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Facts about "Jennaerik (3.5e Race)"
Authordungeonmaster557 +
Effective Character Level1 +
Favored ClassRogue +
Identifier3.5e Race +
Level Adjustment0 +
Racial Ability Adjustments-2 Strength + and +2 Dexterity +
Rated ByEiji-kun +
RatingRating Pending +
SizeMedium +
Subtypehuman +
SummaryAh, the Jennaerik! The race of true Dragon
Ah, the Jennaerik! The race of true Dragon Disciples with a knack for thieving skills. The Jennaerik were once Kalimna, the predecessor of humans and elves, but were left weaker after the Khoradt wars, a twenty-year struggle with the elves over the lands north of Kha'Dumm. Terrified and without a home, they fled the forest of Khorad and into the desert, where a kindly, purple-scaled family of dragons took them under their wing. The once great race thus evolved into the Jennaerik, and those who reach adulthood vow to win back Khoradt or die. However, many do the latter in the attempt of the former before ever reaching manhood...
the former before ever reaching manhood... +
TitleJennaerik +
TypeHumanoid +