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Geography and Environment[edit]

The planet Accolade is an Earth-sized planet in an average star system, though home to two moons; the larger and gray Millen, and the diminutive but brightly shining Whitehund which chases it. The presence of a second moon does little to alter the world's tides, though it has given rich mythology of tales of the moon spirit and his loyal guard dog, sometimes ahead, sometimes behind, but always here to bring good fortune or omens of warning. With varied climates and environments, nations vary greatly from place to place.


In this world, there are six major continents in which we go into greater detail.


Cyril lies in the north, dominated by high mountains, frozen tundra, and forested expanses. It is the traditional homeland of the dwarves, a land of harsh climate and rich geology heavy in metal ores, hard stone, and large caves. Due to the combination of natural caves and mining, it also serves as one of the major entry points into the Underdark. It is one of the largest continents, rivaled only by Pintado as a close second. Its major resources are metals of all kinds, stone, wood, and coal.


Esperant lies next to Cyril, connected by land which bends southward with temperate plains and rolling hills. It is said to be the birthplace of humans (or at least where they first rose to power), with a comfortable steady environment fed by the cold waters from the mountains in Cyril, whose rich mineral deposits make for fertile farmlands. On its shores, nations have built great ports for trade and travel. Its major resources are wood, agricultural produce, and services.


Toho lies on the equator, a hot tropical paradise on its shores, seemingly a paradise. However if one travels inland they meet a dangerous tropical rain forest which covers half of the continent, the other half consisting of highlands which suffer from an eternal rainstorm from wet hot air rising along its slopes and depositing rain into a great basin that leads to a massive inner lake. The tropics, though rich in both flora, fauna, and resources, is a hazardous land where everything seems to be designed to kill you, poison and disease is everywhere, and strange beasts not seen on other continents roam. Rumors still surface that a king of all monsters slumbers just off its coast, buried by sand but awaiting the day to rise again.

The highlands, while largely free of the hazards of nature, is a dreadful dreary place which few wish to stay. It is the traditional homeland of the greenskinned folk, which include orcs and goblins. Toho is one of the smaller continents, broken up into one large island and a dozen small islands. Toho's major resources are wood, jewels, oil, herbs and exotic fruit, spices, chemical reagents, and seafood.


Afallon is a beautiful but solitary land in the southwest, home of high cliffs and plateaus. The entire island is nearly covered in sharp cliffs at its shore, making it almost impossible to approach save for a few key locations, underground caves in the cliff face, or those willing to scale the cliff's edge. Weather here seems to be timeless and unchanging as the elves which call this place their traditional home. It is a stable land, but poor in metals. A great forest spreads over much of its interior instead, notable for the golden hue of the majority of the trees within. Afallon is the second smallest continent, and has no other continents at its borders. Its major resources are wood, glass, and jewels.


Pintado in the southeast is covered by large deserts, expansive savanna and plains, and beautiful canyons. Many races call this land home, but in the vast desert which covers much of the continent the lizardmen reign supreme. It is said to be the Esperant of the south, and it is second largest in size just short of Cyril. Though the savanna is fair for living, true treasures can be found in the inhospitable desert, as buried under the sand is a history of richness and fertility. Its major resources are salt, spices, gold, silver, glass, and jewels.


Ubaid is a land believed to be the home of ancient kingdoms and forgotten realms, a place of many climates at their extremes and vigorous volcanic activity on the far edge near Pintado. A small continent just a bit larger than Afallon, it was once home to the forgotten Uru, a kingdom which existed long before even the kingdoms of man, and place where giants, dragons, and other things which were dominant at one point once ruled. That was then, but in this day and age Ubaid is home to very few on account for its extreme environment, and the increasing danger it's main major volcano, Mt Multnomah, poses to the land as a whole. Still, for the brave one can find plenty of ruins and artifacts this this area. Its major resources are pumice, magic services, and magical items.



Blessed Kingdom of Karlikov[edit]

The traditional homeland of the dwarves, Karlikov is one of the oldest kingdoms still standing (a feat which is debated with the elven nation on which one is truly older). It is a massive country, taking up much of the land of Cyril and filled with a great deal of empty barren tundra. Dotted among the wastelands, great stone cities stand tall and rimed with unmelting ice, while deep inside its frozen exterior great forges draw up warmth from deep below. Like a glacier, the dwarven cities one sees on the surface is but a small part of the city as a whole. One can never tell when you may be walking over downtown in the city if it is underground.

The government is a constitutional monarchy currently run by Queen Aym and formerly a theocracy of the Kleosian Church. It is generally considered a LN society, though the queen herself has been viewed unfavorably for her apparent greed and power hunger. They currently are in a small civil war with Burya, though it is more of a cold war than anything.

If a comparison to Earth could be made, Karlikov would be Russian in design.


Not all dwarves agreed with the policy choices of Karlikov. Fearing the rise of other powers, then Baron Krepost chose to defect and assume control over a small territory of gnomes and humans Karlikov held in the southern end of the continent, near Esperant. After some fighting, Karlikov chose to abandon the territory to Krepost and the land became known as Burya. It is a poor country running on scraps, as the land here has already been mined dry. Instead, Burya seeks to stay afloat through various international deals, including mercenary work done all around the world.

