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# External URLs matching this list will *not* be blocked even if they would
# have been blocked by blacklist entries.
# Syntax is as follows:
#   * Everything from a "#" character to the end of the line is a comment
#   * Every non-blank line is a regex fragment which will only match the portion of the url following the scheme and slashes


giantitp\.com wizards\.com media\.wizards\.com wiki\.mystara\.net mystara\.us planewalker\.com dungeons\.wikia\.com forgottenrealms\.wikia\.com dnd-wiki\.org wikipedia\.org birthright\.net dragonlance\.wikia\.com darksun\.wikia\.com dragonlancenexus\.com dlnexus\.com eberron\.wikia\.com l5r\.wikia\.com fraternityofshadows\.com spelljammer\.wikia\.com spelljammer\.org canonfire\.com baldursgate\.wikia\.com goldbox\.wikia\.com nwn\.wikia\.com torment\.wikia\.com frua\.wikia\.com pathfinder\.wikia\.com d20npcs\.wikia\.com tsrinfo\.net/archive tvtropes\.org distanceeducationconsultants\.com d20pfsrd\.com paizo\.com irc\.mibbit\.net/dnd widget\.mibbit\.com nethackwiki\.com mediawiki\.org whois\.arin\.net amazon\.com dragonlancenexus\.com dlnexus\.com ajax\.googleapis\.com cleantalk\.org support\.mozilla\.org Mibbit\.com amazon\.com meta\.wikimedia\.org brilliantgameologists\.com pastebin\.com minmaxboards\.com tgdmb\.com anydice\.com archive\.org pen-paper\.net pensys\.com/pages/slade wolframalpha\.com creativecommons\.org gunshowcomic\.com lmgtfy\.com donjon\.bin\.sh bulbapedia\.bulbagarden\.net alliterates\.com reddit\.com Gameproc\.com pastebin\.com belloflostsouls\.net lexicanum\.com d20srd\.org facebook\.com/dndwiki giphy\.com twitch\.tv/belloflostsouls index\.rpg\.net thepiazza\.org\.uk github\.io