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Waypoint Style Teleportation

Yes, that's an area of effect teleport spell. Imagine what you could do with hitchhikers and stowaways...
"Hold fast, I'm getting us out of here!" the elven wizard shouted, and his battle brothers formed a defensive ring around him as they had a dozen times before. The orcs pressed their advance, clearly feeling that victory was close at hand. When the first elf fell to orcish blades a few rounds later, his comrades pulled him into their circle. Moments later the magic finally took hold and the battlefield faded away to be replaced with the safety of their home. "We made it!" the commander cheered to the wizard and his troops. The wizard looked pale, however, sensing that the orc shaman would pursue their warp...

Waypoint Style Teleportation is a teleport remake intended to remove problematic aspects of teleport without removing the plot or utility aspects that are so common in the genre. The teleportation spells in this variant only allow travel to specific, pre-anchored positions that you have created yourself, researched, purchased knowledge of, or otherwise discovered. This removes the ability to immediately transport to any location you have scryed unless it is prepared well in advance, like a proper ambush. While this is the largest change, it's not the only changes put forward. Many teleportation spells can be followed, some have delays between casting and effect, and some can include hitchhikers. Many tweaks have been made to these spells that make them more involved, distinct, tactical, and flavorful. It's not your regular old teleport, it's much better for your games and your stories.

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