The government is a military dictatorship, run by Chairman Krepost. It is generally considered a CN society, whose words speak hostility but actions speak very little, as they realize they are too small to effect the world at large yet. They focus their efforts on gaining more defectors from Karlikov to join their side. As a result, they are currently in a small civil war with Karlikov, but it is more of a cold war than anything.

If a comparison to Earth could be made, Burya would be Russian in design.

New Zadarmo[edit]

This is a small nation formed largely of druegar which have escaped their underdark slavers with the help of the giant tribes which live nearby. To the giants, the land is Vrch (pronounced Verch), but for the druegar it is New Zadarmo. When the dark dwarves first burrowed up from the tunnels from the underdark here, they were originally flooding Karlikov. But soon it became apparent that Karlikov and druegar would not easily mix, and draw the attention of things below if they began to shelter them. Rather than risk it, a small area of land was given for their own small nation.

Of course, even with newfound freedom, the druegar here are neither happy nor kind. Dour as ever, they dedicate their time sealing passages to the underdark and slaying drow. Their persistence for revenge has made them formidable for such a tiny nation as far as military is concerned, but generally poor and behind the times in every other aspect. At the very least, they are insular and as long as they are undisturbed, they want for nothing.

The government is a dictatorship, run by President Zvar. It is generally considered a LE society, full of hard work and no play. All efforts are to be put to killing drow above all else.

If a comparison to Earth could be made, New Zadarmo would be Mongolian in design.


Homaro Kingdom[edit]

The prime moving force in Esperant is the human-dominated kingdom of Homaro. It is a rising power in the world, enough to rival even the dwarven empire. Though still small in comparison, the growth in Homaro has been nothing short of incredible, largely due to great expeditions that have been made overseas to the continent of Pintado and rediscovering the secrets of old Vulpeculae. What riches they have brought back has only strengthened a nation made strong on the back of effective trading and services it provides to other nations. Without firing a single shot, Homaro is on the route to conquer the world through economic might. It is also a living justification for Burya that humans are a danger.

The government is a constitutional monarchy, run by King Cheval. It is generally considered a TN society, accepting of many and bothering few.

If a comparison to Earth could be made, Homaro would be French in design.


Filled with a mixture of humans, shortfolk, and other races, Schönheit is a melting pot of art and culture. Though Homaro is winning the economic war, the culture war comes from this land. With close ties to Homaro benefiting the nation they can afford to sink their efforts into art, science, and construction. It is becoming a centerpoint of world wonders, with new designs drafted daily. Of course, one must wonder when the money train will end and some whisper in the streets that one day Schönheit will simply be absorbed by Homaro as a territory.

The government is a republic, run by Prime Minister Klein. It is generally considered a NG society, with an easy-going society. It was once a colony for Vulpeculae before the fall.

If a comparison to Earth could be made, Schönheit would be German in design.

Democratic Society of Iroas[edit]

The history of this small nation on the coast is a long and troubled one, having been conquered many times over the history. It once existed and was lost, but in recent times it has returned thanks to the newfound stability that exists due to Homaro's influence on the local area. Though the nation has not been in effect for long, it yet has a rich if not bloody history. Its people were once legendary warriors, and even in slavery they found themselves as combatants in arenas or soldiers abroad. This nation takes their bloody history and celebrates it, both as a triumph of resistance and as a reminder to never fall prey to it again. Its people are fiercely individualistic, and value freedom over all else.

The government is a democracy, run by President Tarachi. It is generally considered a CG society, though it is known to be hotheaded and violent. Were it not for their general lack of global power, such recklessness would probably cause more damage than it is worth.

If a comparison to Earth could be made, Iroas would be Greek in design.


Loch Confederation[edit]

The orcs grew up in a lush but hellish environment, forced to choose between toxic jungle and dreary highlands. Though the land was rich, it was also dangerous and so bred warriors tough and ruthless. It is inevitable that when the orcs and goblins which lived there took to the sea, they would rapidly expand into all parts of the world. Loch itself is little more than a loose collection of city-states, small oasis of safety from the dangers of the continent itself. This gives them surprising defense against others while they run their business abroad.

The government is a confederacy, run by President Hailong. It is generally considered a CN society, with the rules being more guidelines.

If a comparison to Earth could be made, Loch would be Chinese in design.


Those who choose to live in the jungle itself live a hard life. The very environment around them seeks their death. Great monsters roam of landscape. Ancient cursed magic items litter the ruins deep within. And yet, so does hidden knowledge and power. Those who live within this green hell itself face no threats from the outside, for no one is foolish enough to follow them in there. Narakam is a backwards dangerous nation, the remainders of ancient tribes who once lived there and worshiped the monsters that walk here as gods. Very little is known about them, but rumors exist of human sacrifice, cultist to dark gods, and hidden passages deep within the jungle and the earth beneath. Normally this would be brushed off as the work of minor tribes, but it is confirmed that these tribes are unified for a single, dark goal.

