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Change Gravity (3.5e Power)

Adopter: The-Marksman (talk)
Original Author: Franken Kesey (talk)
Date Created: 03/26/19
Status: Fin
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Change Gravity
Psychometabolism [Force]
Level: Psion/Wilder 3, Judge of Existence 2,
Display: Material
Manifesting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Area: 5’ cube/level (S)
Duration: 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw: Reflex
Power Resistance: No
Power Points: Psion/Wilder 5, Judge 3

Can increase or decrease the effects of gravity in the area by one step; to a maximum of heavy and minimum of light:

  • Heavy Gravity: The gravity is much more intense, as a result, Balance, Climb, Jump, Ride, Swim, and Tumble checks incur a –2 circumstance penalty, as do all attack rolls. All item weights are effectively doubled, which might affect a character’s speed; weapon ranges are halved. A character’s Strength and Dexterity scores are not affected. Characters who fall on a heavy gravity plane take 1d10 points of damage for each 10 feet fallen (max 10d10).
  • Light Gravity: The gravity is less intense, as a result, creatures find that they can lift more, but their movements tend to be ungainly. Characters within the area take a –2 circumstance penalty on attack rolls and Balance, Ride, Swim, and Tumble checks. All items weights are effectively halved; weapon ranges are doubled. Characters gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Climb and Jump checks. Strength and Dexterity don’t change as a result of light gravity, but what you can do with such scores does change. These advantages apply to travelers from other planes as well as natives. Falling characters on a light gravity plane take 1d4 points of damage for each 10 feet of the fall (max 10d4).

Augment: You can augment this power in one or more of the following ways.

  1. If you spend 2 extra power points (to any of the below or above), the area of effect increases by 5’ in all three dimensions. If a creature falls through the entire new length, adjust max damage appropriately.
  2. If you spend 4 extra power points, creates objective directional gravity. You can mark a new direction as "down". All creatures fall prone, and begin to fall in the designated direction. They may attempt to grab the ground and cease their fall as if they were falling past a cliff face. If they fail to grab on, they suffer falling damage as normal when they land on or bounce off of an appropriately angled wall or fall outside of the area of effect. The total distance of their fall is equal to their horizontal distance traveled. Flying creatures within the area adjust their heading so that they are now pointed at the ground. They may fly normally within the area, so long as they have sufficient maneuverability to turn and avoid a collision with the ground on their next turn. Colliding with the ground causes them to cease flying and begin falling, as previously indicated. This has no effect on swimming or burrowing creatures, other than to confuse their sense of direction.

In addition, for every 2 extra power points you spend to achieve any of these effects, this power’s save DC increases by 1.

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