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This is currently a placeholder main page for all Dungeons and Dragons Canon material. As our first batch of material is imported and added, this page will be updated with links and likely change format slightly. As our material is woefully incomplete, feel free to add stuff you felt we missed.

  • Terms - General terms and ideas from various editions.
  • Creatures - Creatures and races from across the Multiverse.
  • Deities - Deities and powerful beings who influence the lives of mortals.
  • Characters - Specific NPCs from across the Multiverse.
  • Organizations - The groups and organizations that run the worlds.
  • Classes - Character classes and professions.
  • Items - Notable items, equipment, and artifacts.
  • Spells - Magic powers, many and varied.
  • Events - History, events and important occurences.
  • Skills - Skills and proficiencies for characters.
  • Publishers and Authors - Information on the real life people and companies that write the books we love.
  • Campaign Settings - Information regarding specific settings
  • All Material - An alphabetical list of all existing Canon Material.

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