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Races of War

The various races of war.
Fighters Don't Get Nice Things. This has been true ever since the very beginning of DnD, and remains true with each passing edition. Fighting-types continue to languish in the background, getting to the point that they can't even get by without caster assistance. And while casters dominate the world and reshape reality, fighter-types continue to hit things with larger sticks even at a point where their opposition can fly, shapechange or kill with a glance. Competing in such a world being a lowly non-caster is all-but-impossible, and most (if not all) attempts to 'fix' them tend to amount to nothing.

No more. In this sourcebook, fighters finally can stop sucking up to the casters and gain real options that do real things. You'll also find discussion of useful ideas in a war-related setting, as well as some analysis of the real problems behind non-caster under-performance that will change the way you look at DnD forever.

Read the full text at: Races of War

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