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Author: The Dire Reverend (talk)
Date Created: 6/5/2012
Status: Complete
Editing: Suggestions on talk page welcome.
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One of the most well-known Incognito Undead, who was exposed in the music video for the song Thriller.

Incognito Undead [General] You gain the ability to appear as if you were still living. In addition, you can temporarily become alive again, at the cost of your abilities.Prerequisites: Undead Type gained through a templateBenefit: You gain two special abilities, Alternate Form and Suppress Undeath (seen below)

Alternate Form (Su): You gain the ability to look and feel as you did before you became an undead. As a full-round action, you can change your appearance and physiology to that of yourself before you became undead. All Detect spells see you as a neutral living creature, however True Seeing reveals your true form. In addition, you still can easily be found out by someone casting a spell that deals positive energy, or a cleric or paladin attempting to turn you.

Suppress Undeath (Ex): When assuming your Alternate Form, you optionally can lose all vulnerabilities from being undead by suppressing your undead subtype. Suppressing your undead subtype makes your Alternate Form an Extraordinary ability and increases the time it takes to change to a minute, during which your are Helpless. You can choose to stop your transformation at any time, however you must restart the process from the beginning if you go back to altering your form.

While you have your undead subtype suppressed, you lose ALL undead qualities, you gain a Constitution score of 10, (do not recalculate hit points or change your HD from d12s to whatever) and abilities that effect undead differently work as if you were alive. You lose the special features of all Classes (with the exception of this one) that require you to be undead. Any undead-specific feats do not work, and your undead natural weapons and special abilities and attacks do not work.

Despite being alive, you do not age. If you do anything that would kill a living creature but not an undead (for example, starving, drowning, gaining a number of negative levels equal to your HD or a Death Effect), instead of dying you revert back to your undead form.

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