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This page will explain the basic principles behind the Dungeons and Dragons Wiki as well as its differences from other projects you might have come across.

This is a place for your own stuff

You! Yes, you! If you're role-playing, we bet you have something to share. It can be anything from house rules that improve your game and homebrew spells and monsters to campaign settings descriptions and adventures. You can also upload images for your work (provided they have legal license status).

We do have a strict naming convention for homebrew material, however, as well as some rather strict guidelines to keep things from becoming cluttered up with unplayable and incomplete submissions. We are also very author-centric with our homebrew, and don't look kindly on people fiddling with the mechanics of other contributors work (though wording is acceptable). While these aren't normal wiki policies, we have found that it keeps the place more user friendly and allows users to better find material for their games.

This is a place for official information

Any Wikipedia-like pages about things related to Dungeons and Dragons are welcome here. Good examples are articles about D&D books, publishing companies, game designers, versions of game mechanics, and encyclopaedic articles about campaign settings and monsters.

Some of the Wikipedia limitations still apply, meaning you should write consistently and try to stay neutral. If you cannot stay neutral and a particular point of view must be maintained, it is allowed as long as no false information is provided. It is also a good idea to give a link to another article which describes the same subject from a different point of view. No direct bashing of basic D&D principles is allowed: if you don't like it, don't contribute.

This is a place for gaming-specific information

There are a lot of articles that can possibly be written but will never be accepted at a Wikipedia project because they will be deemed "irrelevant" and deleted quickly. If an article is not homebrew or encyclopedic, you are welcome to place it in the user space as a subpage of your user page, no matter how small the topic. Those who do not need your article will not read it and link to it, though they may use ideas within it in other articles, but they will not delete it unless you violate the Terms of Use.