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Infinite Blade Fields (3.5e Location)

Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 6-6-11
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Infinite Blade FieldsEdit

The massive blade Durandel which pierces through each of the layers of Mrityulok is a construct of unknown metals and solidified energies on the blood channel of the blade. It is by passing through the shimmering blood channel one transitions from the current layer to the Infinite Blade Fields, a transitional plane which connects Mrityulok to all other layers and planes beyond. It is a massive field filled with weapons; in spite of the name not only swords make it here but hammers, spears, axes, maces, and other tools of war. It is believed that every weapon which has seen battle and been lost ultimately ends up here.

Planar TraitsEdit

The Infinite Blade Fields are endlessly massive, with no apparent map or location. Each trip into the transitive plane lands creatures in different places each time, the exit location changing position every minute. From there its merely a matter of chosing a direction and walking. Regardless of direction, or even if one is circling in place, you will arrive at your desired destination in 1d6x10 minutes. Portals to other planes are always connected to a weapon which is immovably stuck in the ground and glowing with the colors associated with the plane it is linked to. Those who touch the weapon are then transported to that plane, which includes links to every layer in Mrityulok, as well as the Ethereal, Shadow, and Astral planes.

Though the Infinite Blade Fields are littered with weapons and gear, it proves quite impossible to remove the weapons off of this layer. One should take care not to leave their weapons unattended here for longer than 1 week, or it will become linked to the layer and be unable to leave.

Physical TraitsEdit

  • Time: Timeless. Like the Astral, time does not flow and creatures do not age, but once they leave aging and hunger occur retroactively.
  • Size: Infinite. The edge of this plane has never been found.

Elemental, Energy, Alignment and Magic TraitsEdit

Planar ConnectionsEdit

Infinite Blade Fields connects to the Astral Plane, Ethereal Plane, Shadow Plane, and each layer of Mrityulok.


Few live directly on the Infinite Blade Fields themselves due to the Timeless trait and the subsequent danger of leaving the plane, but it is a populated area with travellers in transit. Most travelers are benign and pass by with a simple hello, while others use it as a battleground, using the surrounding weapons as tools for their battles.

Movement and CombatEdit

The Infinite Blade Fields itself does not present any worse penalty to movement than any Prime Material plains or wasteland. The surroundings are largely planes, with temperatures and altitude varying over the length of the plane. Typically an area begins to appear like the nearby portals; for example a portal to Krailzec, the layer for Desert Wind, is surrounded by dry cracked plains while Talos Nova, the layer for Golem Heart, is scattered with various steampunk weapons and signs of artifical structure on the ground. The Infinite Blade Fields do not present any inherent benefit or penalty to combat as weapons are scattered far enough away not to count as difficult terrain.

Features of the Infinite Blade FieldsEdit

The Infinite Blade Fields is an infinitely large place, most of it barren of life save the occational traveler. Due to its variable nature no cities or permenant locations have been constructed. However the layer is prone to one certain natural hazard which occationally springs up:

Bladestorms: Weapons begin to fall out of the sky like rain, battering creatures in a hail of attacks. When a bladestorm is in progress creatures stuck within are struck with random weapons. Each round they are hit with an attack roll of +20, which deals 5d8+10 bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage with a 50% chance of bypassing any damage reduction it encounters. It has a 20/x2 critical hit change and leaves the surroundings as difficult terrain. Bladestorms can be as small as 500 feet wide up to 2 miles wide. The difficult terrain lasts up to 24 hours, after which natural planar forces have scattered the weapons all over the area.



Using The Infinite Blade FieldsEdit

The Infinite Blade Fields is by large a means of transpotation, but one which offers up many opportunities for encounters of all types, from a friendly halfling caravan, an aggressive githyanki troop patrol, or a dangerous out of control iron golem.

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