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The White Hand 

Home Plane:

Fleshslough on the Gray Waste of Hades 


Chaotic Evil 


Orcs, Death, Disease 


Death, Diseasse, Orc 


Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk

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In Dungeons & Dragons , Yurtrus, also known as The White Hand, is the deity of death and disease in the orc pantheon.

In many campaign settings, the orcish pantheon of gods consists of the leader Gruumsh, as well as Bahgtru, Ilneval, Luthic, Shargaas, and Yurtrus.


"Yurtrus is often depicted as consumed by rot and covered in oozing pustules...except for his hands, which are pure white and free of any blemish. Yurtrus has no mouth and never utters a sound"[1]


"The followers of Yurtrus...dwell on the fringes of the tribe...looked upon with distaste and unease. They interact with the tribe [by] claiming the bones of fallen warriors to add to the ossuary shrines of Yurtrus, and...shamanic rites [to] contact...spirits."[1] "These shamans, known as White Hands, cover their hands in white ash or wear pale gloves made of elf skin to symbolize their connection to the power of Yurtrus."[1]


"Orcs who die "a good death" are sent to Gruumsh by the priests of Yurtrus."[1] ... "Orcs that suffer from gruesome diseases are brought into Yurtrus's fold and tended like prized cattle. These ores are called nurtured ones, and they are considered the chosen of Yurtrus because they have been picked for the special purpose of spreading his virulent message among the enemy."[1]

Creative originsEdit

Yurtrus was first detailed in Roger E. Moore's article "The Half-Orc Point of View," in Dragon #62 (TSR, 1982).[2]


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