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Using the Wiki

Community Portal

Navigating the Wiki

Canon Content Requirements

Homebrew Content Requirements

Publication Transcriptions

General Editing Policy

General Deletion Policy

Uploading Images

Wiki Syntax

If you've already read our getting started page, you should have a good idea what you can expect to find here. This page should help you better understand our layout and some of the tools at your disposal. If you are interested in learning about how to use a wiki in general, Mediawiki Help has a wide variety of help topics to get you started.


In the default "skin" of the wiki, the main navigation bar is on the left side of the window. It is broken up into sections by focus, to better assist users in finding what they're looking for. Inside each of the main links on the left is another navigation page, with links to the various subgroups of things found in the section. These navigation pages are intended to narrow down the options until you can easily find what you're looking for. Every navigation page and article page should also have a breadcrumb at the bottom, if not also at the top, of the page to assist you in backtracking.

Adding New Articles[edit]

You can also review the information in the Authoring section and Wiki Syntax section for details on specific conventions and tools we use here.

Please note that most of our navigation is updated automatically, and there is rarely a need to manually add your article to the list. If your article hasn't shown up after a few days or you have other questions about adding a new piece, feel free to ask any one of our Administrators.

Updating Articles[edit]

Messaging Users[edit]

You can leave messages for other users in a whole bunch of different places. At the top of each page is a tab labelled "discussion"; we generally call it the talk page. Pretty much every page on with wiki has an associated talk page. Putting a comment up on a user's talk page is the easiest way to message them, since it will often show them a notice on the wiki. You can also message people about a specific page on that page's talk page. Comments on an article page should be primarily about the article itself. One thing to keep in mind though is that once you start a conversation on a talk page, replies are most likely to show up on the same page. You may need to remember to check the page later on.

You'll also want to sign your comments on talk pages with either ~~~~ or the signature button at the top of the editting window. It makes it easy to identify who is saying what, and you can follow their name link back to their pages if you wanted to send them a message directly about something

What to do Now?[edit]

If you are interested in learning about some advanced navigation options, read Navigating the Wiki.

If you need any other further assistance, feel free to leave a message on the talk page of any of the Administrators or ask in the IRC Chatroom (link on the sidebar).