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Armored Fashionable Clothing (3.5e Equipment)

Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 22nd November 2016
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Armored Fashionable ClothingEdit

While most adventurers enjoy the protection of armor, not all want to wear ugly hide or burdensome plates. This set of sturdy, but fashionable clothing provide moderate protection at no loss of mobility. The work required to make a set of fashionable clothing into armor is great, as a result fashionable clothing is always masterwork (price included below). The nature of Armored Fashionable Clothing is very varied, it could be a set of heavy clothes alongside a gilded metallic breastplate or simply a long coat reinforced with lightweight metal plate.

Armored Fashionable Clothing (Light)
Size Humanoid
Weight Hit
Small 1800 gp 3600 gp +3 3 lb. 8
Medium 1800 gp 3600 gp +3 6 lb. 8
Non-Standard Sizes
Fine 900 gp 1800 gp +2 0.6 lb. 8
Diminutive 900 gp 1800 gp +2 0.6 lb. 8
Tiny 900 gp 1800 gp +2 0.6 lb. 8
Large 3600 gp 7200 gp +3 12 lb. 8
Huge 7200 gp 14400 gp +3 30 lb. 8
Gargantuan 14400 gp 28800 gp +3 48 lb. 8
Colossal 28800 gp 57600 gp +3 72 lb. 8
Dex Bonus
Armor Check
Arcane Spell
+5 -2 5% 10
Base 20 ft. 30 ft. 40 ft. 50 ft. 60 ft. 70 ft. 80 ft. 90 ft. 100 ft.
Armored 20 ft. 30 ft. 40 ft. 50 ft. 60 ft. 70 ft. 80 ft. 90 ft. 100 ft.
Don Don Hastily Remove
1 minute  5 rounds  1 minute1
  1. If the character has some help, cut this time in half. A single character doing nothing else can help one or two adjacent characters. Two characters can't help each other don armor at the same time.

Armored Fashionable Clothes can include both metal and clothes, as a result it benefit from either one metallic or fabric special material (but not both). Since it is so fashionable it serve as a Masterwork Tool for Diplomacy, Bluff and Intimidate. The complete set of clothes also count as Noble's Outfit and grant a further +2 circumstance bonus (which stack with it own masterwork tool bonuses) when interacting with high society. Armored Fashionable Clothing can be disguised as clothing without penalties, hiding the armored part is usually extremely easy and may require one additional accessory, if that.

However because it is so precise in it manufacturing, armored fashionable clothing require to be fitted to the wearer as a Full Plate Armor.

It is an extremely attractive option for gishes as well; the clothes part of the armor can be enhanced independently of the armor part, allowing it to be enhanced as a robe. However doing so count as a +1 Special Quality on the armor part which must be paid as extra and count against the limit of special quality the armor may have.

Craft (Tailoring) DC 25. Market Price 1,800 gp.

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