalanceHigh +
AuthorSTDoc +
Base Attack Bonus ProgressionModerate +
Class AbilityArcane Spellcasting +
Class Ability ProgressionMinor +
Fortitude Save ProgressionPoor +
Identifier3.5e Class +
Length20 +
Minimum Level1 +
Rated ByFoxwarrior +, ThunderGod Cid + and Zhenra-Khal +
RatingRating Pending +
Reflex Save ProgressionGood +
SkillBalance +, Climb +, Concentration +, Craft +, Escape Artist +, Heal +, Jump +, Knowledge +, Listen +, Move Silently +, Perform +, Profession +, Spellcraft +, Spot +, Swim +, Tumble + and Use Magic Device +
SummaryArcane monks study a strange form of martial arts that shapes their ki in mystical ways. In addition to this, they also gain a small pool of spells that they can cast spontaneously. +
TitleArcane Monk +
Will Save ProgressionGood +