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Climate/Terrain: Any

Frequency: Very rare

Organization: Clan

Activity cycle: Any

Diet: Omnivore

Intelligence: Very (12)

Treasure: W (A)

Alignment: Lawful evil

No. Appearing: 2-12

Armor Class: 3

Movement: 9

Hit dice: 3+1

THAC0: 17

No. of attacks: 3

Damage/attack: 1d8 (weapon) / 1d2 / 1d2

Special attacks: See below

Special defenses: None

Magic resistance: 20%

Size: M (6')

Morale: Elite (16)

XP Value: 420




Insectare Klicklikak[edit]

See Insectare Klicklikak



  • Spelljammer reference: MC9
  • TSR reference: TSR 2119
  • ISBN: 1-56076-071-0