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Devoted Spirit


Iron Guard's Glare (Novice)
Martial Spirit (Novice)
Thicket of Blades (Initiate)
Aura of Chaos (Adept)
Aura of Perfect Order (Adept)
Aura of Triumph (Adept)
Aura of Tyranny (Adept)
Immortal Fortitude (Master)


Benevolent Glance

Crusader's Strike (Novice)
Revitalizing Strike (Initiate)
Rallying Strike (Adept)
Strike of Righteous Vitality (Master)

Brother in Arms

Vanguard Strike (Novice)
Defensive Rebuke (Initiate)
Entangling Blade (Adept)
Daunting Strike (Master)

Baleful Blow

Foehammer (Novice)
Divine Surge (Initiate)
Doom Charge (Adept)
Law Bearer (Adept)
Radiant Charge (Adept)
Tide of Chaos (Adept)
Castigating Strike (Master)

Defender's Grip

Shield Block (Novice)
Shield Counter (Initiate)
Aegis Aurora (Adept)
Divine Sanctuary (Master)