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Deific Summary[1]
Cave Mother, Blood Moon Witch

Type: Deity
Portfolio: Fertility
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domains: Life, Nature
Symbol: Orcish rune meaning "cave entrance"
Worshipers: Orcs, Half-orcs
Pantheon: Orc

Luthic [is] the orc goddess of fertility and wife of Gruumsh.

Sources and Notes[edit]

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  2. Wizards RPG Team (September 2014). Monster Manual. (5e) Wizards of the Coast. ISBN 978-0786965618. p. 244. Licensed: © Wizards of the Coast.

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Facts about "Luthic (5e)"
AlignmentLawful Evil +
AuthorVaried + and MM5 +
Canontrue +
Deific TypeDeity +
DomainLife + and Nature +
GenderFemale +
Individualtrue +
IndividualsTrue +
LineageDeity +
PantheonOrc +
PortfolioFertility +
PublicationVaried + and MM5 +
SymbolOrcish rune meaning "cave entrance" +
WorshipersOrcs + and Half-orcs +