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Accolade has always had threat from one source or another, usually the terrors which arise from the Underdark or the mad experiments of wizards gone wrong. However it wasn't until the fall of Vulpeculae did monsters begin appearing in numbers, shapes, and sizes far greater than ever before and with the majority pouring out of the borders of the cursed nation. Some monsters, called Accursed Beings, are more directly touched by Vulpeculae's sins and have unique and special powers that make them far more dangerous than an average member of their kin. These beings often require blood-tinged equipment to put down for good.

Though monsters can be from any source including simply the monster manuals, there are some wiki options which are appropriate for the setting.

New Monsters[edit]

New Monsters
Monster CR General Locations Description
Bell Golem 10 Cyril Continent Creations of the Kleosian Church, they have gone from military function to a more ceremonial form. However, in the deepest depths of Cyrilian mines, still active combat models continue their patrol for heresy.
Black Fly Swarm 8 Narakam, Vul Noctis, Zaeim Believed to be brought by a curse of some defeated demon lord, black fly swarms are terrible plagues which bring back the living in an unwholesome manner. Their existence is less of a natural ecological role and more of an unnatural disaster.
Black Leech 1 Any Leeches are commonplace among fetid pools and swamps, and around blood obsessed worshipers of Damu they have growth rather plump and vicious.
Blood Dragon 4-23 Any Dragons have fallen prey to the curse of Vulpeculae as well. With the appearance of the accursed Hemoplasm Slime beast, some dragons were afflicted. The end result is shunned by dragons and feared by men.
Bloodring Parasite 1/8 Any It is uncertain if the bloodring started out as a natural parasite of a magic item gone wrong, but they breed true now and are found within places rich in blood and death.
Capra Demon 9, 12 The Hells Below A particular fiend which gained infamy in their use by summoners calling them for combat, or making foul deals with the demonspawn. Its said that if one curries favor with one, or defeats one in combat, one might make use of its face. The lesser form can still sometimes be found wandering ruins or ancient battlefields.
Chelamazikin 11 Plane of Water, The Hells Below Feared by sailors, for every so often one of them slips out of its extradimensional bonds and ends up patrolling the shores of the material plane. This has occurred around Toho several times, leading one to think that someone or something is intentionally bringing these horrors over.
Dreg Dragon 4-28 Any The curse affected some dragons in different ways, and what powerful miasma would kill most kept the unquenchable vitality of dragons in a state of perpetual rot and decay.
Ethereal Scutigera 7 Ethereal Plane The ethereal plane was never a normal place, but the curse spread even there producing monsters of shapes unimaginable.
Eye Jellyfish 1/2, 4 Any Its believed the eye jellyfish was originally a part of a larger creature which fell apart. The body died, but the eyes continue to breed true. Rumors persist of a giant or demon with a thousand eyes, who will one day be reborn when there are enough eye jellyfish in the world.
Eyeball 1 Underdark A common permutation of beholderkind, the eyeball is a grotesque familiar often found in the underdark, and sometimes on the surface in the employ of more morbid spellcasters.
Eyeder 6, 8 Any Underground The eyeder is said to have originated from the underdark, and may have been bred as a biological weapon of terror. It's said they enjoy tormenting elves most of all, but this may simply be hearsay.
False Priest 9, 13 Any Even before Vulpeculae well, decay was set in and dangerous cults began springing up. When the curse hit, these heretical beings were largely destroyed, yet those that survived continued their existence and something other than human...
Fetum Homunculus 1 Any It is an age of discovery for spellcasters and alchemists, and in some kingdoms they have even begun experimenting with life, using supposed samples of the life-giving blood of Damu. Of course, experiments are often fraught with many failures...
Flabberghast 6 Underdark, Vul Noctis Believed to have been the result of some ghoulish transformation to a human, whatever has occurred to the being has left no trace of its original tormented shell. The existence of a Flabberghast is a sin unto itself, and the world is a better place when scourged from existence.
Flayed Horror 10 Narakam, Underdark, Vul Noctis, Zaeim Another creation born of human cruelty and fiendish insight, flayed horrors are only seen in the darkest most forbidden dungeons of the most depraved cultures.
Fletch Haunt 8 Aur Golau The most zealous elves of aur golau sometimes let their duty get to them. They continue to guard the forest, simply forgetting to die.
Greatarmor Knight 4 Any Used often by several great kingdoms such as Karlikov and Vulpeculae, these huge but empty suits of armor stand as guards for many sites around the world. In the places where they have been forgotten, their copper hued shells have rusted over into a brilliant green hue.
Haunting Bluewraith 5, 15 Kathib, Vul Noctis, Zaeim The destruction of Vulpeculae left many curses in its wake, and for some it was an eternity of undeath in the form of mad hunting spirits.
Hemoplasm Slime 7 Any Underground One of the foul creations born of the fall of Vulpeculae, it is believed that Vulpeculae's sin may have involved the blood somehow. It is no wonder that cursed blood now flows from the ruins of that city.
Hollow Undead 1, 4 Vul Noctis, Zaeim One of the curses of the fall of Vulpeculae, the fallen rose as a particular undead with a taste for life and almost normal behavior, yet their minds continued to decay. Now many of them are but hollow shells of themselves. Perhaps more disturbingly is that this is not the only place they are found. The deeper ruins in Zaeim find themselves crawling with hollow members of a long dead civilization.
