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Hero (3.5e Feat)

Adopter: Eiji-kun (talk)
Original Author: SisterAcacia (talk)
Date Created: 23/10/2012
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Hero [General] You value your friends so much that them being hurt makes you angry with RIGHTEOUSNESS. And anger.Benefit: Any time an ally within line of sight is incapacitated (through damage or status effects that would prevent any actions), you gain a +1 Morale Bonus to attack rolls and +1d6 damage. This lasts until you make an attack or the end of your next turn, whichever comes first. Multiple allies dropping in the same turn will actually increase the bonus by +1 and +1d6 respectively, but not extend the duration. The total number of allies granting the bonus at any time cannot exceed your hit dice, and any incapacitated ally will not add to the bonus if their own number of hit dice is smaller than the bonus. Example: If three allies drop to a fireball and then one is petrified, you would gain +4/+4d6 on your revenge attack.Special: If using Pokemon d20, the pre-requisite is "Not a Dark or Ghost Type Pokemon".

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