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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 25th August 2015
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Ganceanns are strange undead, they are notable for their ability to detach their head. Said to be created when a cursed man or woman is slain, or perhaps when a cavalier is slain on it horse, or when a innocent is wrongfully executed. In all case however the ganceanns is decapitated. Most if not all ganceanns were human once, they usually bear great resemblance with their old human selves. One trait that differenciate them from their old selves if their head, although they may have normal pale human head that are detachable some of them have much more exotic looking heads (a bare skull with burning eyes or just a gout of hellfire). Ganceanns do not have major personality shift when going from living to dead, however given the type of people who tend to become undead this is not necessarily a good thing.

All Ganceanns can detach their head, create small inferno in their hands and summon a ghostly mount to carry them into the night.

Racial Traits

  • +2 to any attribute: Ganceanns are extremely versatile creatures.
  • Undead (Dark Minded, Unliving): Ganceann are undead creatures, they however have their own mind and their body is mostly intact. 
  • Medium: As a Medium creature, a ganceann has no special bonuses or penalties due to its size.
  • Ganceann base land speed is 30 feet.  
  • Darkvision: A ganceann can see in the dark up to 120 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight, and a ganceann can function just fine with no light at all. 
  • Detachable Head (Ex): Ganceanns have the ability to detach their own head as if they were constantly wearing a headless helm (including the chances it fall off after being struck). Their head often possess inhuman features, such as having a stump made of ethereal flames, having eyes which glow as if a light backed them or being engulfed in perpetual fire. This grant them a +4 bonus on intimidate checks. If their body is destroyed but their head is still living, it will vanish in a blast of hellfire and reappear where the head is located in 1d4 days with all of it equipment. If the head is destroyed while the body is not, the body become mindless and will immediately roam the land (using it mount when possible) for 1d4 days, after which the head 'regrow' on the stump, which restore the ganceann her reason. 
  • Inferno (Su): Ganceann are capable of using produce flame
  • Summon Mount (Su): A Ganceann can summon it own ghostly mount as per the phantom steed spell. She may only have a single instance active at any time, however if her mount is destroyed she cannot summon it again for 24 hours.
  • Automatic Languages: Common
  • Bonus Languages: Any non-secret
  • Favored Class: Any
  • Level Adjustment: +0
  • Effective Character Level: 1

Vital Statistics

Table: Ganceann Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 4’ 10” +2d10 120 lb. × (2d4) lb.
Female 4’ 5” +2d10 85 lb. × (2d4) lb.

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SummaryGanceanns are strange undead, they are notable for their ability to detach their head. +
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