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Dungeonomicon (3.5e Sourcebook)

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Author: Frank and K
Date Created: 2005
Status: Completely transcribed
Editing: Please don't alter it.
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This is the third installment of our series exploring portions of the D&D experience that don't work at all, began with the Tome of Necromancy and continued with the Tome of Fiends. This work focuses on the most central of perplexing legacies: The Dungeon. We know you love Dungeons, but you probably have more than a little difficulty justifying them to yourself or to other players of the game.


Chapter 1: Social Structures in D&D

Living With Yourself After a Raid
Razing Hell: When Genocide is the Answer
The Hands of the Divine
Temporal Authority in D&D

Chapter 2: Characteronomicon

Base Classes
Thief Acrobat
Prestige Classes
Defiler of Temples
Ninja of Gax
Elothar Warrior of Bladereach
Dungeon Veteran
Master of Snake Mountain
Seeker of the Lost Wizard Traditions

Chapter 3: Economics in D&D

Wish and the Economy
Wartime Economies Make for Shortages
Coins are Big and Heavy
Bad Money Drives Out Good: The Penalties of Paper
Powerful Creatures Have a Powerful Economy
The Service Economy: The Profession Rules Don't Work
Bringing the World out of the Dark Ages

Chapter 4: Magic Effects

Easter Egg Class Features: Artifact Swords and Powergloves
Your Money is No Good Here
It's not Stupid, it's Advanced!
Material Components: A Joke Gone Way Out of Hand
Some Spells Don't Work
Some Effects Don't Work

Chapter 5: Life Under Ground


Chapter 6: Dungeons

Dungeons: By the Gods, Why?
Castles and Manors: Taking the Dungeon out of the Dungeon

Chapter 7: Lexiconinomicon

Language in D&D

Chapter 8: Sample Adventuring Locations

The Hall of Records
The Tomb of Iuchiban
The Garden of Gretel the Snowshaper
The Closed Shafts

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