The government is a theocratic dictatorship, run by Blood Priest Raktam. It is generally considered a CE society, its people considered aberrant, hostile, or insane to most civilized society.

If a comparison to Earth could be made, Narakam would be Aztec in design.


Aur Golau[edit]

The kingdom of the elves stretches across the entire continent, for the elves in the past had never known conflict (so they say). Surrounded by cliffs and ocean, they remained separate from the world, though through their advanced divnations and occasional scouts not completely unaware. Their gaze was not keen enough though, and they fell victim to orc raids and other hazards. Finding the world in contempt, they rejected it and most chose to remain within their ancestral home, waiting out for the hazards outside to suffer the ravages of time.

Though Aur Golau is one of the most pleasant kingdoms available, its people are considered unwelcoming of others. They desire above all else to be left alone, and possess little respect for other cultures. The fall of Vulpeculae a century past was merely an example of the decadence of man and their eventual fate. Still, in the more youthful generation a split has formed, with many of the youth slipping out or being exiled. If this situation is not resolved, eventually Aur Golau will face an age crisis.

The government is a monarchy, run by King Shadrach. It is generally considered a CN society, because while the land is seeped in ancient laws it is also subject to the whims of their king.

If a comparison to Earth could be made, Aur Golau would be Welsh in design.



The lizardfolk of the desert are a mysterious folk. Their culture is very different from those of lusher territories, and their populace speaks little of their distant homeland. They carry a long set of traditions and superstitions with them out of the desert which may not all make sense to others. Within their homeland, Kathib is a nation of great bulb shaped towers, white adobe, marble, and gold, and ancient artifacts. It is known that Kathib stands upon the ruins of a much older and forgotten civilization before them, a civilization during an age of dragons and great magic. But beware those that delve within, for it is also said these ancient tombs carry with them a potent curse.

The government is a monarchy, run by Sultan Tanin. It is generally considered a CN society, for the legitimacy of the leadership is dictated by a mandate of heaven. When the government goes sour, it is expected that those of the military turn against them until the time for a new monarch to take the lead.

If a comparison to Earth could be made, Kathib would be Arabic in design.


Within the dry savannas lies a poor but growing nation of outcasts. In past times, Vulpeculae and other kingdoms would banish their criminals and troublemakers to the distant northern veldt, expecting them to be devoured by the beasts which roamed up there. Instead, these outcasts formed a rough but functioning society of many races, as well as a significant number of gnolls. Life within can be short, but full of opportunity as the upcoming nation has begun to discover the land's own natural resources hiding within its borders.

The government is a democracy, run by President Regte. It is generally considered a TN society, though within its more rural and barren areas one could easily say that the quickest blade is the law, a wild west with frontier justice. It is swift, but not always fair.

If a comparison to Earth could be made, Dier would be African in design.

Kingdom of Anser[edit]

A small nation, it owes its existence to the fall of Vulpeculae itself. Their order of knights and survivors of the disaster fled to nearby former territory of Vulpeculae, yet untouched by its destruction. Swearing off the depravities of old, it was set up by the paladin Sir Breton as a land which would fight the evils of his nation and eventually restore the land to its former glory. They resisted others from entering the forbidden land, and act as the front line to keep whatever demons lie within at bay. Though small, they fight bravely and are united in their quest to right past wrongs. Unfortunately courage sometimes breeds zeal, and other nations are sometimes afraid the small nation may one day become too purge-happy in their quest. Anser is known for its major city with its great silver towers which glisten in the setting sun.

The government is a meritocracy, run by a group known as the Silver Council. It is generally considered a LG society with a focus on bravery and justice.

If a comparison to Earth could be made, Anser would be English in design.

Vul Noctis[edit]

Once the great kingdom of Vulpeculae stood here. Now, only lies ruin. From its ashes rose a loose collection of riffraff which together form this "nation". It is held together barely by the philosophy of might makes right, the desires of those who would uncover the old kingdom's secrets at any cost, and those nostalgic for the past but unwilling to leave their homeland for the zealous Anser. Few in number, they still benefit from Vulpeculae's infrastructure and buildings to this day. They find invasions from other lands exploring their ruins to be an affront, and find themselves hostile to all visitors.

The government is a military dictatorship, run by Warlord Grausam. It is generally considered a CE society,

If a comparison to Earth could be made, Vul Noctis would be German in design.



This nation lives an unsteady existence, living in a land which is generally hostile to life and too extreme for most. The only nation founded upon this small continent which is vast but largely uninhabited, Zaeim is ruled by possibly the only ones powerful enough to handle these lands, spellcasters. The example of inequality, commoners toil below as spellcasters in literal towers of ivory plot, plan, and unearth the secrets of the old world. It is believed that Vulpeculae first gained their secrets in this land, and that buried under the ash lays many kingdoms before them. The land is marked with a major volcano known as Mt Multnomah which causes a dry ashen "snow" to cover much of the land.

The government is a magocracy, run by Archmagus Sahir. It is generally considered a NE society,

If a comparison to Earth could be made, Zaeim would be Egyptian in design.


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