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ComponentV + and S +
LevelSorcerer/Wizard 4 +, Sorcerer/Wizard 7 +, Bard 1 +, Sorcerer/Wizard 2 +, Sorcerer/Wizard 3 +, Sorcerer/Wizard 5 + and Sorcerer/Wizard 6 +
RangePersonal +, Medium + and Touch +
SchoolSRD:Transmutation School +
SummaryYou are transformed into a creature of your choosing. +, Target is transformed into an alternate creature (revised polymorph). +, Multiple targets are transformed into alternate creatures. +, Target assumes appearance and form of a humanoid. +, Target takes on the form of an animal or magical beast. +, Target assumes the form of a monster. +, Target gains form of a fiendish race, as well as some of their abilities. + and The target assumes the form of a huge dragon. +