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Dominating Dogma (3.5e Spell)

Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 2-15-15
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Dominating Dogma
Enchantment (Compulsion) [Chaotic, Evil, Good, Lawful, Mind-Affecting]
Level: Cleric 5
Components: V, S, DF
Casting time: 1 round
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target: One creature with Int 3 or greater
Duration: One day/level
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

You've hurt many creatures, now you will feel the worst punishment of all; empathy!

You alter the outlook of a creature to match your own. This doesn't establish control over the creature's actions nor stop it from being hostile to you per se, but it will act in accordance to its new alignment and outlook which may result in ceasing hostilities or agreeing to formerly disagreeable acts. Even so, this is an act of force and on par with the morality of effects such as dominate person. The creature's mind is split into the altered one, in control of the body, and the original which can only observe for the duration.

Subjects resist this control, and any subject forced to take actions violently against its nature due to their new alignment (such as killing a loved one, or a dragon giving away all of its gold) grants the subject a new saving throw with a +2 bonus. A successful save will prevent them from performing the action. The altered alignment mind is aware of this and typically will not provoke its original mind lest it lose control.

If you don’t spend at least 1 round concentrating on the spell each day, the subject receives a new saving throw to throw off the domination. You are aware if the spell is still active, and do not require line of effect.

While it's alignment is changed, it may lose access to class features and abilities. However the spell can never permanently cause loss. At the end of the duration, the creature is given the choice to return to its old alignment or benefit from the effects of atone and switch alignments for good.

Creatures only one step away on alignment take a -2 penalty on the saving throw. Creatures which have been previously affected by an alignment shift by this spell are resistant, gaining a +4 bonus against it. Creatures with class features which require an incompatable alignment also get a +4 bonus against it. Creatures with an alignment subtype which opposes (good and evil, law and chaos) also get a +4. These bonuses stack. Paladins in particular are resistant, getting a +8 bonus.

Protection from evil or a similar spell can prevent the new alignment from exercising control while the subject is so warded, but such an effect neither prevents the establishment of domination nor dispels it.

When you use this spell to change to a chaotic, evil, good, or lawful alignment, it is a spell of that type.

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