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|types=Elemental, Fiendish
|types=Elemental, Fiendish
|prereq=Air, Earth, or Fire elements (if taken as an Elemental sphere only).
|prereq=Air, Earth, or Fire elements (if taken as an Elemental sphere only).
|special=You gain resistance 20 to Electricity.
|special=You gain Immunity to Electricity.
When you deal electric damage, target must succeed on a Fortitude saving throw (DC 15+ primary casting ability) or be paralyzed until they make the save. If the initial save is failed, additional saves are made at the beginning of the target's turn. These additional saves are reduced from the original DC each round by an amount equal to the number of the current round plus the number of every previous round in which a save was made (counting the initial attack as the first round). I.e. if it is the target's first round since the initial damage, the DC is reduced by 2, if it is the second round, the DC is reduced by 5 (2+3), 3rd round is reduced by 9 (2+3+4), and so on until the save is made. If target is hit by this (or similar effect) a second time while making saves to recover, but succeeds on the save to prevent becoming paralyzed, he must continue at his current saves until he breaks the paralyzation. If he fails the new initial save, ongoing saving throws begin anew for the new effect.
|level1=[[SRD:Lightning Bolt|Lightning Bolt]]
|level1=[[SRD:Lightning Bolt|Lightning Bolt]]
|level3=Shocking Ray'' (as ''[[SRD:Scorching Ray|Scorching Ray]]'', but electric)'' 
|level3=Shocking Ray'' (as ''[[SRD:Scorching Ray|Scorching Ray]]'', but electric)'' 

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Electricity Sphere[edit]

Electricity [Elemental, Fiendish]

Prerequisites: Air, Earth, or Fire elements (if taken as an Elemental sphere only).
Special: You gain Immunity to Electricity.


Substitute: Polarized Ray (as Polar Ray, but electric damage instead) for first unavailable spell except Electric Shield. That gets an Electricity-damaging Fire Shield.

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AuthorIGTN +
ElementsAir +, Earth + and Fire +
Identifier3.5e Sphere +
Rated BySurgo +
RatingRating Pending +
SpecialYou gain Immunity to Electricity. +
SpellLightning Bolt +, Shocking Ray (as Scorching Ray, but electric)  +, Orb of Electricity (CArc)  +, Chain Lightning +, Electric Shield (PHB2 Sonic Shield, but Electric)  +, Thunder Field (PHB2)  +, Power Word: Stun +, Greater Shout, Electric damage and [Electricity] descriptor, not sonic.  +, Lightning Bolt, Maximized, 6 damage per caster level with no maximum  + and Chain Lightning, Quickened  +
TitleElectricity +
TypeElemental + and Fiendish +