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Heart of Air (3.5e Equipment)

Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 6-13-09
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Heart of AirEdit

The heart of air is born from great cataclysms of wind and fury, be it a massive portal to the elemental plane of air, the death of a deific air god or elemental being, or other shocks to the fabric of the universe. Though it resembles a smooth polished crystal sphere no larger than a large softball, it is space wrapped up tightly around a torn-off fragment of the elemental plane itself. Born of great air powers, it is treasured by elemental mages.

Upon touching a heart of wind, you feel as if it is supernaturally lightweight, ready to float out of your hands if you release it, and faintly giving off a whispering howl of wind. If a subject spends 3 full-round actions focusing on the sphere, they will be able to draw out some of its power. It may bestow one of these Blessings of Air once a month per person. Once drawn, they gain one of the supernatural abilities below, and cannot change it until at least 1 month has passed. If they do so, they may attune with the sphere again and gain a new benefit, losing their old benefit. These powers can be suppressed in an antimagic field, or suppressed for 1d4 rounds if successfully dispelled (CL equals to subject's HD) A disjunction may destroy the effect, but the subject can attune and regain their power if 1 month has already passed. Select from below.

Blessings of Air

  • Cloak of Thunder: Your body is wrapped in a constant electrical aura which allows you to deal 2d6 electric damage on all your physical attacks. Those striking you with natural weapons or grappling also take this damage. It may be suppressed or activated as a free action once per round, and does not function if you are unconscious.
  • Soul Howl: You gain the air subtype, and air swirls around you protectively, granting a constant Wind Wall effect that wraps tight around your body. Unlike normal wind walls, you may fire out of the shield, though opponents cannot fire inward. As a move action, you may unfold the effect into a traditional wind wall shape, but it remains immobile until you dismiss it as another move action. Your clothes and hair seem to whip around in a subtle, non-existent breeze.
  • Air Affinity: Your spells howl and gust, and your caster level for air or electricity spells rises by 4. In addition, any metamagic applied to a air or electricity spell has its metamagic cost reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 1). When casting, your magic effects often have bursts of wind away from them and crackle with thunderous discharges.
  • Cloudrunner: Your body can waltz in the sky as easily as you walk. You gain a fly speed of 10 ft. per HD (maximum 200 ft at 20 HD) with good maneuverability, and even on land you no longer take penalties for moving in difficult terrain. Your body becomes lightweight, allowing you to feather fall as an extraordinary effect. In addition, you gain the cloudwalking ability of silver dragons. When mobile, you gain bonuses on your Reflex saves during that round, getting a +1 circumstance bonus to Reflex saves for every 20 ft. you have moved in that round. On close inspection, your body no longer touches the ground, but floats a half-inch above the terrain, even at rest.
  • Elemental Servant: An air elemental is bound into your soul, allowing you to call (or dismiss) an elemental cohort as a standard action. The elemental's size and level is based on your HD, and is the same elemental each time. This elemental is 1-3 HD (Small), 4-6 HD (Medium), 7-9 HD (Large), 10-12 HD (Huge), 13-15 HD (Greater), 16-18 HD (Elder), 19-20 HD (Elder +3 HD added). In addition you learn the associated elemental language, Auran. If your elemental dies, it cannot be returned until a raise dead or similar spell is cast, which functions normally in spite of the elemental traits.
  • Impossible Evasion: You push your body and mind to the limits, entering a sort of "evasive rage". Succeed on a DC 15 concentration check as a free action that may only be taken once per round, and you gain +4 to Dex and Wis, +2 on all skill checks based on movement and sensing information, and -2 attack rolls as your body is overcome by constant erratic motion. You also gain evasion. If you already possess evasion, you gain improved evasion. If you already possess improved evasion, you gain mettle, allowing you to avoid even the otherwise unavoidable targeting of spells which affect Fort and Will saves on a successful saving throw. This evasive rage lasts for 3+your newly modified wisdom modifier rounds, and is often accompanied by the sound of wind and trails of vapor. When it ends, you are shaken for 1 minute as your mind reels from the effort. You can only enter impossible evasion 1/encounter, and while you may enter it any number of times per day, each time you do so, the DC on the concentration check required to enter it rises by +5. This increase stacks with itself.

If the heart of air is held in hand, it grants its user several spell-like abilities. A heart of air has 20 charges and recovers them at 1 charge per day. Each spell level consumes that many charges (a 8th level spell is 8 charges, a 3rd level spell is 3 charges, a 0th level spell is 0 charges and thus can be used at will). It uses its current wielder's HD as its caster level and its wielder's primary casting score (default Cha for non-casters). A user can only use spells up to a level available as a wizard of his level. So, a 13 HD character can only cast up to 7th level spells.

The heart of air may be recharged quicker by any spellcaster, by expending spell slots as a standard action. The sphere absorbs the expended magical energy, absorbing its spell level's worth of charges.

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