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Hypochondria (3.5e Flaw)

Author: Jota
Date Created: January 15, 2010
Status: Beta
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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You believe, rightly or wrongly (mostly wrongly), that your body is playing host to hordes of diabolical diseases.

Prerequisite: None

Effect: At the beginning of each day, roll d100. You take ability damage according to the disease the die indicates (and any other relevant effects) as if you had failed the initial save allowed against the disease. This ability damage does not progress (there is no need to make further saves), and it cannot be healed by effects which normally restore ability score damage.

Whenever your character has to make a Fortitude save, regardless of the success of failure of the save, roll d100. This new result displaces the old one, removing the effects of whatever disease the character believed they were carrying and replacing it with new damage, unless the same disease comes up, in which case the character takes damage as if the disease had progressed. Similarly, at the beginning of each day the d100 roll can either signal the presence of a new disease or the 'progression' of a pre-existing one.

A character's ability scores may not be reduced to zero as a result of this flaw.

Benefit: Bonus Feat, +2 insight bonus on Heal checks.

d100 Result Disease
1-8 Blinding Sickness
9-16 Cackle Fever
17-25 Cascade Flu
26-34 Cerebral Parasites
35-42 Demon Fever
43-51 Devil Chills
52-59 Filth Fever
60-68 Mindfire
69-76 Mummy Rot
77-84 Red Ache
85-92 Shakes
93-100 Slimy Doom

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