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Craft Xeno- (3.5e Skill)

Author: Franken Kesey (talk)
Date Created: 12/05/10
Status: Fin
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Craft Xeno- (Int)Edit

This skill allows a creature to use substances and technology not of this world. This skill is like other craft skills in that it is a conglomerate of a few different skills, each purchased separately. This skill is different than most craft checks, read the details!


You can practice your trade and make a decent living, earning about half your check result in platinum pieces per week of dedicated work. You know how to use the tools of your trade, how to perform the craft’s daily tasks, how to supervise untrained helpers, and how to handle common problems. (Untrained laborers and assistants earn an average of 1 gold piece per day.)

The basic function of the Craft skill, however, is to allow you to make an item of the appropriate type. The DC depends on the complexity of the item to be created. The DC, your check results, and the price of the item determine how long it takes to make a particular item. The item’s finished price also determines the cost of raw materials.

Unlike the normal craft skills, one cannot use spells to replace or buff a check.

All crafts require alien tools to give the best chance of success. If improvised tools are used, the check is made with a –4 circumstance penalty. On the other hand, masterwork artisan’s tools provide a +4 circumstance bonus on the check.

To determine how much time and money it takes to make an item, follow these steps.

  1. Find the item’s price. Put the price in gold pieces.
  2. Find the DC from the table below.
  3. Pay one-half of the item’s price for the cost of raw materials.
  4. Make an appropriate Craft check representing one week’s work. If the check succeeds, multiply your check result by the DC. If the result × the DC equals the price of the item in gp, then you have completed the item. (If the result × the DC equals double or triple the price of the item in gold pieces, then you’ve completed the task in one-half or one-third of the time. Other multiples of the DC reduce the time in the same manner.) If the result × the DC doesn’t equal the price, then it represents the progress you’ve made this week. Record the result and make a new Craft check for the next week. Each week, you make more progress until your total reaches the price of the item in gold pieces.
If you fail a check by 4 or less, you make no progress this week.
If you fail by 5 or more, you ruin half the raw materials and have to pay half the original raw material cost again.
Progress by the DayEdit

You can make checks by the day instead of by the week. In this case, your progress (check result × DC) is in silver pieces instead of gold pieces.

Creating Masterwork ItemsEdit

You can make a masterwork item — a weapon, suit of armor, shield, or tool that conveys a bonus on its use through its exceptional craftsmanship, not through being magical. To create a masterwork item, you create the masterwork component as if it were a separate item in addition to the standard item. The masterwork component has its own price (300 gp for a weapon or 150 gp for a suit of armor or a shield) and a Craft DC of 20. Once both the standard component and the masterwork component are completed, the masterwork item is finished. Note: The cost you pay for the masterwork component is one-third of the given amount, just as it is for the cost in raw materials.

Repairing ItemsEdit

Generally, you can repair an item by making checks against the same DC that it took to make the item in the first place. The cost of repairing an item is one-fifth of the item’s price.

When you use the Craft skill to make a particular sort of item, the DC for checks involving the creation of that item are typically as given on the following table.

Item Craft Skill Craft DC
All futuristic ammo1, adventuring gear Xeno-tech2 10
Fusion Cell, FT11 Cell, Unstable Z-Cell Xeno-tech2 15
FT00 Shield, FT10 Shield, FT40 Armor, FT42 Armor, ZK-23 Energy Shield Xeno-armor 10+AC bonus
All simple and martial futuristic weapons Xeno-weapons 10
All exotic futuristic weapons3 Xeno-weapons 15
Biplanar Force Gun, Pulse Shotgun, Siege Railgun, Force Ray, Ice Ray, Siege Weapon Xeno-weapons 20
FT20 Defense, FT25 Assault, Ship Killer, Moon Killer Xeno-weapons 25
Bots Xeno-mech 20+1/5CR
All non-Siege Vehicles4 Xeno-mech 25+2/5CR
All Siege Vehicles Xeno-mech 30+3/5CR
  1. Except Fusion Cell, FT11 Cell and Unstable Z-Cell.
  2. You do not need to be a spellcaster to craft any of these items. This is a mixture of both alchemy and technology.
  3. Except Biplanar Force Gun, Pulse Shotgun, Siege Railgun, Force Ray, Ice Ray, Siege Weapon.
  4. Vehicles without the Siege subtype.

Action: Varies. Mounting or dismounting normally is a move action. Other checks are a move action, a free action, or no action at all, as noted above.

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