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Author: the bluez in the dungeon (talk)
Date Created: 23/06/2022
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Humanoids with stars and black holes for heads.


Cosmins are distant but not cold, always looking upward, reaching for the stars with their minds and souls. They long for the freedom of the high atmosphere and even beyond that. They are quite competitive and strong-willed, but their reasoning and views may seem strange to others.

Physical Description

They look as humanoids, of any size and build, with a head made of pure energy, looking like a fiery ball or like a black hole. The colour of their head changes from individual to individual, with no specific pattern. Cosmins are born in various ways, some are spawned by the combination of star energy with organic matter, others are born from the cold void of space, while others are ascended humanoids whose nature is radically changed. They are genderless, but their bodies may display any kind of features, and their voices and mind can be masculine, feminine or neither. Their bodies may really be of any kind, dwarf-like, elven-like or human-like, but all have a dulled colors and sometimes a stony appearance.


Beyond their natural aloofness, each cosmin is distinctly different from the others, just as varied in personality as humans can be. Because of this they are treated according to their behaviour, at least if others go beyond their strange appearance.


Any, cosmins' alignments are as varied as them.


Cosmins can be found in any place, though the Astral Plane and space are their favorite places. They usually don't form communities among themselves.


They are very spiritual but don't follow any specific deity or religion. Each individual cosmin can worship any god they want, or don't do it at all.


They speak Abyssal, Aklo, Anarch, Celestial or Infernal as first languages, being ingrained in their minds at the moment of their birth, and can then learn whatever other languages they want.


Any, they don't have any specific naming conventions but they like to incorporate space-related terms in their names.

Racial Traits

  • Aberration (Xenoblooded): Despite their humanoid physique they have an alien physiology and mind. 
  • Medium: As a Medium creature, a cosmin has no special bonuses or penalties due to its size.
  • Cosmin base land speed is 30 feet. Cosmins have an hover speed equal to half their land speed with perfect maneuverability. 
  • Darkvision: A cosmin can see in the dark up to 60 (18 meters) feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight, and a cosmin can function just fine with no light at all. 
  • Ageless (Ex): Cosmins don't age, nor mentally neither physically, so they don't receive any penalty nor bonus from aging. They die of natural causes when their time comes, as normal. 
  • Alter Gravity (Su): They can replicate the spell alter gravity at will as a supernatural ability. Caster level equal to their HD. If they gain a fly speed, they may increase their maneuverability by one step or their speed by 30 feet for 1 round as a swift action. 
  • Cosmic Radiance (Ex): A cosmin may change its head between the form of a burning star or a gaping black hole. Doing so is a swift action. They are always under the effect of a light or darkness spell, centered on their head. They can see perfectly in the light conditions that they create thanks to this ability. They can dim the light or reduce the darkness to a range of 5 feet (1,5 meters) as a swift action, and resume their full effect as a free action. If they fall unconscious their light or darkness becomes dimmed. 
  • Gravity Field (Ex): Cosmins train their ability to manipulate gravity to overcome their weakness in normal and heavy gravity. A cosmin can perform a ritual to intensify gravity in a small area. Doing so requires 10 minutes and a DC 15 Concentration check. If successful, the ritual has altered a 30 feet (9 meters) spherical area centered on where the cosmin was standing when it finished the ritual, granting the area the heavy or light gravity trait. A DC 15 Spot check allows a creature to detect this Gravity Field due to rippling in the air along the border of the sphere, similar to a heat haze. The Gravity Field lasts for 1 hour if the cosmin remains within its borders after completing if, but dissipates 1d4 rounds after it leaves it, and it can't have more than one Gravity Field in existence at a time. As a secondary benefit, if anyone trains in heavy gravity for 1 hour each day for an entire month, it gains a +2 bonus on Climb, Swim, Jump and grapple checks, and its Strength score increases by 2 for the purposes of determining the weight it can carry, becoming also trained to avoid the effects of heavy gravity and overcoming the penalties of the Low Gravity Frame flaw. Those who train must continue to do so for one hour each day to retain this bonus, losing it if they miss an entire week of training and must undergo another month of daily training to regain the bonus. Training in light gravity allows the one training to ignore the penalties of light gravity and treat low gravity as light gravity. The same is true for the heavy gravity training, but applying the effect to extreme gravity
  • Gravity Manipulation: They gain a +1 to the DC of any effect, magic, psionic power or maneuver that involves the manipulation of gravity, such as their Alter Gravity feature. 
  • Low Gravity Frame (Ex): Cosmins' physique is adapted for low gravity, gaining the Low Gravity Frame flaw and suffering its effects without gaining the extra feat. They avoid these penalties, while benefitting from the positive effects of the flaw, if they become trained for the effects of normal or heavier gravity, such as if they train in the Gravity Field. 
  • Space Adaptation (Ex): Cosmins do not need to breathe and are immune to effects based on breathing. They are also immune to the effects of deep space, such as the cold, radiations, vacuum and any other dangerous effect. This benefit applies only while in space and only against natural hazards of deep space. 
  • Voidbite (Ex): Cosmins may use their heads to produce a crushing force that deals damage. As a touch attack, once per round using a standard action, they can hit a target and inflict 1d4 +1 per 2 HD (no Strength added) of untyped damage. This attack isn't magical but can still affect ethereal creatures as if it was (50% chance of success). If they attack an object they deal double damage and ignore any hardness, but they can destroy only one object (or section of one) per Constitution modifier (minimum 1) per day, as the destroyed object is absorbed in their body as if it was eaten. They infact still need to eat but can eat anything that they can destroy thanks to their Voidbite. The destroyed target counts as if it was disintegrated. This attack can interact normally with [Force] effects.
  • Automatic Languages: One from chosen among the following: Abyssal, Aklo, Anarch, Axial, Celestial or Infernal
  • Bonus Languages: Any, except secret ones
  • Favored Class: Monk
  • Level Adjustment: +0
  • Effective Character Level: 1

Racial Options

  • Cosmin Voidfist: Cosmin monks who enhance their natural abilities and eventually become immortal. Many take also the Meteorite Monk alternate class feature, which complements well their monk abilities.

Pathfinder Options

Add a +2 to any attribute of your choice for Pathfinder games.

Rituals of Cosmic Ascension

Sometimes cosmins are born from the ascension of an extraordinary individual, in a way similar to how elans are made. Sometimes this transformation may be apparently casual, sometimes it can be triggered, but there's no definitive way on how to obtain it.

What's important is that a creature that undergoes such transformation loses its race, templates and classes and all their benefits and effects, along with feats, ability scores bonuses and penalties and reverts to being a 1st level character with no recollection of its previous life, sometimes maintaining a vague physical similarity (but not always). Even its personality, sex and alignment may change. It gains instead all the cosmin racial features here presented.

Simple Racial Traits

These are racial traits for use with the simplified races rules.

  • Aberration (Xenoblooded)
  • Medium or Small or Large size
  • Base land speed of 30 feet. Hover speed half their land speed
  • Combat Ability - Voidbite: Once per round, as a standard action makes a touch attack that deals 1d4 + HD of untyped damage against the target. Against objects it deals double damage and ignores hardness. It can interact with [Force] effects.
  • Passive Ability - Space Adaption: Breathless and immune to environmental hazars from outer space. Denies penalties from heavy and light gravity if it trains one minute in each via the Alter Gravity ability. If the revised gravity rules are used, also treats low and extreme gravity as light and heavy respectively. The effects last for one day.
  • Utility Ability - Alter Gravity: Replicate the spell alter gravity at will (no more than once per round) as a supernatural ability, with caster level equal to their HD.

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