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Zone of OSHA-Compliance


Dear Foreman,

Health and safety. These two things are more than just numerical values that the distant Gods beyond the fourth wall ascribe to you. Whether in the wilderness, in a middle of battle or - more traditionally - in the workplace that you manage, it is therefore important to stay compliant with standards of occupational safety. Now technically speaking, having a battle in a workplace is already a break of protocol, but every now and then a bunch of furtive malcontents will find their way into places they shouldn't, and without a convenient arcane protocol to ensure that compliance is assured you will be the one forced to sweep up the bodyparts come your next shift tomorrow. So, to ensure the wellbeing of yourself and your fellow employees: Safety First, Last, and Always.

Read the full feat text at: Zone of OSHA-Compliance

Facts about Zone of OSHA-Compliance