Hsita Mosquito 2 Any Swamp In a world obsessed with the power of the blood, it is no wonder that mosquitos benefit. But tales of mosquitos of unusual size? Impossible, they don't exist.
Ironclad Turtle 5 Cyril Continent, Pintado Continent Giant turtles which feed on mineral rich areas and places mined for precious ores, ironclad turtles can grow to immense size. Some say well fed ones never stop growing.
Landsquid 7 Kathib Creatures native to the Pintado deserts, they are sometimes captured and used as large mounts for the lizardmen.
Lifekeeper 6 Ethereal Plane, Positive Energy Plane Mysterious entities from the inhospitable positive energy plane, they have been summoned often to the material world for various experiments and procedures.
Lycantroll 6 Any Lycanthropy is a pre-existing curse and disease, yet the fall of Vulpeculae somehow made it worse. This particular strain of the disease is extra cruel, for the afflicted never find their humanity again.
Mineral Lizard 1/4 Any These strange lizards feed off local materials and crystalize them into a hard shell on their back for protection. They are most common in mineral rich zones.
Mizmazer 7 Astral Plane, Zaeim The ruins below Zaeim are a dangerous trek, made ever more so by their ever shifting designs no thanks to these creatures. No one knows what purpose they serve, but some suggest they intentionally obscure passages to prevent something from being discovered.
Moonlight Butterfly 9 Aur Golau, Narakam, Vul Noctis Strange creations which were produced in Vulpeculae before the fall, they breed true after. They are very rare and beautiful, but care should be taken not to disturb them for they are very dangerous. They gather in places of great magic.
Omophagea Rat 1/8, 1/2 Any Urban Its said that the foul runoff of alchemical waste coming off of certain major cities has altered their natural rat population into something far more cunning and dangerous. In particular, Homaro's cities have an urban legend of "mole men", which some believe to actually be intelligent rats scheming.
Pale Maiden 1/2, 4, 8 Any Originally an attempt by the Atheneum of Knowledge to contact the gods, the practice has since fallen out of favor and officially banned. However, the old sins remain drifting through the world, and some say the secrets of their creation were never quite forgotten.
Pale Shark 6 Any The curse brought doom, disease, and death to many and the creatures of the sea were no exception. Still, the design of the terrible beast leave some to wonder if this wasn't once some mad wizard experiment gone bad.
Phantom Hellknight 9 Vul Noctis The land of Vulpeculae was protected by the bravest and strongest warriors which the world has ever seen, its remains which now form the Platinum Guard of Anser. Those that did not escape still protect their land, their suits filled with naught but dust.
Pillowpuff 11 Narakam Toho's Green Hell is filled with many threats and dangers, and some speak that even the ground itself is hostile to life. But that's silly, who would be afraid of the floor. Right?
Pupathid 5 Underdark, Zaeim Believed to be associated with the disturbing beings known as illithids it is known that at least one of the fallen kingdoms Zaeim sits upon had employed them, for they still roam the ruins.
Rock Crab 4 Toho Continent A common creature that can never-the-less prove dangerous to the unaware, they are most commonly found on the rocky outcroppings and cliffs of Toho.
Scribbler 6 Kathib, Vul Noctis, Zaeim In the ancient ruins (and the more modern ruins of Vulpeculae), ancient texts and tomes lay abandoned by their previous owners. These strange extradimensional beings have begun filtering into the world, exploring and investigating all of these forgotten tomes.
Skybear 2, 5, 8 Cyril Continent A common mount of the dwarves in Cyril, they make up the air force for the Kingdom of Karlikov.
Slithering Ruin 1, 6 Vul Noctis These small pests have begun appearing in cursed lands and places of corruption, seeming to manifest from nowhere. They do not appear to be natural and are not part of the ecosystem. None can be sure if they are actually creatures... or a symptom of something.
Solarian 8 Zaeim The ancient ruins of Uru used to worship these creatures, and they are believed to be associated with the "black sun kings" which commanded the creation of great pyramids. They are very rare, but its said that some still slumber deep inside their tomes.
Sorrowshade 7 Any The curses which spilled forth from the fall created many undead, among other things. Created from grieving women, sorrowshades can often be located in places of devastation and ruin.
Spicule 11 Dier, Kathib A type of snake or sandworm native to Kathib and nearby Dier, they are hazards to anyone moving over the ground. They are attracted by the sound of footsteps, and leave trails of glass in their wake.
Spulpit 7 Dier, Kathib This moving mass of living ground is a living trap in their native arid land. Unaware travelers often find themselves as victims.
Tangle Terror 8 Narakam, Underdark, Zaeim These alien creatures appear in forbidden and eldritch ruins, often in places rich in magical traps.
Tentacle Grass 7 Narakam Narakam is a hostile place where even the land itself seems to want to kill you. Tentacle Grass is just one of many forms of flesh eating plants in the area, sinister in the difficulty to spot among the rest of the flora.
Varpcephalus 6 Vul Noctis No one knows who, or what, these screaming horrors once were but they have crawled out of the depths of Vulpeculae. They are believed to be victims of the curse, but may have existed before as terrible magical experiments to humanity.
Warped Cultist 7 Vul Noctis, Zaeim The many cults which appeared after Vulpeculae have begun attracting the attention of... things... from beyond. They walk among the cultists pretending to be human.