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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 9th November 2019
Status: Finished
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Divine Champion [General] She was the chosen one, standing proud over the horizon, her shawl of gold and her platinum sword gleaming in the morning's light.Prerequisites: True BelieverMiCBenefit: Upon taking this feat, choose a single deity you have the True BelieverMiC feat in. You become the divine champion of that deity. As a divine champion you gain the ability to call upon divine guidance, sacred protection and smite foe, whenever she call upon her patron's power she must wait 5 rounds before doing so again.

Divine Guidance: As a immediate action after making a d20 roll, the champion may call upon guidance to reroll it and take the better result.
Sacred Protection: As a swift action the Divine Champion become immune to any status effect which would restrict her action beside death for 1 round. If she suffered from one of such status effect she is freed from it until the start of her next turn. She may use this ability even when she would not be able to act.
Smite Foe: As part of an attack action, the divine champion may call upon a powerful smiting attack. She adds her Charisma bonus to her attack roll and her character level to damage. The bonus damage double if the target is a particularly hated foe of the deity or if it an dragon or outsider whose alignment is opposed to the patron deity. This count as a smite attack for the purpose of any effect which interact with those.

Additionally if a divine champion is a divine spellcaster, they gain a domain granted by the deity. If they were a Cleric or any classes which normally grants a domain, it simply behave as an additional domain. If the class did not grant a domain and is prepared, they gain an extra domain slot like a Cleric which can only be used to cast spells granted by the chosen domain. If it is a spontaneous casting class, the champion add each spell on the domain list to her spells known when she gain spells of the appropriate level. In all cases, even if the divine champion is not a divine spellcaster, she gain the domain power using her character level as her effective cleric level for it powers.

Finally, if the divine champion possess a third sense, which function as a Phylactery of Faithfulness which in addition to it normal effect, warn you if you are about to commit an heinous act against your patron deity. Special: Some deities have additional requirement on who can become a champion, a character who wishes to take this feat must meet all those prerequisite. If the champion willingly perform an heinous act against their patron deity, they lose the benefits of this feat until they atone. Many deities only have a single active champion at any time, but it is possible a former champion return or that two champion coexist.

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