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Author: balmz (talk)
Date Created: july 16 2018
Status: tbc
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Favored Domain Soul

Choose one of your deity domain's over weapons

Class: Favored Soul

Prerequisites: level 3, 12 favored soul

Level: 3, 12, 17

Replaces: Deity's Weapon Focus, Deity's Weapon Specialization, Wings

Benefit: At level 3 you instead of weapon focus for your Deity's favored weapon choose one of their domains. You gain access to the domain spells and add them to your spell list as spell automatically known. You can use the granted powers of the domain as a cleric does. You must still meet the caster level requirements for domain spells to cast them. At level 12 instead of weapon specialization with your deity's weapon you may cast spells from the domain you chose as a spell like ability, they still have the same use limits and spellcaster requirements as your non domain spells. At level 17 you may cast level 1-4 spells from the chosen domain as a supernatural ability at will, level 5-9 spells in the domain are now supernatural and have the same use limits as before. You may only choose one domain of your deity. Once chosen, the favored soul may change it but doing so requires a full day of meditation, 8000 xp is lost and there is a one year waiting period if they wish to change again.

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